The horrific part of black history no one mentions during Black History Month

The horrific part of black history no one mentions during Black History Month

The primary “events” in black history most often highlighted during Black History Month include slavery, segregation, civil rights demonstrations and Martin Luther King.

But there is another tragic part of black American history being made right now that is rarely discussed, and cannot be blamed on racism or discrimination.

It is the self-destruction of the black family.

The Washington Examiner reports that “a comprehensive survey of U.S. Census data finds that the nuclear American family, where both biological parents are at home, is in meltdown, with blacks teens being hit especially hard with less than 2-in-10 15-17-year-olds living with mom and dad.”

The study, prepared by the Family Research Council’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute says just 17 percent of black teens live with their nuclear family, an all-time low and down from 38 percent in 1950.

“FRC Senior Fellow Bishop E.W. Jackson, addressing the situation with black teens, said, “The crisis, one related directly to marriage and the role of the church, has social and moral dimensions which have created an accelerating downward spiral — children raising children; young men looking for affirmation of manhood through gangs, violence and fathering children without taking responsibility for them.”

“Jackson added that churches need to step up and help: “The black church, still a major influence in the lives of many, has failed to address this downward spiral.”

Of course, that’s only for the children who make it through birth.

In Georgia in 2010 for example, black babies were aborted at a rate nearly 2.5 times greater than white babies, according to CNS News. While whites outnumber blacks 2-to-1 in Georgia, 53.6 percent of all abortions were among black babies.

But the situation is far more dire than that.

On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. For reference, according to the FBI there were about 33 homicides each day across the United States in 2013. That’s right, only 33. Which means there are 5,685% more black babies aborted by their mothers every day then there are homicides in the entire nation.

It has been estimated that since 1973, approximately 16 million black babies have been aborted.

The entire US black population is not quite 40 million. A generation has been destroyed. This is genocide, but it is self-inflicted.

Margaret Sanger’s grand plan for eugenics is a grand success. It is progressives who fight most passionately for the policies and “freedoms” to allow this ethnic cleansing to occur. And conservatives are supposed to be the racist ones?

[Note: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


  1. Allen, you are one of the wisest people in our country. Please run for President, we need the leadership that you obviously have.


  2. Where are the black churches on this? IMO the problem is about respect. Black teens think respect is living and treating people like they’re in a rap video. If black women respected their men, maybe their men would act more like men and stick around and take responsibility for their women and their families. We can go back to Eph 5, but I’ll leave it at that.

    • Respect is earned, not simply granted. Men and women alike must be respectable and model what that means to the younger ones.

  3. It’s a shame on this whole country. Yeah, liberals push for it most, and those that want it halted, or at least cut down in number, are vilified, but… obviously the pro life folks are not working hard enough

  4. Another example of my namesake “UNCLE RUCKUS” going out of his way to please white people by putting down the black race!!!

    • It would seem that a black man can not stand where a white man stands without also earning your bigotry, ire and hatred.

      • So….standing where a white man stands means to put down the entire BLACK RACE??

        • No it means standing on the side of conservatism and examining a problem objectively. It means standing opposite of all the polarizing, race-baiting figures like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and yourself. A black man can’t stand in opposition to your blanket hatred and contempt for white people without earning just as much hatred and contempt.

          He simply pointed out that there is a big problem in the black community when the family structure has broken down, and you want to slander him for saying that and call him some kind of uncle tom race traitor. You are the worst and lowest form of racist in this world sir.

          • So ….let me get this right….98.23% of the post by allen west that concerns the black race are negative. So for me to become a conservative means that I have to put down the black race too?? Not enough positive coming from the black race to post about huh?? GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT!!

          • Allen West talks about what should change in this country because that’s the discussion he feels most passionate about, you may see that as negative, but it’s a positive thing and it’s coming from a black man and it’s right there in your face but you’ve chosen not to see it. For you to become a conservative means you have to get real about the problems facing this nation, stop running from them, hiding from them, or pretending they’re the fault of someone else. Being a conservative means taking ownership of your life and responsibility for your country, like Allen West.

          • Once again I ask….who exactly is he trying to change by exclusively talking to WHITE PEOPLE??? He isn’t trying to change ANYTHING….he is trying to exploit different situations for his own personal benefit! How can you change ANYTHING without speaking to the people you are trying to CHANGE??

          • I don’t recall there being a race selector to access his page and clearly if his topics are 98.23% directed towards addressing problems within the black community then that is his intended audience.

          • problems of black community, since when? Blame, distortion. No good ideas, scapegoating, delusional liar.

          • He is addressing the problems within the black community by not talking to the black community? Hmmmm….thats like being attacked by the Taliban in Afghanistan and ATTACKING Iraq!!!

          • that’s the beauty of the internet, “Ruckus”…

            you never know what color the face behind the avatar is.

          • If allen west has even 1% of his followers that are african-american would SHOCK me!!!

          • heh.

          • West was kicked out of the Army. Ruined a brilliant career.

          • I think unless you’ve had a military career similar to Allen West’s and faced the decisions he had to make you probably shouldn’t be talking.

          • BS. he lost control of the situation. I have 2 kids, I never shot a gun off to scare them. Do you even know the story????

          • Yep, and I don’t recall the part where he fired his weapon to scare his 2 kids.

          • me, silly. I raised two kids and never saw the need to shot a gun off near their ears to gain control.

          • Are you implying that raising your two kids was Hell, like War?

          • Are. You kiding? You think soliders are the only one’s to face danger? A solider gets a pat on the back for doing 3 tours of duty!!! I’ve only done one tour and it’s lasted 25 years! Not every job in the military is in infantry, btw.
            Try to raise a child, dear and get back to me.

          • Silly girl! You are assuming I have never experienced the rigors of child rearing. I have and never would I equate the raising of a child to war. If you are expecting a pat on your back for all the years and effort you have invested in your children you have done it for the wrong reason. The only accolades you will receive is in the knowing you did right by your children. Raised them to be Reliable, Responsible and Respectable human beings. That should swell you with PRIDE!

          • Sorry, hon. Moms should always get a pat for everything they do. Done and will do. Motherhood is a thankless job . If a mom were to get paid for what they do, it would equal close to 150k a year

          • What’s your point?

          • Get real about the problems?? Allen is real about the problems or is he just appealing to the racists and bigots that support him? Have you read the racist comments on this blog???
            Every time I see one of his racist follower post something I tend to believe that they thing that allen west isn’t like other BLACK PEOPLE he is more like us…he is a GOOD NEGRO!!

      • a black man can not stand anywhere without a white person assuming the worst.

        • Guess why!

          • Becuase white person are a- holes?

    • I didn’t see him putting down the entire black race, but stating that this month, that is Black History month, should not only be about MLK and the achievements of Blacks, but also to remember there is a huge problem within the black community that needs to be addressed and taken care of… Something that people like you refuse to acknowledge and do something about… All you want to do is sweep it under the rug as it if isn’t true…

      My question to you Earl… why do you want to hide it so badly?

