Atheist shoots 3 Muslims in NC: Will Obama call this “random?’

Three young college students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina were tragically gunned down yesterday. The alleged shooter, Craig Stephen Hicks, turned himself in “without incident” to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, as reported by Liberty Unyielding. Our hearts go out to the young victims and their family.

The victims included Deah Barakat, a second-year student in the School of Dentistry, and his wife, Yusor, who had planned to begin her dental studies here in the fall. Her sister, Razan, a student at N.C. State University, was also killed.

All three of the victims were Muslim. The shooter was an atheist.

Without question, this was a horrible incident.

But now the media spin begins. Will Obama call this a random act? After all, just yesterday, he and his spokespeople were falling all over themselves to describe the Paris attacks in a kosher supermarket as “random” targets of a crazed shooter. There was no mention of anti-Semitism or the fact that the deli was kosher and run by Jews. Never mind the fact the shooter himself reportedly told a French journalist at the height of the siege that he had deliberately chosen to target Jews.

But according to the White House, it was random.

Now we must brace ourselves for the usual cries for gun control, and of course proof of rampant Islamophobia, although at this point it’s not clear if the victims were shot because they were Muslim or simply religious.

Hicks was an atheist, and according to the Washington Post, “frequently shared links about atheism on what appears to be his Facebook page. One such post reads: “People say nothing can solve the Middle East problem, not mediation, not arms, not financial aid. I say there is something. Atheism.”

Sadly, this story is tailor-made for the liberal media. It includes guns. A crazy white male shooter. Three innocent ethnic victims – who all were Muslims.

There’s something for every agenda. We shall see how it plays out.

Thankfully the shooter is in custody, and I hope he will never see the light of day again.

[This story was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


  1. The thousands of murders, beheadings, burnings, crucifixions, will all be forgotten now. They suffering of children will take a back seat now, thanks to this killer. America will be the place to fight. America will be the world’s evil. I see it all now. And children will continue to be murdered, raped, buried alive, crucified, burned. Liberals hearts (as seen with abortion) are very conveniently compartmentalized.

    • Then why do we continue buying oil from these countries? we are financing their abuses.

      • i take it that you don’t drive a car or ride a bus or take a cab.

        • We now have plenty of our very own Oil. We do not need Arab oil……..

        • I that that as I don’t care abt their women. I like to focus on the plight of American women and not pretend I care about what’s happening outside.

      • What about the good people in those countries? Do they not deserve our money from trade? No…what we need to do is WIPE OUT the evil with our power. And then those countries can continue to thrive and be a part of the world. Or do you not want that either?

        • Tell me what “good people” look like? It’s the “good people” who are telling girls they need to be cut to be “good people.”

  2. By the time Moms Demand Action and the Coalition Against Gun Violence get a hold of this, Craig Hicks will be a Christian redneck Tea Party racist. They never let the truth get in the way of a good lie.

    • But if an American Muslim kills a American it reflects on the whole religion.

      • That’s because you obviously do not understand the history of Islam. Do your homework.

        • neither do you. You get on the internet, read a couple out of content passages and think your a religious scholar. You know nothing.

          • You have no idea what she does or doesn’t know now do you. you don’t actually need to know anything, you just need to see what’s going on in the world and have an iq over 50. Muslims are the problem. PERIOD.

          • So why did she claim I knew nothing abt Islam???

      • Really? The Muslim who beheaded his wife in Orchard Park N.Y.? Hardly a peep. The Muslim factory worker who beheaded an office worker before being shot? Mentioned for about 3 days before being dropped. Oh, and all of those videos of Christians dancing in the streets every time a Muslim is killed? Yeah, they don’t exist. Pull your head out of your a$$. It’s making you look like a terrorist with something to hide.

          • More false claims by radical muslim groups pretending to be for peace and tolerance. They turn out to be the most intolerant groups out there. CAIR is the worst of them. Anymore bulls#!t you’d like to spread around?

          • just cleaning up the mess you fools leave behind.

          • Everything he said was true. Till you get off your own a$$e$ and start policing yourselves, you’ll all be lumped together. Silence is implied consent, and there’s a lot of silence from “moderate, peace loving” muslims.

          • I thought you had guns? Or was that 2 years old who kill their moms?

          • It’s the story of a mental patient shoving someone onto the tracks. Nothing to do with this. Keep trying troll.

          • oh, and the Chapel Hill shooter was’t nuts?

          • Did you do a psyche evaluation? No?

          • yeah, it’s happened this same time the right wing media came up with the progressive, atheist angle.

          • So you have nothing but mouth.

      • Sorry but it’s Muslims causing most of the problems regarding violence throughout the entire planet. It’s not christians. Lets start dealing with reality.

        • Not all muslims, dear. Just theocracies one’s who distort Their reglious message.

  3. Good one, West. The three bodies aren’t even cold, the investigation just started and you are already spinning ” where’s Obama?” Where’s the Christians community offering prayers? What time is the peace rally? Don’t muslim lives matter to you? Why not publish pictures of the victims?