  5. Allen West you have people on your blog calling black people COONS and NIGGERS…you say nor do anything……such a disgrace!! I know your parents are spinning in their graves right now!!

    • They don’t realize that black people have conservative values, they just wont associate with conservative people.

      • You and Earl are too stupid to realize that he isn’t talking about the conservative Blacks but those who are like you two who are to ignorant to understand there is a growing problem in black communities that need to be addressed…

        • And I don’t need every failed writers (Hickford), failed actors (Stacey Dash) or failed politician (West) addressing those issues. Don’t need anyone to come down the field to give lessons after they failed in the big house.

          • Who do you have thats better? Al Sharpton? Obama? Holder? Jackson? LOL

      • 16 million black babies aborted since 1973. I don’t see any evidence of conservative values there.

        • if I actually thought you cared about black babies, I would shed a tear.

          • If you want to have an intelligent conversation with grownups you may want to change that pre-adolescent joke of a name.

          • grown ups take action.
            I’m surprise you didn’t start with “I have black friends…”

          • Grown ups also wear condoms, exercise restraint and own their actions, they don’t just abort 16 million babies at the behest of some liberal rhetoric that says it’s alright to.

          • tell that to Tom Brady, Larry Bird, Chuck Norris, ex 2 term republican gov of Cali, Schwarzenegger!! Remember when people wanted to amend the Constitution so he could run for pres?

        • Since no one single black person doesn’t have anything to prove to you, it doesn’t really matter what you see or don’t see.

          • How about to themselves? Maybe instead of barking at Allen West you should start barking at the people responsible for such god awful stats?

          • I don’t care about stats they are for sports and people looking for ways and excuses to stereotype people. Like 99% of rapist and serial killers are white. Doesn’t mean anything really can make numbers say whatever you want.

  6. That lazy, incompetent, patronizing, writing at fourth grade level, whose brain is a no-go zone “editor-in-chief” again. Here’s the thing Mrs. Hickford. No one tells you how to celebrate Hannukah or whatever. Black history month purpose is to show all these kids who they are and where they come from. It’s about raising awareness about great black people who did great things throughout our history. You don’t have to understand or respect it. But don’t pretend that you do. You make people want to puke.

    • You are so hateful… first off ignorant one.. the readability of that article is 11.5,. Since you claim to be in IT you should know how to use word and you can check that for yourself… You have become nauseating these days Raf, because your hatred and jealousy for Allen has grown so much its eating away at your soul that you are attacking everyone that writes on his blog… I pray you find peace soon…

      • No how about you check yourself instead because judging from your comment you seem to be the ignorant one also you sound like a huge hypocrite you sit there and say that he has hatred in his heart but yet reading your comment I can sense hatred from you as well Also why would he be jealous over his blogs that is such an uneducated thing to say even rhetorical at that It’s amazing how you sit there and say others are ignorant for their response so I will be the first to call you out and while I do let’s get something striaght I as well as others are allowed to respond and have an opinion just as well as you or anyone else I don’t have to wholeheartedly agree with an article or the contents with in the article as well if I don’t want to I get this vibe that this article was created to bash blacks and discredit them during black history month so yeah I spoke on it if you and others don’t like what I said then oh well who cares Black History month should be about rasing awareness and spreading spiritual knowledge and teaching others the importance of how many blacks helped shaped the history we we’re never taught in school it should be about Knowing about activists historians and inventors teachers etc not about how black mothers are aborting and killing their babies and if we are going to talk about that talk about all that many blacks endured during the times of slavery as well because by no means is it just about blacks enslaving blacks when others caused damage and contributed to us remaining in bondage as well I have a right to speak my mind just like Rafael and others so please cut the bs just because you are easily offended by the opinion of others You aren’t impetuous nor is it all about you voicing your opinion and others having to shut up or bow down to you baby girl #grow up

        • You must be his wife as no one else can be as stupid as this and want to protect this POS Raf but then I can be wrong… And as for 4th grade level writing, he must have been talking about you as you can’t write for crap…. I made a statement about his attack on the editor because he wants to sit here and act like he is the English teacher, guess what,, he isn’t… I corrected his false statement about the article… Easy to prove… Your writing however, is probably the worst I’ve seen since being on here, as you have absolutely no sense of grammar or writing skills… but enough of that we’ll just get to the rest of your wanna be dig at me….

          No where do I state that I am not angry nor do I state that I do not hate… I hold a lot of contempt toward those who come to someone’s blog, who can only criticize, call names and offer absolutely NOTHING to the discussion. If they are so upset at what is written here, and are upset that they think Col West doesn’t offer enough to the Black community then talk about what can be done.. but all Raf and ilk has been doing lately is sounding more and more like a blubbering baby… or like Earl, his puppet master. They sound like some diva on her period, screeching… And if they are going to only offer their sniveling remarks then they are going to get called out on it… Oh I think that’s what you call yourself doing to me… works both ways huh baby…
          You can respond all you want, and you can expect more of this from me and others who look at you lot as a bunch of losers who have no life but to go on conservative websites and cry about what they write about. No one said you had to completely agree with the opinions on here, this isn’t a liberal website, but there is a level of respect for someones blog that persons should have.. but I don’t expect that from the likes of you or the others I have already mentioned.

          Ms Hickford has every right to post what she wants to on here and her opinions matter to her and others who read this blog. They (Alan West, Ms Hickford and Angela West) have similar opinions about what is going on in the black communities… Why shouldn’t they be allowed to speak out against what they see as a growing problem in these communities?

          One thing you seem to not be very educated on sweetheart… blacks do not hold the ONLY persons who were subjected to slavery, my people were as well and were taken from their land and treated worse than Africans who were brought here.. My people were killed if the slave owner didn’t want them about anymore, but African slaves were treated as property and were taken care of better. Please don’t try to give me any lecture about slavery… But you know what… you don’t hear about that because my people rose above that and didn’t let it be something they would carry as a weight the rest of eternity… and this is what Col West is trying to get folks to understand…. Blacks do not have to live like this and can rise above it… it has been seen many many times..

          And yes Black history month SHOULD be about raising awareness and it should include how to get up on their feet and stop being slaves to the government…. This is what Conservative Blacks what everyone to know… And part of that history is that the Democrats were the ones who fought to keep you slaves up till the Civil Rights and it was Republicans/Conservative who fought for their freedom and are still fighting for it today.

          Now, ignorant one… I do not try to deny any of you from posting on here, it is not my place to do so.. but as long as they come here to only attack Col West and his writers, i will defend him whether you like it or not.. and YOU child need to grow up and get in YOUR place.. Have a good night…

      • My comment was directed at his “editor-in-chief”. Instead of writing dumb stuff about black history. Why don’t she wait for Passover and write us a nice article about why the Jewish state is an apartheid state. I am at peace and very comfortable in my skin. I’m not sure what I should be jealous of Allen West doesn’t play in NFL. He doesn’t have any talent I envy.