    • You have not been paying attention to Obama nor his regime in these past few years. If you had been, you would understand this article.

      • I think it’s funny that the terrorist know , no mater what horrible thing they do, the right wingers will always find a way to blame Obama.
        Great propaganda for ISIS.

        • That’s what happens after being president for 6 years, and actually lying through your teeth. Bush wasn’t the greatest but he didn’t sugar coat things to make those who are trying to kill us feel better.

          Obama has been lying to us for 6 years, and frankly we’re sick of it.

          • tell that to the 4000+ families that lost a loved one in IRAQ due to a LIE!!!

          • don’t forgot the 400K Iraqi bystanders who were lucky enuff to get in the way.

          • Sugar coat what? There was no ISIS or beheading. Let’s no forgot The Bush admin fought to keep the TV images of the caskets coming back from the war.

        • Don’t see anyone blaming Obama. Before you point out who is doing so, explain why Obama called the religiously motivated under of the Jews in the deli random. Please explain that to the rest of us. Well be waiting. Then you can go back and worship your dirty on the white house.

        • Great point!!!

        • I did not see anyone “Blame Obama” for ISIS burning the Jordanian Pilot to death. The King of Jordon directly placed the blame on ISIS and killed about 7,000 of them in less than a week. Far more than Obama has done in the last eight months.

        • ISIS laughs at pu$$y azz Obama. And so does most of the world.

          • How, they haven’t attacked us yet.

          • ‘How’ what? ISIS knew full well that Obama punking out in Iraq opened a door for them.

          • and yet, you still have your head

          • And? How does that excuse Obama punking for ISIS? How about all of those who lost their head because of Obama’s pu$$ying out? Or don’t they count in your world?

          • and the thousands who died over a phony war.

          • Another diversion. Nice to see you don’t give a damn about those who ISIS have killed thanks to Obama.

          • neither do you, clown.

          • Don’t project your filth on me ISIS phukker.

    • I did see a picture of the ‘Three Victims’ at the top left of this article. What is wrong with West wondering how Obama is going to shift the truth about these three young people being killed? It is a shame that they were Muslim, and it is a shame for any one to be killed in the name of a “Cause”. Obama did avoid blaming the killing of Three Jews in a Jewish Deli in Paris as “A Random Act of Violence”, and ignored the fact the gun man did admit that he, as a Muslim, targeted Jews in the Kosher Deli. Obama said that the killing at Fort Hood were ‘Just work place violence’. Despite the fact that the shooter was Muslim and yelling “Allah Akbar”.

      May God Bless the Souls of these three people. Amen.

      • the murders JUST happened.
        Workplace violence was done to legal reason, for a fair trail with no opportunity for use in a appeal.
        What’s the big deal Obama isn’t using YOUR words ?

        • Good punk. Suk off your race pimp prez.

          • do you want to suk my dirty towel afterwards, fag


    • It’s a good question punk. Where’s Obama? He called the Jews killed a ‘random act’, he called the Cambridge cops ‘stupid’ for busting his punk azz prof pal, he ran his mouth about ape Brown getting shot and today he ran his mouth about thew JRW little league team losing it;s title. So where is the race pimp in chief?

      • O said it was thje adults who did wrong and reassured the p;layers they did nothing wrong.
        Is today’s talking point- “Obama’s responds to Jewish deli”? BEc That’s all you fools are throwing at me?
        I already answered that question.
        Why is it when Obama responses to a national issues that happens to involve black people, you nuts jobs are shocked? HE was feeling their pain!!!!!

  4. Belief that there is nothing to believe in is a belief. This is another radicalized zealot gone amok. Millions of people declare themselves Atheists. To me that’s a religion, spiritual or otherwise. Atheists ban together to protest against any hint of God from government. Those are congregations. This guy wasn’t alone. He had to be sharing his “beliefs” with other members of his congregation. Yeah, he’s nuts, but is there a can of nuts in his local area?

    • Just because atheists do not believe in a ‘God’ does not imply they are devoid of all beliefs. I am an atheist. I believe in many things. I think for myself. I am independently-minded.

      By the way, I acknowledge that a ‘God’ may exist. I simply do NOT believe it.

      I am not a believer. I am a skeptic.

      Skeptics can be as good people as true believers are.

      Open your mind.

      T h i n k.

    • Sure… believing in nothing is a form of believing the same way that eating nothing is a form of eating.

      • Hey dumbphuk, eating can be confirmed. Believing can’t. One is observed, the other is assumed……..or not. Stay stupid Brenda.

    • I find this amazing! I don’t have the ability to think but you people have the ability to figure me out with virtually no information about me. For one thing, Brendon, your analogy stinks. But hopefully you know that. Eating and believing in something are comparable? Amazing, AGAIN! I don’t vilify people who don’t believe in any God and/or religion. I haven’t been to church since I was 12 and big enough to where I could no longer be forced to go. I can’t imagine myself going into a church for other than a wedding or a funeral. But I just see NO justification for screaming at the top of one’s lungs because there is a Nativity Scene in front of City Hall. I’m not offended or scared by that. I like Christmas. It’s fun and very enjoyable. Same with Halloween, and New Years.
      Oh, BTW, the complete story finally came out about this and it had nothing to do with an Atheist nor religion of any type. It was a road rage type of incident, an argument over a parking space. The guy eventually turned himself in. With three people killed it may be special circumstances.