        • What does it matter to you what she writes about… this isn’t your blog its Mr. West blog and he allows her and his wife to write what they want to write about.. if you don’t like it you are welcome not to come here…

          • Having a public domain on the internet is like standing on a soapbox at the street corner. I don’t go anywhere when I click on this site, I let them into my home. If Allen West want to write a personal diary there MS Word and encryption for that. When you use a public domain to spread propaganda, be prepared to be challenged in public. It`s not about me, I feel fine thank you very much.

          • What you don’t seem to understand stupid one, is that YOU chose to come to this site… He doesn’t have to encrypt it because you don’t want to read it, it is his blog to write anything he wants to. If you are so bothered by what he writes, who’s fault is it that you read it? Not his, as he is not holding a gun to your head forcing you to read it. It is your fault for reading it and you get your panties in a bunch because you don’t like his or the other writers opinion. Your analogy can go both ways moron… If you don’t like the message the person on the street corner is saying,… walk away… You are not living in a country where you do not have the freedom to walk away or not click the button….

            And to keep bringing up homeschooling… Yes I am proud to have been home-schooled.. My IQ is 149 which is probably 100 points higher than yours and my girls received top SAT scores and got scholarships into some very good schools. You might want to rethink your trying to dis someone being home-taught… they have been scoring higher in spelling bee’s and other public school programs… As for your common core education, you obviously don’t know crap….

          • This blog is owned?

          • Some people need to have the internet explained to them. In homeschooling terms.

      • All this on a black man’s blog….

        • Your point? Can’t a black man not be upset about how the black community is being left behind… i would think that they would be the first to want something done… just as Mr West is saying and his editor in this case.

          • Interesting that he doesn’t SPEAK to the black community…..only to the WHITE COMMUNITY!!

          • And the problem with that is?

          • Whats the point? Allen West is the definition of SELF HATE!!!

          • I don’t see it as such as he tries to educate his readers… but keep trying Earl

          • his WHITE readers…..which will change the black community HOW exactly?? By reading his articles it inspires white people to go talk to black youth?

  7. Some of you on here sound down right stupid maybe if blacks weren’t lynched and degraded during the times of slavery and purposely enslaved then many wouldn’t have aborted thier babies in today’s modern society it’s funny how many will talk about how blacks kill blacks or are so quick to degrade blacks in general but will never talk about all the agony that many endured while they we’re lynched and brutually beaten and raped to death during the times of slavery which caused many blacks to become distraught mentally when many blacks bring this up we are told to just get over it yet during the holocaust when jews we’re persecuted by Adolf Hilter they received recognition and recompensation yet blacks received nothing expect a black history month which reminds them of how their true history has been purposely manipulated discredited and distorted from them knowing the truth Many blacks we’re inventors teachers scholars Poets Artist’s even royal Kings and Queens and this is always only known in month of February or kept hidden when it should if anything be widely known 365 days out of the year You say that it’s self inflicted when reality is majority of the agony comes from those who caused the pain How would any of you like it if you we’re lynched beaten raped and had your organs harvested let’s not forget your real history tampered with Can you honestly say you wouldn’t be affected by it mentally???? And while many of you aren’t black and can’t even walk a black person’s shoes can you really speak on what you know very little about??? I highly doubt it Let’s not talk about history the real history which is always brushed under the rug unless we educate ourselves and seek the truth Oh how man lies just like he did he said Obama was first black president when that too was a lie News flash dummies I know many of you hate to acknowledge the truth but black people aren’t niggers or worthless a thug or welfare recipients Many People sterotype blacks because they are afraid of them finding out the truth about who they truly are and the power that lies within them as well

    • A little punctuation helps…especially when you’re writing the Great American Novel.

      • Shut up thanks for being the weirdo who took the time to read my long behind novel Mr. idiosyncrasies people like you crack me get a life -grammar that

        • I didn’t read it. The moronic way that it’s laid out makes it seem like listening to some long-winded gas-bag who never takes a breath…which in this case I would bet is quite accurate. And you were already cracked.

    • You black people in America were the first slaves ever recorded in all of History. HA! I’ll give you my Grammy Award if you get educated.

      • Omg hello everyone my name is John D Schnarre aka the white supremacist” who makes uneducated idotic racist remarks which theoretically speaking only make me look like a complete “rhetorical racist fool” who pays very little attention to what goes on around me because I’m to busy focused on degrading blacks and have nothing better to do with my pathetic time lol Go sit your racist self down somewhere in fact have several seats because I can rest assure that you don’t want to go head to head with me but since you want to try and test me you can be the student and I will teach you and instruct you like a teacher instructs a student who needs to be taught a lesson First off you idiosyncratic all power to the white people racist uneducated oblivious sheep who remains death dumb and blind to what goes around you I am very educated could probably teach you a thing or two judging from your rudimentary response How about you go prepare for the New World Order and the FEMA concentration camps that was designed for you which by the way your forefathers have been working for centuries or try educating yourself on the chemtrails being sprayed in the air to kill you off for the depopulation agenda by the way I don’t even watch the Grammy awards which is just propaganda class is officially over Thanks for taking time out of your busy pathetic schedule to both venerate and degrade me when I’m a little bit more educated and aware of what goes around me than you are #you are the weakest link dismissed

      • Country that had the more Afican slaves in America is Brasil. Type of stuff you learn on Black History Month. They also have the most extensive reperation program. Other kind of thing you learn during black history month. America is lacking behind. That’s of course if you care to shut up and learn.

        • Rafael –
          You seem like a guy trying get things right.
          I don’t have a lot of time and will probably forget my login by the time I get back – but a few thoughts –

          re solutions –
          Yes – personal responsibility is crucial and the only path.
          Similarly – people need a world view that “locus of control” is at the individual – that is – can’t blame outsiders all the time. Opposite of “victimhood culture”.
          I think – in “blaming” Black folks for not understanding this, you are undervalueing the power of modern media and modern propaganda. We are ALL under this propaganda attack for 40 years – but it is my belief that it is easier for Blacks to buy in as victims – because of course – slavery and racism are right there, easy answers. it is easy to “get off at the first stop” – especially when surrounded by media telling you that and reinforcing that.
          re slavery –
          Yes – Brasil as about 10X US – but what I started looking into and then stopped (because I didn’t have the heart) the OVERLAND trade in slaves in Africa must also have been horrendous. It is under-studied because Africans and Arabs aren’t as into self flagellation as Brits and Americans – but I bet you find a lot there.

          Anyway – fight on – gotta go.