  5. To the person on this board who wants to criticize Allen West and everyone else posting. All Christians and conservatives want is reality. We don’t want to hear “workplace violence” when the shooter yells: “Allah Akbar,” we don’t want an atheist to be called a Christian. We want Islamic terrorists who enter a Jewish deli and kill people called on their deliberate choice. We have a president who can go back 1,000 years and call the Crusaders “Christian”…but TODAY we are witnessing thousands upon thousands of the most brutal, unthinkable, heinous atrocities at the hands of people who CALL themselves ISLAMISTS…yet this president can’t utter the word Islam or Mohammed (he easily said “done in the name of Christ”) EVER. We’re SICK of it! If these poor people were murdered by a Christian, then say so. But, they weren’t. Their murder is horrible, but so are ALL THE OTHERS. Let’s just see some TRUTH!

    • The violence done in the middle east by ISIS ISIL or IS is being done in the name of ISLAM by the followers of Muhammad. Point, Set, Match.

    • Violence is VIOLENCE and death is death….it makes a difference what someone says when they kill someone? What exactly did Timothy McVey say before he set off that bomb???

      • Timothy McVey told reporters over and over again that he was agnostic, so I doubt if he said anything. He reported later that he was upset about the government using what he considered illegal tactics to storm compounds of groups of people all over the USA. He said Waco was the last straw, but it wasn’t because he was religious at all.


        The murder of three North Carolina college students was motivated by an ongoing dispute over a parking space, despite widespread speculation the victims were targeted by an avowed atheist because of their Muslim faith, police said.

      • It mattered a lot to the Ft. Hood soldiers who were the victims of terrorism and not work place violence. The problem is the fact that we have a president who cannot distinguish the two.

        • WON’T DISTINGUISH THE TWO. Will not call out his muslim brothers AT ALL.

        • So if he would have shouted “I LOVE THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB” then shot those people it would have made a difference? Would those people be LESS dead than they are now?

          • Why don’t you bother to educate yourself? With the declaration of terrorism by the Dept. of Defense, the families benefits change completely. And the injured were awarded Purple Hearts. YES IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

          • and they would still be DEAD!!!

  6. Those kids didn’t deserve to die just like the thousands being killed by Muslims but the effort to find answers is so shallow and politically motivated.Just read the responses and find an answer to the problems.There are none.

    • I’ll give you the answer: Jesus Christ. He died so we could LIVE. And live in his power to do HIS will. And HIS will is GOOD. It is not to harm. It is to love and bring people into his love. There is your answer.

      • I appreciate your super saint answer.However you only touched on the surface the major issues.I am fully aware of what Christ has done for me and others,but where are those three misguided kids now?

        • We can’t change the past and what has happened. But, we can turn from our wickedness and choose Jesus. And I’m no saint. Only a sinner saved by His grace.

        • Eating bacon stuffed pork chops for the first time in their lives.

    • The only reason this is posted is to get IGNORANT responses from allen west’s tin foil hat wearing followers!

      • You have taken an idea from one of my favorite movies of all time “Song of the South.” It cannot be shown anymore however because folks like you will be offended Uncle Remus is the name you distorted.

        • MrD: I also loved “Song of The South” which I saw when I was about four years old when it first came out. it came out again in the early 1980’s when my children were too young to see it (infants and toddlers). A few years later when I checked, it had been basically “banned”in the U.S. and not available. I searched all over to locate a video of it. It was available in Europe, but our t.v. systems are not compatible. Finally, I found that it was available in JAPAN! A family member who goes there often to visit relatives, went to Japan’s Disneyland and graciously got a copy for me. It is in English with Japanese sub-titles. Beautiful movie that is NOT RACIST. If anything, it shows love and harmony between the races. Slavery is an historical fact and this movie in no way promotes slavery.

  7. Sounds as random as all the others were. Could’t be religiously motivated since atheist believe in nothing.

    • I am an atheist. I believe in many things. I believe in good. I believe in evil. I simply do not need a book, a dogma, a priest, an orthodoxy, a koran, a bible, or a torah to tell me so. I can do it myself.

      I also believe this life is the only life. For me. That is, when it’s over , then it’s over. No second chances. No heaven. No hope for an afterlife. My belief system encourages me to take more responsibility in THIS life of mine. No excuses.No passive hope. No identifying myself as a victim of circumstance.

      I am an active player in my own life. I create meaning by my actions, not by what political and/or religious orthodoxy I subscribe to.

      • What do you base the poster on that is beside your name on it goes counter to your own testimony?How can you get Obama for treason without some document:i.e.The Constitution.

        • 1) i do believe in the U.S. Constitution, 2) I do believe Obama has violated the Constitution, and 3) I do wish that Obama be impeached, convicted, and removed from office. ASAP

          • and I wish that money grew on trees…

          • what the frick does your comment have to do with the price of tea in China, Ruckass?

          • Where did Obama violate the Constitution?

          • Amnesty for ‘Dreamers’, aka Illegals, was, in effect, a legislative act performed by the executive branch.

            Any other questions?

          • Yes… I have another question.
            It’s basically the same question.
            How did he violate the Constitution?
            How does an executive order for amnesty violate the Constitution?
            Why haven’t the courts ruled it unConstitutional?

            Because it isn’t unConstitutional.

          • If you are going to be a (paid) troll, then you may wish to consider posting comments which are interesting. Up until now, your comments reveal you to be a pedantic boor. And a boor. Nice touch, though, with the patriotic avatar. Makes you appear something you are not.

          • All you have done is shown you are a conspiracy nut who prefers his own bias over actual facts.

            You say he violated the Constitution yet you can not even say what part of the Constitution he violated.
            You just mindlessly repeat what some lying windbag on talk radio you and accept as gospel

          • Header: Liberal Law Professor Jonathan Turley: Obama’s Executive Amnesty Threat ‘Tears at Very Fabric of The Constitution”

            “…It’s a very sad moment but it’s becoming a particularly dangerous moment if the president is going to go forward, particularly after this election to defy the will of Congress yet again. I can understand the frustration, these are two political parties that cannot get along but as you said, we have a Democratic process and a Congress that’s coming in with the full voice of the American people behind them, that’s what an election is, you may disagree with the outcome, but you have to respect the outcome,” Turley continued. “What the President is suggesting is tearing at the very fabric of the constitution. We have a separation of powers that gives us balance and that doesn’t protect the branches. It’s not there to protect the executive branch or the legislative branch, it’s there to protect liberty. It’s there to keep any branch from assuming so much control that they become a threat to liberty…”


      • That was my point. Atheist believe in themselves only. Therefore why would this be a hate crime based on religious belief?

        • Wrong-o. Atheists can and do believe in many things. They are varied beings who hold a variety of beliefs.

  8. As an atheist, I find the crimes perpetrated by that psychopath to be repulsive. I respect the religious beliefs of others, even if I don’t subscribe to them myself. I am tea party. I support a robust fight against Islamic extremism. I do not support the murder of innocents. My condolences to the surviving friends and family of the 3 victims.

    • Ditto

  9. Hold on, lecture coming from the White House. Will Obama blame the crusades? violence? Christians? No he’ won’t be able to use those because the crusades ended about 800 years ago, this happened in an apartment complex and snap the killer is an atheist. It will be fun to watch the administration squirm to fit this into their crazy narrative today.

    • Obama is an apologist for all things muslim- including islamic extremism. He is a POS through and through.

      • At best…..

  10. We just need to get off our “high moral horse” and recognize that the Crusades was the root of all evil. Thanks President Obama, we got it now.

    • Dear Leader Hussein ObaMao, aka our country’s ‘Lecturer-in-Chief’.

      He is the the worst of the worst.

      • The king Osshole and Marxist in Chief.

        • 2 more years of this scheit. I do believe He is forcing a political/economic/military crisis upon this country.

          Stage 1: Civil Unrest/Anarchy (Ferguson, MO, etc. are appetizers for what is to come)

          Stage 2: Civil War II

          Stage 3: World War III

          Our collectivist future be so bright we ought to wear shades.

          • Sure… by repairing the economy and withdrawing our military from conflicts… that sure sounds like he is trying to collapse our economy or create a military crisis

          • MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! They are a bunch of clowns!!!

          • By withdrawing our forces from Iraq, Dear Leader ObaMao created a vacancy and, thus, more problems. ISIS has exploited that vacuum. All the gains previously made by us have evaporated. DearLeader ObaMao called ISIS a ‘jv team’. Now that jv team is beheading Americans, burning prisoners alive, and is expanding its sphere of influence. Meanwhile ObaMao has no strategy. Zero. Nada.


          • Sorry kid.The facts are not on your side.
            the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq was set before Obama even became President.
            Talk about no strategy

          • You are an intellectually dishonest and a fraud.


            “…President Barack Obama on Friday announced that virtually all U.S. troops will come home from Iraq by the end of the year — at which point he can declare an end to America’s long and costly war in that Middle Eastern nation….The president said he was making good on his 2008 campaign pledge to end a war…”


          • Well, you’re about to look extremely stupid for not properly researching the facts kid.

            From the article you linked…
            “The current Status of Force Agreement had called for U.S. troops to leave by the end of 2011. But lengthy negotiations in recent months had led some to expect that American troops — roughly 40,000 of which are in Iraq — would remain there into next year.

            These talks, however, broke down over the prickly issue of legal immunity for U.S. troops in Iraq, a senior U.S. military official with direct knowledge of the discussions told CNN this month.”
            So the Obama administration actually tried to keep troops there bast the current agreement to withdraw by the end of 2011… but only if US troops could have immunity from Iraqi prosecution. The Iraqis wanted to be able to prosecute US troops and Obama wouldn’t allow that so there was no extension.