      • Also John D Schnarre sorry to invade your little racist theory but Egyptians owned whites as slaves the Egyptians we’re also blacks which would also mean that black owned whites as slaves as well since you want to bring up how blacks we’re slaves you are actually the ones who we’re originally enslaved before you try to make racist comments at least do your homework first you should reearch your true history because the history you we’re taught in school and from your forefathers is nothing but lies and unless you are the type to do research then you need to stay in your lane because like I said I read and educate myself not on the history I was taught but rather the history that I need to know unlike you

        • Egyptians weren’t and aren’t black, as in subsaharan African. They are middle eastern, or Arabic.

          • Where is your proof to back that up ???If you can’t provide actual proof then to me it would just sound like here say

          • Also Egypt itself is located in Africa

    • okay, two things:

      1. that whole thing was near impossible to read due to lack of proper punctuation. periods and commas are your friends; do not be afraid of them.

      2. what does the lynching of black people centuries ago (a practice that has long since ceased) have to do with the insanely high abortion rates in the black community now? i’m having trouble seeing that correlation.

      • Then don’t read it dummy if it’s filled with grammatical errors then why read it?? I didn’t read your other comment and don’t care to with that said take care Lmbo

        • um… okay.

          that was a thing that happened. did i just get punk’d?

          • No, she just thinks she is above everyone else here .. .funny.. if she don’t want people to read it then maybe she should take Raf’s advice and write it in word and keep it to herself…

        • Another professor three credits short of his GED.

          • Better than you, failure…

    • Are you that stupid? What history has been brushed under the rug? What black currently has been a slave? None. Jews were nearly exterminated 75 years ago, and thrive, even under constant persecution world wide. The excuses are worn out.

    • Never mistake realism for racism.

  8. and if these ladies decide to keep their babies and have to go on welfare, the GOP calls them welfare queens, entitlement [email protected]

    • How about the man who fathered the child staying with the woman to support and raise it?

      • It doesn’t concern you. How’s that for an answer.

        • About what I’d expect from someone like you

          • Good you shouldn’t expect more.

      • that’s a great idea. Tell that to Tom Brady’s baby momma. Or Larry Bird.

        • Or Bristol Palin’s baby daddy. Does he even pay child support?

          • he’s married, two more kids and acting. so my guess is his wife is paying the Palin’s something.

          • Does the government pay for her child?

          • Broken families are broken families. Isn’t that the subject of the “article”.

        • Or the thousands of young black men in prison for gang related crimes

          • who get longer sentences because of their color and lack of funds for good lawyers.

          • source?

          • Drug related crimes. But see blacks and whites use drugs at the same rate.

          • whites are into pain killers. They are dropping like flies

          • Crime is crime. Dura lex, sed lex.

        • Wow, you pick two very very rich white guys as an example. What an idiot. Do you think they don’t pay through the nose? (Hint: they do)

          • Go back and read Keith w question and get back to me.
            Charlie sheen, Chuck Norris Are on the list

    • It’s not a GOP thing. Watch The Maury Povich Show. Black women actually tell other black women to get pregnant to get a gubment check. Sometimes you have to live or come from the Urban gutter to understand.

      • Maury Povich LOL now that’s a good one. There are also a lot of black people on NBA on TNT or Fox NFL sunday. What do you have to say about thoses? Don’t realize that the target audience for the Maury show is backward white trash inbred? I wouldn’t be surprised it’s all scripted. White American racist is the most gullible creature ever created by God.

        • [[ Don’t realize that the target audience for the Maury show is backward white trash inbred without jobs? ]]

          Geez, you’re a dumb ass……………………again,

          The Top 5 Shows That Shame(d) The Black Community

          When he’s not playing guessing games like “is it a man or woman?” in which he giggles as transvestites kiss all over him while the audience guesses if they’re male or female, Mo-rri (as they call him in the hood) is busy exploiting black folks; most of whom are too ignorant to even know they’re being exploited. While Jerry Springer’s raunchy, skanky exploitation seems evenly distributed between both races; Maury’s sophisticated brand of exploitation is overwhelmingly black. His show takes usury to a whole new level. ‘The Maury Show’ directly targets a black demographic and brings them on the show to makes them appear loose, stupid and ‘ghetto’. Of course he does this under the pretense of helping them find their ‘baby’s daddy.’ Unlike Springer who will tell jokes at his guest’s expense, Maury will pretend to be concerned even offering counseling after the show. And the younger the guest the more he and his producers are able to manipulate and play off of their immaturity. Maury becomes tickled pink every time a black man comes on stage calling the potential mother of his child “hoes, sluts, and bitches.” The high point of his show is when the distraught mother of a child runs from the stage after she finds out the man she thinks fathered her child is actually not the father. For a guy who couldn’t make it as a serious journalist Maury Povich was sure able to make black folks take him seriously.


          Writer Michael Arceneaux wrote an article today on talking about TV talk shot host, Maury Povich, and how he views him as the father of “Black Trash TV.”

          Arceneaux talks about the beginnings of the show and how it went from uplifting to degrading.

          Here’s an excerpt:

          It’s the same scene nearly day after day during one specific hour of daytime TV: Some unfortunate women — more than likely young, presumably poor and/or of color — bawling like a 5-year-old who had their beloved blankee burned right in front of them after hearing the words, “You are not the father!” This week Maury, tabloid-themed talk show hosted by the once serious news anchor Maury Povich celebrates its 20th anniversary. It’s certainly been an interesting two decades to say the least.

      • and fat white chicks with low self esteem throw themselves at black guys for attention.

        • So you’re a fat white chick. Who knew?

          • No.

          • Yes.

          • happy valentine’s day. I hope me and your grandma aren’;t the only valentine’s you have

    • How about teaching self responsibility… instead of spreading their legs to any guy they need to realize that most of these guys are not going to stay with them and help them… Teaching them to respect themselves more would do a lot to help the situation.

      • I already answered that question. And it takes two to tango.

    • Ladies? You are being a bit reckless with that term.

      • Black women can’t be ladies? Please explain

        • A “lady”

          • Yes, a lady. I looked up the word. No color was indicated.

          • See my message above. While posting, only a portion of what I typed appeared.

          • Hey skank, refute the point that ‘No “lady” of any race would irresponsibly produce a child that she cannot provide for’. Good piglet.

          • Ask God. He made it possible her for getting pregnant. All children are a gift from God, remember.
            Do you think a woman gets pregnant every time she have sex?

          • I’m asking you [email protected] Do YOU have an answer?

          • Ok

  9. I would love to spend my day and time arguing and back forth with each and every last one of you racist pathetic morons who keep responding to my comment but unfortunately I have a life to get back to plan on sleeping good tonight just like I do every other night Thanks for entertaining me though and for keeping me more entertained than BET would racist people crack me y’all def made me feel important by responding negative bs it made my night lmbo #God bless and take care

    • but you have said nothing……

      • Obviously i said something if you taking the time to respond back just shut up you sound really stupid right now if i didn’t say anything then why would you be taking the time to respond back???? I’m cracking up from your rsponse right even as we speak another weak link #you are dismissed as well

        • I’m sure Rafael X and Philanthropussy are really glad you’re on their side of the argument

          • Actually we’ve been having and mostly winning that argument for months without any help. Uncle Ruckus too, shout out my brother, happy Black History Month. Just scroll down and see how many times I’ve been asked to leave. My 15 year old son also has been a frequent target in this website. Come back tomorrow when Andy wakes up you should get an idea of the level of discourse. But you have been mostly courteous and I thank you for that.