            But when was the Status of Force Agreement signed?
            You know… the Status of Force Agreement the US signed with Iraq that arranged the timetable to withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2011.
            When was that deal made?

            THAT’S WHEN.

            Don’t believe me?
            Didn’t bother to look it up yourself?
            Here you go…


            Need another source that the deal was made in 2008? Okay…

            Need more proof?
            Remember the famous press conference in Iraq where a reporter threw a shoe at Bush?
            Do you know what that press conference was for?
            It was Bush announcing US troop withdrawal and that he just signed the agreement.
            Here you go…

            “Bush met with Iraqi leaders for nearly two hours
            at the ornate presidential palace. He was to meet with U.S. troops and attend a signing ceremony with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for the security agreement to draw down U.S. troops.

            The agreement is “a reminder of our friendship and as a way forward to help the Iraqi people realize the blessings of a
            free society,” Bush said after meeting with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and two vice presidents. “The work hasn’t been easy, but it hasbeen necessary for American security, Iraqi hope and world peace.”

            The security agreement calls for U.S. combat forces to leave Iraqi cities by June 30. All American troops would be
            out by the end of 2011.”

          • Well if I am about to look stupid, then that is better than your own predicament. You are stupid.

            The whole issue is why no residual force of 40K soldiers was not left behind. That matter had absolutely NOTHING to do with W. Obama didn’t press Iraq about the matter. That is common knowledge.

            All our troops departed. A void was created. That void wa (and continues to be) filled by ISIS/ISIL.

            That’s the same ISIS?ISIL which was referred to by Dear Leader ObaMao as the JV (junior varisty). Well I have a hint for you, sonny boy. That JV team is on the move. They are expanding operations. The beheadings and the burning alive of captured pilots are scare tactics which have an impact on the west.

            You are obviously an apologist for all things Obama. Obama is not merely a failure. He is a treasonous threat to the USA.

            My hunch is that he will intentionally cause some kind of political/financial crisis between now and the date he is due to leave office. Lucky for him that martial law is a distinct possibility. After all in the first Civil War, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. And in retrospect, AL is considered one of the greats. Got his mug on Mount Rushmore. Obama’s wish is that posterity will treat him as kindly as it does old Abe. I believe Obama is self-delusional, but…time will tell.

            Continued success, by the way, shilling for your Leftist Masters. I am assuming you get paid. And paid well.

          • Wow… you are in serious denial.
            First you claimed i was lying when I said the withdrawal time table from Iraq was set by Bush not Obama.
            Now that I have proven that it was set by Bush, you are trying to pretend you were not mistaken by suddenly changing your argument to being that Obama should have tried to stay.

            BUT you are ignoring the fact that Obama did try to stay.
            I even posted a link in my last comment that explained that Obama tried to extend the US troop presence in Iraq, but the Iraqi government would not allow troops to stay unless they could be prosecuted for their actions by the Iraqi courts.

            That would mean if a civilian complained about a soldier, the US military would have to hand the soldier over to the Iraqi courts.
            Obama could not agree to that so there was no extension.

            So when you said Bush did not set the withdrawal deadline… you were wrong.
            When you said Obama did not try to extend US troop presence in Iraq, you wee wrong.

            I am not an apologist.
            You just want to blame Obama for things he didn’t do.
            I presented actual facts.
            You are just being irrational and refusing to admit when you are wrong.

  11. Sorry. But there are no protections for any true Muslim that can not and will not ever honor the Constitution of America.. They should have stayed where muslims respect authority… By their attire it is obvious where their devotion is… Seriously I hope this becomes such an issue that they will leave America or get the Hell out of America.. You thought I was going to say change to the American way didn’t you? No … Because they are not allowed to ever accept the Constitutional Freedoms we share. They are only here peacefully to over-whelm our population until such point where they will show their true intent and Dominate American Infidels.. This is clearly spelled out in their Koran and taught in their Mosque Training Centers throughout the World…Look at the Muslim domination in Europe, We are not far behind…

    • Please stop talking about Constitutional freedoms while saying the most ignorant nonsense that is in direct contradiction to Constitutional freedom.

      An American citizen has a Constitutional right to practice whatever religion they want, including Islam… and an American Muslim woman has a Constitutional right to wear a hijab on her head, if she wants.

      All you are doing is showing how little you understand the Constitution.

      If you oppose religious freedom, maybe you need to leave.

      • If you want to suk terrorist azz, YOU leave.

        • Sorry troll.
          If you think standing up for the Constitution is wanting to “suk terrorist azz”… you must really hate America

          • How are you standing up for the Constitution Brenda? By hiding behind terrorists?

          • By standing for the First Amendment troll boy.
            The First Amendment protects the right of all Americans to practice the religion of their choice… that includes Islam.
            Welcome to America

          • And the USA has always reserved the right to monitor ANYONE they deem a threat to the country. Welcome to the USA ISIS punk.

          • Wow… you are just showing even more of your misunderstanding of the Constitution.
            The US government does NOT have the right to monitor anyone

          • I don’t know why they continue….you bring FACTS and they use homosexual references!!! Its too funny

          • But they do. And you show unequivocally your unconditional support for the Osshole and Marxist in Chief who has taken the spying and monitoring of all US citizens to a level never seen before.

          • The hell they don’t azzho. Look up the FISA court while you suk ISIS pole.

        • and another HOMOSEXUAL reference!!

          • Yer mammy ape

      • When Muslims come to our country to implement Sharia Law, they have NO intention to live by our Constitution – UNLESS it suits them in OUR court of law.

        You whine about religious freedom as Muslims chop off heads when they won’t convert. You’re such a hypocrite.

        • You are deluded if you think peaceful American Muslims are responsible for the Muslims chopping off heads.
          That is as stupid as calling all men rapists.

          And if you think standing up for the Constitution is “whining” then don’t ever call yourself a defender of the Constitution.

          • Peaceful and moderate Muslims only hold the feet of the infidels being beheaded, or sharpen the blades to be used in the beheading. They also cheer and celebrate with every burning or every beheading. It’s all written in their Sacred Book what are the duties and obligations of all Muslims. Only the traitor American liberals promote tolerance to ragheads because they hate our nation and they want to destroy our way of life. They are so stupid that they don’t even realize that Muslims will behead them the same if they ever win their war against us. Islam won’t respect liberal lives unless they convert to the Cult of Death and Violence.

          • There are hundreds of millions of peaceful moderate Muslims.
            Your inability to tell them apart is your problem.

            many good patriotic American Muslims, who are better Americans than you, are fighting in our military, against the extremists, so cowards like you can enjoy the freedom to make ignorant comments about them

      • The right of the ragheads to cover themselves applies only to their homes and private dwellings. It’s not protected by the constitution for anyone entering a public place or business (like a bank) where the person might not be recognizable as it would easily conceal his/her identity while committing a crime.

        • Sorry kid.
          A woman is allowed to wear a scarf on her head in America.
          You really don’t understand America at all

    • In March 1785, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli’s envoy, Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman (or Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja). When they enquired concerning the reasons for making war upon nations who had done them no injury”, the ambassador replied:

      “It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. ”

      The incident above that Thomas Jefferson had way back in 1785 shows what Muslim’s have always believed and practiced. Nothing has changed. It is simply something that some Muslims are afraid to admit today. That Islam as a way of life teaches along with prayer and other things that infidels are worthy of death because of their resistance to Islam. As a result of this self serving amd self approving logic they hold that non Muslims are to be treated as inferior and disobedient to God and therefore deserved to be enslaved, captured or brought to submission without fear of consequence from God because it is Gods will that they be brought to the “right path” either by conversion or be brought by force into submission as a penalty.

  12. Ms. Hickford, instead of crying how the evil liberal media will spin this story to make people like you look bad… maybe you should wonder if sites like this that stir up fear of ALL Muslims are part of the problem.

    When a website for public figure that has reached audiences of millions, and constantly repeated the mantra that ALL Muslims are a threat, sees innocent Muslims being gunned down… should your first thought be to how angry you are that some liberals will use this to make you look bad?
    …or maybe your first thought should be to ask yourself, if this turns out to have been a deliberate attack against random Muslims, if you are partly responsible for the climate of fear of ALL Muslims that caused it.

    • Another dik who wishes to ignore Islamic terrorism.

      • Okay troll… please explain what the murder of these three young Americans has to do with Islamic terrorism.

        • Ask the libtards who are spinning it that way. Now phuk off.

          • Sorry troll… your lies are not an explanation.
            Please show me a single liberal source that is linking this to Islamic terrorism.

          • Who said anything about Islamic terrorism? Libtards are calling it attack OF terrorism by the attacker. You stupid azz.

          • You did… you brought up Islamic terrorism.
            Just scroll up a few comments to read your own comment.
            And the n when I asked you what Islamic terrorism had to do with this story, you said that liberals were spinning it that way.
            now that you are asked for proof, are you pretending that you didn’t write those comments?

          • Wrong dik. Your libtard pals are calling this guy a terrorist even though he killed those people because of a parking space.

          • Wow… that is one of the more stupid comments you’ve written.
            YOU brought up Islamic terrorism… go ahead… just scroll up and read your own words.
            And now you are pretending you didn’t.
            Your words are right here on this page.

            Oh and me and my pals were not calling him a terrorist.
            if you want to point fingers at people for making assumptions… point them at the moron who wrote this article you’re commenting on.
            She wrote that he killed them because of religion.

          • From you-“Ms. Hickford, instead of crying how the evil liberal media will spin this story to make people like you look bad… maybe you should wonder if sites like this that stir up fear of ALL Muslims are part of the problem. Why would there be any ‘fear of ALL Muslims’ Brenda? Possibly because of terrorism ? Cut the crap pal! Your words, not mine.

          • hahaha… not my words liar.
            I never mentioned terrorism.
            You did

          • Why do some people fear all Muslims Brenda? C’mon punk, say it.

          • Some people fear ALL Muslims because they are too stupid to tell them apart.