          • I don’t find any reason to be rude to you, you’ve been programmed with a certain set of beliefs and you’re simply fulfilling your programming. In your mind I’m sure every white person is racist, anyone who disagrees with you must be doing so for purely racist reasons and racism is the sole most inherent evil on the planet and it’s only okay when black people do it. If racism were eliminated tomorrow you would find that your life suddenly lacked purpose and moreover your ideology, which relies on your own inherent racism, collapsed around you. This perception you have that you are somehow “winning that argument” testifies to a seriously delusional psychology. No rational person would truly believe they had achieved anything from trolling a website.

            PS: I think it’s cute what you’re playing at here, but I seriously doubt any of you are actually black people.

          • Best reply I’ve seen all night… with that Good night folks… been a pleasure..

          • Interesting…..and complete B/S!!! Carry on private!

          • My, what an intelligent counterpoint. No wonder we all mock your dumb ass.

          • Keith, well thought out and lucid. Well done.

          • Why do you doubt that I’m black? Let me take a wild guess. Black people don’t use proper grammar and punctuation right ? Unless they are right-wingers acting white. Am I in the ballpark? My perception that I’m winning the argument comes from the fact that a lot of people make assumptions about my motives rather than counter my arguments. My life has plenty of purpose thank you very much. You are right however about the evil of racism. People disagreeing with me for racists reason is no big deal, I’m just one anonymous guy with an Internet connection. Truth is I’m not fighting racism, I’m over racism. Racism lives in the head of the racist, he his responsible and owns his crooked perceptions. Nothing I can do about it. Commenting on this website is a educational experience for me and my boy. He needs to learn earlier in life then I did that the only perception that matters is the one he has of himself. If every black people got up and left for Africa tomorrow, the racist will also lose his sense of purpose.

          • It’s common for white liberals to perpetrate some gross deception if the result in some way serves the purpose of their ideology. For example, UVA rape allegations, Lena Dunham, Brian Williams, etc. Allen West’s blog seems an unlikely target for the extremely rare politically motivated black internet troll. I think this fact frustrates you, and you’ve taken action by pretending to be black to speak in “their voice” on “their behalf” to “serve the greater good” but you’re really just some white guy doing what is predominantly white guy behavior; trolling message boards of the opposite political spectrum.

            Also you jumping right on the grammar stereotype is a dead giveaway.

          • Again with the mind-reading and the assumptions. The reality is I’m just one person on Internet and you don’t know what motivates or frustrates me. And it would be kind of condescending for a white guy to assume that black people cannot speak with their own voice. And I have no prejudice about what is “typical white behavior” either. But at the end of day it doesn’t really matter if I’m black or white or what my motivations are. My comments are just a case study in logical fallacies for me and my boy. Like when I get home tonight I will show him Andy’s flurry of statistics and ask him what kind of fallacious argument they are. And if he read everything I assigned he should easily spot the “appeal to probability”. Which when someone presents statistics as factual arguments.

          • [[ Like when I get home tonight I will show him Andy’s flurry of statistics and ask him what kind of sophism is that? ]]

            Poor Ruffy 🙁
            You said you wanted to have discourse then you run from it. And how spineless of you to use your ‘son’ as cover for your idiocy. So how often do you abuse your kid like this?

          • My discourse with you is done so long ago.

          • Good little racist coward. Now go show ‘sonny’ my stats and explain to him why they exist ‘daddy’.

          • [[ he reality is I’m just one person on Internet and you don’t know what motivates or frustrates me. ]]

            Your racism does. That was easy.

          • So you spend all day trolling conservative websites, trying to infer that you’re something you’re not and then when your SON gets home you subject him to all of your negative ramblings. I’m sorry but that sounds like a really terrible thing to do to a child.

          • Actually he loves it. Trust me I’m not always in the mood for Andy’s foul mouth. He got curious about what I was posting. Now he’s thinking of joining the debate team next year. Not typical for a black kid. If you believe in these sort of things.

          • That’s cool, will he be wearing blackface?

          • LOL here comes the predictable regression. I guess it’s always a matter of time.

          • From Ruffy………………

            Rafael X Andy Martin 2 days ago

            Netanyahu is just one Jew. Try viagra maybe you’d be able to make babies.

          • And from the most erudite intellectual on this site:
            “LOL you inbred slob. First you blame RR for getting the animals high then you attack him for trying to stop you animals from taking drugs!!! Eat a gun loser.”

          • You aren’t in the mood for any kind of discussion Ruffy. Especially when you have your racism confronted and your myths dispelled.

            Samples of Ruffy’s ‘civil discourse’…………….

            Rafael X Andy Martin a day ago

            Who cares? Inbred white trash.


            Rafael X memory a day ago

            Typical nutjob empty argument. A black man who uses black history month to bash the black president deserves derision.


            Rafael X Mack Pooh 2 days ago

            Blacks make the inbreds in flyover country racist, That’s a good one. How about you take responsibility for your backward and ignorant views coward. Only you can make yourself dumb, deaf, blind and stupid.


            Rafael X Flower 2 days ago

            Flower has no life her only sense of self worth comes from a nutjob hater uncle-tom rants.


            Rafael X Andy Martin 2 days ago

            Netanyahu is just one Jew. Try viagra maybe you’d be able to make babies.

            That’s just a few of many. many more. Didn’t your mommy hold you as a kid Ruffy?

          • Yep! Some things never change.

          • I will name it, child abuse! Disgusting!

          • Maybe your parents considered forcing you to use your brain and read some form of abuse. Where I come from it’s totally normal.

          • You “assign” him reading on the internet? You are helping to create more hatred!

          • Nope I assign books. Mostly about rules of discourse and critical thinking. Then have him apply those notions to the crap that’s written on Internet. Help him weed out what’s valid from the BS. He even call me out when he sense I might not be totally cogent.

          • Get over yourself and your inflated persona pimp. You can claim to be anyone or anything on the net. You’ve been proven to be a clown, a troll and dimwittedly ignorant of almost all issues you post about.

          • Here’s a little ‘discourse’ for black history month………..

            Ultimate Political Incorrectness: Black Americans Commit Majority Of Gun Murders

            African American Black persons, mostly young black men, commit the majority (57%) of gun homicides. They also commit over 52% of all homicides. The sensational massacres, as horrific as they are, are much less than 1% of gun homicides.