        • ALL Muslims read and strictly follow the Qu’ran. The Qu’ran teaches violence and calls for all Muslims to live for Jihad and to kill infidels that do not convert to Islam. The few Muslims that do not participate in terrorist acts themselves, they applaud and cheer when other Muslims do and they gather funds to support the radical terrorists. So basically all Muslims are America’s enemies. They want to destroy our Constitution and implant the filthy and primitive Sharia Law. They pretend to be offended by almost everything we do in our country. If they so much dislike our customs and our way of life, WTF are they doing here. Let them get back to their desert and keep humping their goats and beating their wives while they keep dragging their knuckles on the ground.

          • You sound more like an enemy of the Constitution than the millions of law abiding peaceful Muslims.
            And your inability to tell Muslims apart not only shows an ignorance of the Muslim world, but that you have not been watching the news for the last several decades

          • You’re not describing reality just parroting the Osshole in Chief narrative. The great majority (Above 90%) of Muslims follow the wicked teachings of the pedophile prophet In the crappy book they call Qu’ran. This book is very explicit about the duty of every Muslim is to conquer the world and bring into Submission (Islam) all infidels and “Convert or Die”

          • Above 90%?
            Ha. you just made that up.
            The fact is that the radicals are a minority of the world’s billion muslims.

            Your interpretation of Islam does not match how hundreds of millions of Muslims interpret it..

    • Liberals make US look bad?? Liberals are practically in bed with the Muslim terrorists, you know, the ones who lobbed hundreds of rockets into Israel, yet you clowns blamed Israel??? It’s IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend how liberals rationalize your support to those that rape women and children; those that torch people alive, and decapitate human beings. WTF is WRONG with you???

      • You need to learn how to read.
        I pointed out Ms Hickford’s concern about liberals making her look bad because that is what she wrote… and I also said that was not an important concern.
        your issue is with Ms Hiokford for being concerned about liberals making her look bad, not me for saying it isn’t a real concern.

        Oh… and I support Israel and their right to defend themselves… so quit having imaginary arguments with me over things i never said.
        That is just crazy

      • Liberals are not in bed with Islamic Terrorists. They fornicate under dark stairs and in back rooms. Hiding from where they can be seen.

    • Where is the part in the article that says the ‘media spin’ will make the author look bad? I’ve read it several times and can not, for the life of me, find that. I guess I need a different dictionary to understand the written word that you seem to have found.

      • Fourth paragraph starts with…
        “But now the media spin begins.”
        She then goes on to write how the liberal media will use this to push for gun control and to call out Islamaphobia… two issues she has repeatedly made her opinions very clear on.

        • Why is stating a situation that usually occurs whenever there is a shooting, creating a spin? You, sir, are creating your own spin by implying you know what she is thinking. Just because her facts are true doesn’t mean she feels it is going to make her look bad. You need to take your own biases out of someone else’s content.

          • I am not making any assumptions about her thinking.
            I am only going by her own words.
            For example, she wrote that there were two possible motivations for the shooter…

            “at this point it’s not clear if the victims were shot because they were Muslim or simply religious.”

            Do you understand what putting spin on a story is?
            The news story at the time was simply this…
            46-year-old man shot and killed three people.
            Additional information was the background of the shooter and the background of the victims.
            That is the news story… reporting the facts.

            Making assumptions about the motive is spin.

            Using this news story to make political commentary , attacking other media for how you believe they might spin it… is serious spin.

            Using this news story to attack the President politics on an unrelated story is seriously over the top spin.

            What exactly in her spin is it that you say are facts?

          • Sir: The title of her article brings the President’s politics into the article. Did you miss that? And quite frankly, talking with my friends we all made the same kinds of comment about how the President would respond.

            Your inference that she came up with the question of their being two possible motives is a stretch. Every newscast I heard on the subject today, said the exact same thing. It was not her ‘thought’. No one wants to believe he was that ticked off about a parking space. And her comments about the media, again, is exactly what happens each time there is a shooting. That is no spin. Give it a break….you are looking for an argument.

          • Yes… her spin on this triple murder began in the headline.
            And my “inference” that she posited only two possible motives came from her exact words …
            “at this point it’s not clear if the victims were shot because they were Muslim or simply religious.”

            And yes… her comments about the media are spinning a story to forward her own anti-media narrative… based on a presumption… not a fact.

            Reporting news is reporting facts… not what you think someone else might say about them.

    • You may care for these muzzie goatfckers, but they are the sworn enemy of the United States, and as far as I’m concerned this guy just killed three future terrorist. You can love them if you want to, you can try to save the world with a big hug, but its not going to work and in the end, these animals will just as soon kill you as to look at you.

      • No. The majority of muslims are like anyone else.
        There are many good decent muslims .
        There are many proud patriotic American Muslims fighting our military, against terrorists.
        They are not the sworn enemy of the United States.

        Someone who wants to kill American Muslims and opposes our freedom of religion is a sworn enemy of the United States

        • Well hell call me the enemy then, why not? The DHS and FBI have me listed as a domestic terrorist so one more liberal label wont bother me one little bit. You can go ahead and trust them, I’d just as soon shoot one that get within smelling distance.