            Blacks make up 13% of the population (both sexes) but commit 57% of gun homicides. It’s even worse since it’s more like 6.5% of the population (males) committing 57% of the gun homicides. Where is this discussion in the media? Where is the program or plan to alleviate this problem?

            Political correctness prevents ANY discussion of this fact. What IS our plan to address this problem? What,we don’t have one?? If you can’t correctly name your problem, you will be unable to solve the problem. This is the problem with political correctness.

            Instead we focus on relatively few sensational massacres. Yes, it’s horrible that several hundred people have gotten “mowed down” by psychos in public settings at Sandy Hook and Colorado, but there are about 11,000 people murdered by guns (2010) each year and, on average, about 57% of those are committed by black persons (mostly black men). This means that something like 6,300 murders per year are committed by black persons (mostly young black men)!

          • Can I steal your information please? I keep “notes” on my Facebook page and use them for comments. I will give you credit of course.

          • Go ahead. But they aren’t mine to credit.


            In the African American community, 72 percent of Black children are raised in a single parent household.

            Here are some stats on the city to city breakdown of single parent families in the Black community from 2009.

            Ireland was second (24.3 percent), followed by New Zealand (23.7 percent). Greece, Spain, Italy and Luxemborg had among the lowest percentages of children in single-parent homes.


            Chicago’s murder numbers have hit that magic 500. Baltimore’s murder toll has passed 200. In Philly, it’s up to 324, the highest since 2007. In Detroit, it’s approaching 400, another record. In New Orleans, it’s almost at 200.New York City is down to 414 from 508. In Los Angeles, it’s over 500. In St. Louis it’s 113 and 130 in Oakland. It’s 121 in Memphis and 76 in Birmingham.

            Washington, D.C., home of the boys and girls who can solve it all, is nearing its own big 100.

            Those 12 cities alone account for nearly 3,200 dead and nearly a quarter of all murders in the United States. And we haven’t even visited sunny Atlanta or chilly Cleveland.

            These cities are the heartland of America’s real gun culture. It isn’t the bitter gun-and-bible clingers in McCain and Romney territory who are racking up a more horrifying annual kill rate than Al Qaeda; it’s Obama’s own voting base.

            Chicago, where Obama delivered his victory speech, has homicide numbers that match all of Japan and are higher than Spain, Poland and pre-war Syria. If Chicago gets any worse, it will find itself passing the number of murders for the entire country of Canada.

            Chicago’s murder rate of 15.65 per 100,000 people looks nothing like the American 4.2 rate, the Midwestern 4.5 or the Illinois’ 5.6 rates, but it does look like the murder rates in failed countries like Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. To achieve Chicago’s murder rate, African countries usually have to experience a bloody genocidal civil war or decades of tyranny.

          • omg! I’ve never seen these numbers, didn’t know it was so bad!

          • The tip of the iceberg.

          • Now I’ll await your deep and nuanced responses to my ‘discourse’. See if you can respond to what I posted below without demonizing or diverting. It would be a first.

          • I could less lmbo

        • you are wasting everyone’s time as you say nothing relevant or interesting

        • No seriously you honestly didn’t say anything above a pile of horse crap. Try again though 🙂

    • Enjoy whatever it is you feel you’ve accomplished here. PS: I didn’t read all that.

      • Who cares your irrelevant anyways so stop commenting about go about your day #dummy

        • Your irrelevant what?

    • For me to have grammatical errors and for y’all to have not read my comments y’all sure do keep commenting and responding lmbo and majority of you are all racist from what I have observed anyways Shout out to all the racist people on here y’all crack me up and made my night have a good night #you mad or nah

      • What you be say?

      • There isn’t even a period the end of your “sentence”.

      • Glad you are “cracked up”.

      • If you don’t want anyone to read your comments then why bother writing them here?

        Why don’t you just write them in your journal then no one will read them since it seems like you don’t want anyone to actually read what you are writing in an open forum blog?

        Or I guess you are just having fun and playing a sick game with yourself and your other self “Meeks” LOL – we get it, wow, get a life.

  10. Black lives didnt matter during slavery and until about 50 years ago didnt matter either. Blacks didnt even have birth certificates before the 60s. Black churhes kept records of birth. So many drugs and liquor stores were infiltrated into black communities “projects” after the 60s that it made it a very messed up situation. Young people having kids and they saw this as an easy way out living on welfare. Blacks for the most part only kill blacks. These poor school systems can not accomidate the needs of any child b/c they r poor. Long Island is the most segregated suburb in the country. Minorities can not move to better schools period b/c the expense in such a town is unreachable. Even if across the street is a better school and ur house and property look the same but ur white neighborhood house in the town next door will be 500,000 or more while a black or hispanic ccommunities house would be 150,000. Education is the only thing that will set you free and the only education system in America helping minorities are charter schools. Its so easy to judge when you come from privilege, period. Only experience and truly living it can open ur eyes to poverty or low class situations. If ur children were threatened with dealth or their family threatened to be slaughtered if u dont join a gang….enough said…this could go on and on. Parents need to demand more from these poor ass run down schools their children are forced to go to. Its funny that hesidic jews can live in NY…. live off welfare b/c their marriages are religious have 8-12 children the tax payers of ny pay for and this is never spoke of. The second most populated jewish population in the world is ny. 6 mil. strong. Why is the Holocaust always more significant then dealths during slavery. They should be equal circumstances. But ive learned in anerica that no matter white is always right.

    • Truth is charter schools don’t perform better than public schools. Education is a personal responsibility. Doesn’t matter where you go to school if you show up hungry or angry. In any case you are not willing to learn. Charter schools cheat tests results by expelling underachieving students right before the exam periods. Parents need to demand more of themselves and of their children. I was able to get a descent education in the public system because my single mom wasn’t the type to sue the teacher for disciplining me. America treats police officers and soldiers with respect but have none for public school teachers. Anyone with a brain and minimal self respect would never teach in America. So black people who rely on the public system are stuck with the bottom of the barrel,

      • [[ Truth is charter schools don’t perform better than public schools]]

        Hey stupid……………

        Last week, one school’s prom slogan showed in just four words how far Chicago Public Schools has fallen.

        This spring, just like high schoolers at schools across America, students at Paul Robeson High School planned their prom festivities. They picked dresses, tuxes, corsages and boutonnieres. But before all of that, they picked a theme:

        “This Is Are Story.”

        It’s an error, and an obvious one — but it’s no laughing matter.

        It’s just the latest sign of how badly Chicago’s public schools are failing the city’s students. Consider this:

        • Four out of 10 CPS freshmen don’t graduate.
        • 91 percent of CPS graduates must take remedial courses in college because they do not know how to do basic math and other schoolwork.
        • Only 26 percent of CPS high school students are college-ready, according to results from ACT subject-matter tests.

        Education should be the great equalizer; but in Chicago, public education is more of a holding cell than a launch pad.

        The prom slogan is especially sad when you consider which school it comes from: Paul Robeson High School is located in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago — one of the poorest, most violent neighborhoods in the city. There have been 156 murders in Englewood since 2007. The average per capita income is $12,255, and 23.6 percent of residents are unemployed.


        High school graduation is a key first step in changing the life trajectory of some of our country’s most at-risk students. On this measure, charter schools in Florida and Chicago are producing impressive results. According to the study, students enrolled in a charter public high school are 7 to 11 percentage points more likely to graduate compared to their peers in district-run schools.

        The study also examined whether charters were successful in boosting college enrollment rates in the year following high school graduation. The study found students attending a charter public school significantly improved the probability they would enroll in college by 10 and 11 percentage points in Florida and Chicago, respectively.

        • At the bottom of the disaster you have described is unqualified teachers. ALL current and teachers in the future need to pass competency tests and the tests need to be made my someone NOT in the teachers union! Elementary and special ed teachers have the LOWEST SAT’s and ACT’s of all incoming college students. Google it!

      • Elsewhere you have commented that there is not a ‘break-down’ of the black family, but there is an interesting comment in this post. “…my single mom…” You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but where was you dad?

        • Serving in the Haitian army, he did not believe in the American dream.

          • I assume, then that he was Haitian. Good for him for spending your growing up years supporting his native country. That shows great dedication to a country that he evidently left to come the the U.S., but also greater dedication to this ‘native’ country that to his family. (I will withdraw all of the above if he died in the service of Haiti early in your life.)

          • I don’t regret one second of it. He was where he needed to be. Haiti needed him more then America. Caused my parents divorce, some people here in America divorce for a lot less. My male roles models where mostly my uncles. One was a teacher and taught me the rules of debate and encouraged me to go to college. One was a cab driver, he convinced my mom that a summer job would not hurt my education. I did not have my biological father but had a great childhood.

          • I am glad that you were able to overcome a less than perfect situation in your growing up years. Congratulations to your Mother for doing the best she could, and also for your Uncles for stepping in. Unfortunately in much of the Black Community, the ‘advantages’ you found with your mother and extended family are not found. This is a major problem in that community, and it seems that you could be a great role model and mentor to many of the young blacks, especially males, who do not have that kind of support group around them. Good luck in your endeavors.

    • Stupid crack whore shut your filthy mouth

      Jews are God’s choice, blacks are cursed. 🙁

  11. It appears that he has something against his own race

    • West? When I saw a picture of his wife, I was surprised she was black. Than I found out she is from the islands and it made sense. He don’t pick a real Afro Anerican woman. Someone with values more like his own. She probably says – ” those people” a lot.
      Of course, you can’t help who you fall in love with………………

      • I think with allen west…..its SELF HATE!!!

        • No unk, that’s what you see in the mirror.

        • Says the pimp on bent knees before Jesse’s joint.

      • No actually she does not say that a lot.

        • ok

          • come on now pussy be nice – love is what it is, why go there?

            His wife is a nice lady. She is in fact that whole thing about behind every successful man is a woman – she’s that woman.

            Let’s go with that instead of what you said. Cause that really is the truth on it puss.

            on a side note I am totally wishing I was from the islands LOL

      • That sounds a little racist – you better watch yourself 🙂

        • Not as much as the rest of you .

          • Ok we can just call you a “little racist”

          • Whatever.
            I’m out. Happy Valentine’s day.

      • Obama was raised by whitey. Not a ‘ real Afro American woman’.

    • Do what the Democrats want you to and blame all the republican white people. Just because they died to get blacks free, they should be blamed now for Democrats failed policies. Get back on the plantation West and do what these progressives tell you to. The NSA will listen to every email, every phone call, the IRS will audit you every year until you do what every good black in America should do. Support the progressive Democrats even if it hurts your own people.

    • It appears that the truth upsets the local poverty pimps.

    • It appears you are jealous of someone else being successful in their life. All you can do is come on a blog and whimper.

      • Facts are the facts…..he hates his own races……a real life UNCLE RUCKUS!! I bet the man constantly ask GOD why he wasn’t born WHITE!

        • We all know that’s what you do every morning when you wake up and look in the mirror and see that ugly black face looking back at you – poor old Uncle Darkie.

  12. Just think…Its BLACK HISTORY MONTH and Allen West doesn’t post any HISTORY….not one post….nothing to acknowledge those that came before him that broke down barriers so he can have the opportunity to be where he is today! SAD…and disgraceful!!!

    • yea, whats wrong with him? He should be out there whining like a good government victim. I’m sure you talk about all the black slave owners and black slave traders in your black history month?

    • Why repeat stories of black history when he is making history – a POSITIVE history – For black people.

      • For all people.

      • He is making history HOW??? Posting to a BLOG??? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

        • You’re making history by proving to everyone how ignorant darkies still are.

          Will you sing and dance a bit for us Uncle Darkie? We’ll get you an extra biscuit if you do LOL

    • I like the story about the larger African tribes going around and kidnappings other Africans so they could sell them to the Portuguese slavers for European goods. That’s the first story that they should tell in ” black” history month. How about the early black slave owners in the new world? That’s a great story, too. Let’s not forget the story about all those white ” devils” who risked their lives and even their families helping black slaves sneak into the free states. What about those other whites that risked everything campaigning to end slavery. Abolishinists, they were called. Many died or were ruined defending blacks. Oh, lets not forget that little thing called the civil war. I sure hope you add these stories to your repertoire. BTW, during the 22 years I was in uniform, I defended your life and rights just as much as I did any white persons. Never did I consider who or what color the people I put my life on the line to defend was. For that, you are welcome.

      • Applause!

      • Black Africans sold other Black Africans for goods. They sold them for weapons. That would be a great start to Black History Month.

        And yes! Absolutely! Let us highlight the black slave owners. For some reason they seem to be ignored LOL! Everyone had slaves. Whites, Blacks, and Indians. They all owned slaves.

        Better yet, let’s just get right down to it. Slavery is alive and well right now! But no, let’s just go over those same old tired lines about the bad evil white man and the poor black slave in the American south.

        After all they were the only slaves in all of history s/

    • Whatsamatta uncle unc race pimp? The truth a problem for pimps like you? Maggots like yourself and the other pimps here; Ruffy, Brenda, Jayne, Philathropeeho……………can’t get enough of scum like the Al&Jesse show who play that race card to the hilt all the time as they blame whitey for the effed up blacks. Yet when West rightly points out why there are animals runnin’ around the hoods of the nation, you sleazeballs cry and attack the messenger. You scum don’t want to hear about generational welfare, blacks killing blacks for sport, 72% of black homes with one parent or the high black abortion rate. It cuts both ways slimeball. You pimps want to cry about the ‘plight of the black man’, then you’ll sit your arse down and listen to the reasons why. Now eff off pimp.

      • Excellent. Thanks!

    • Excellent point, Uncle! I overlooked that. Of course Allen could post HIS “impeccable” military and political history.