          • It’s not a liberal label.
            You want to wipe out American citizens because you don’t like their religion.

            There are many fine Muslim Americans serving, right now, in our military, helping fight Muslim extremists… and they are better Americans than you will ever be.

  13. All of the crazy white atheists I’ve ever known are liberal Democrats. Check out our favorite troll Brendan… I think he out to be locked up for our protection because he is just plain insane and might pull out a gun and start shooting babies any second. He’s a real hater and I’m concerned.

    • I am a white atheist. I am tea party. I am a vociferous opponent of islamic extremism/jihadism. There are exceptions to most rules. In this regard, I am exceptional.

    • You’re a little old to be hurling childish insults to strangers on the internet just because you don’t like their politics

      • You are certainly the expert on childish insults. I’ll defer to your judgment on that topic without question. You get tons of practice hurling childish insults at everyone that posts here. You should stop for a while and get some rest. You look tired.

        • wow. You’re still at it.
          You don’t like that I disagreed with the woman who wrote this editorial, so you called me names and said I might kill babies.
          You are posting like a child.
          You seem to think that someone disagreeing with you is a childish insult.

          You really should act your age.
          if you aren’t capable of a civil discussion, don’t post.

          • What I don’t like is that you have a negative comment on every single other post. It seems that you disagree with EVERYONE. I wonder why you read and comment so regularly on views that you disagree with. I can’t help but wonder that you have nothing better to do than attempt to argue with people rather than finding people of like mind with whom you can share your misery. So far, I’ve witnessed you belittle just about everyone here without once accepting that so many of them could be right and you could be wrong. Since your pastime seems to be insulting others, I believe that you have no other life than being a troll. Let’s count your insults on just this article alone: 18! You’ve insulted 18 other people just because you believe that you’re smarter than everybody else. How about you just stop?

          • Disagreeing with is not belittling.
            Correcting someone who presents an inaccuracy as a fact is not belittling.
            I am not talking about matters of opinion.
            matters of opinion are not clearly right or wrong.
            Facts, however, are.

            For example…
            If you were to say that you disliked and distrusted Muslims, I could ask you why… but I could not say that you were wrong, because you are stating your personal opinion.
            However, if you wrongly stated that the Constitution does not provide freedom of religion for American Muslims, I could say you were wrong, because that is not a matter of opinion… it is a matter of fact.

            As far as your belief that I have gone out of my way to insult 18 other people… as long as you took the time to review my previous posts, you missed something important.
            On each occasion where I insulted someone, it was only in response to being insulted first.

            My first post in this thread was a detailed criticism of the author of this editorial
            Your first post in this thread was to call me a baby killer.

            As to my posting disagreements…
            This is a discussion board, not a cheerleading board, where only comments that support the author are welcome.

          • What you do is belittling whether or not you believe so. You do it to me and you do it to others. Stop it. It is clear that you disagree with everyone that comments on this site. You are simply looking to argue. Stop that too.

          • You came into this thread to call me a troll who would kill babies… and you say I belittle you?

          • You belittle me and everyone else. You seem to spend all your time looking for conservative people to insult. You have so much free time, you are either unemployed or someone is paying you to troll conservative sites. Just stop.

          • i cam here to offer a difference of opinion on a comments section for an article… to show I disagreed with the author.
            You came to insult me and now are upset that I responded to your personal insults.
            Grow up.
            Don’t complain that I am reacting to your personal insults of me

  14. I honestly hope this isn’t a hate crime!! I hope by people like Allen West saying that ALL Muslims are bad didn’t result in the killing of these 3!

    • Everything indicates that it is. I don’t like it any more then you do.

  15. We are all aware of the recent atrocities committed by the ISIS Muslims, like beheading and the mass murders of all those Christian students, burning a man alive and the questionable death of an American female AID worker. In this country we have had the 911 attack, the shooting spree of soldiers at Ft Hood and last year a disgruntled person going in and killing former fellow workers all in the name of Allah. It was only a matter of time before someone cracked and took it out on innocent students whose only crime was to have the same religion. I’m not condoning what this low life did. Violence is never the answer. He put himself down to the same lever as the terrorists he claims to hate and he deserves to be prosecuted and punished as far as the law will allow.

    • Anybody notice that ISIS also killed hostages who were helping out Syrian refugees? That would make much more sense as a reason for execution style assassination than being angry about parking assignments. Could ISIS control radicalized atheists as well as Islamists?

  16. Three future terrorist gone, and I don’t pity them in the least. Yeah the shooter will get prison time, and I’m sure the DoJ will have it tried as a hate crime, even though Ft. Hood was just work place violence, but oh well. I just don’t care about three goatfcking muzzies getting killed

    • Bigot!

      • Damn straight, and a racist too. You can also call me a domestic terrorist, if you want, I really don’t give a crap what you think. You and your liberal buddies are not worth my time
        Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to go to the cleaners to get my white sheet and hood back before they close


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