  13. Between the 30’s and 50’s the black family was the most intact of any of the family groups in America, 85% of black families were 2 parent middle class house wholes. In the 60’s the civil right’s movement had the opposite effect of what it’s founders intended for the black community, with the help of welfare programs promising government payments for 18 years, based on no man in the home as a requirement, and the advent of, planed parent hood abortion clinics, and the pill, sex, marriage and the family were no longer compatible, necessary, or desired, and the dysfunctionally American family was born. A little know fact is the women’s movement of the 60s was a government CIA construct to add, a once, stay home mother to the tax base. There really is no Black history month but there should be an “American Communist Take Over Month,” to show how the slow erosion of American values have destroyed opportunities for all Americans.

    • I don’t think in the 30’s and 50’s black families were the “most” intact families. Why did welfare and the rest you have listed programs effect black families so badly and not others?

  14. Annie had a baby…Can’t work, nomore! … BUT … “We got more soul!”

  15. I always hear about. Don’t even need to be told about it. Have known it for YEARS. I Allen living in a cave now?

    • Good race punk! Shoot the messenger.

      • If necessary…figuratively…

        • The sure sign of a weakling.

  16. Maybe Allen should get a copy of, “Black History: Lost, Stolen and Strayed.” He just might learn something.

    • Atta pimp! You wanna talk about the 400 years of slavery as a diversion from the crap going on in the black community? Good job Jesse!

      • Jesse wasn’t part of the production.

        • How stupid are you? Jesse has done nothing BUT pimp for the last 40+ years. Who the hell you kidding?

          • Jesse wasn’t even in it. do you ever look anything up for yourself?

        • Are you a negro or do you just like taking it up the ass from other negras?

          • Wow! Don’t withhold your racism. BTW, how do you reconcile you racism with supporting West?

          • The world needs more people like West. The black race needs more blacks like West. There is nothing to reconcile.

    • Allen West doesn’t care about black history. Why else would he put his name on that pile of garbage.

      • LMAO! Excellent point…

  17. Why don’t that “editor in chief” write us a nice article about why Israel is an apartheid state for Passover.

    • Hey slob, stick to the topic. Or don;t you want to face the garbage West is properly pointing out? Keep coppin’ fat Al’s knob Ruffy.

      • It’s ok Andy we know you are limited and don’t understand sarcasm.

        • Non responsive race pimp. You love to kiss your own ass as you fancy yourself as some race warrior. So why run from the battle pu$$y? What has West said that is wrong Jesse? If you want to be the intelligent black of the forum, take the man’s claims head-on and refute them.

          • I have. Not sure what Margaret Sanger have to do with Black History Month.

          • LOL! What have you refuted about West’s claims? Where did you refute the following?

            But there is another tragic part of black American history being made right now that is rarely discussed, and cannot be blamed on racism or discrimination.

            It is the self-destruction of the black family

          • It’s not West’s article. And there a are a lot of black history been made right now. A lot more going on besides women getting abortions. It’s relevant to those who care to know.

          • Screw your dodge Ruffy. Either prove he was wrong or sit down, shut up and accept it.

          • I’m not even sure what point he’s trying to make. .

          • Another gutless cop-out.What part of “It is the self-destruction of the black family” that is so confusing? You seemed to understand enough of it over the last 24 hours to run your mouth HERE about what he said. So cut the crap. Are you saying that now, all of a sudden, you’re an ignorant clod who doesn’t know what the hell he is talking abut when he posts? From your page………..I am the stone that the builder refused, I am the visual, The inspiration, That made lady sing the blues, I’m the spark that makes your idea bright, The same spark that lights the dark, So that you can know your left from your right, I am the ballet in your box, I am the bullet in the gun, The inner glow, That let you know, To call your brother son, The story that just begun The promise of what’s become, And imma remain a soldier till the war is won. So you’re saying you’re full of crap now? Can’t have it both ways pal. Either you know full well what West is talking about or you’re a lying POS fraud. You’re call.

          • I know what is talking about but he should give us the whole story. Why does he care about the black family anymore than any other family. Isn’t that kind of racist? If he’s so concerned with the state of the family why isn’t he talking about divorce rates. All sorts of child abuse or even domestic violence. He doesn’t because that would mean shining the same light on black and white. Incomplete argument equals logical fallacy.

          • [[ I know what he is talking about ]]

            You said you didn’t.

            [[ but he should give us the whole story ]]

            And what’s the ‘whole story’?

            [[ Why does he care about the black family anymore than any other family. ]]

            His blog, his topic. Ignore it if it bothers you.

            [[ Isn’t that kind of racist? ]]

            Telling the truth is racist? LOL!

            [[ If he’s so concerned with the state of the family why isn’t he talking about divorce rates.]]

            Post it then if you think it’s relevant.

            [[ All sorts of child abuse or even domestic violence. He doesn’t because that would mean shining the same light on black and white.]]

            Then offer balance if you can.

            [[ Incomplete argument equals logical fallacy. ]]

            His argument is the black community is self destructing. And you have yet to disprove that…………PIMP!

          • And I’m saying it’s BS. Black community is alive and well. He says it’s self-destructing but what he really means is they don’t vote conservative. Allen West doesn’t give a hoot about the black community. If he did he would go where they are.

          • [[ Racists been predicting the demise of the black community ]]

            Typical scum ass race pimp. Blame other for blacks killing themselves. When does the black community ever take ownership for their own problems in your twisted world pimp? Black on black killings, high black abortion rate, 72% of black families with one parent………….always the mother. How is it that thee are many blacks who can rise above all of that without sucking up to the Jesse’s, Al’s and Ruffy’s of the world but not others?

            The rest of your post should embarrass your dumb ass and underline how you and your ilk are a huge part of the problem. You POS’ are enablers and NEED that race card to justify yourselves and your hatred of the black community you claim to care about. You’re disgusting.

          • What does all of that have to do with black history month?

          • Another dodge! You seem to have one helluva time with the truth.

          • He has a mental illness that keeps him from seeing the reality that the truth shows him.

          • My God you are dumb as a box of rocks. I wouldn’t even want you as a slave with the sole job of cleaning out my chamber pot LOL

            Make the connection BLACK HISTORY MONTH – isn’t all about rainbows and happy times and a few Negroids that managed to rise above stupid people like yourself and do something awesome – it’s about where YOU ARE NOW and it is about teaching the truth of why you are here.

          • Listen up little black boy –

            If “racists” have been doing their best towards the “demise” of the black community since those chains were broken you would not be up in this blog running your stupid mouth.

            Got it? If all those evil racists in the world wanted you blacks gone you would be gone.

            So what is it that is keeping your world going? It is the world made by whites, oh sorry if that sounds racist LOL, yeah it is.

            We don’t want blacks gone, we need somebody to work that drive thru LOL

          • The blacks as a “community” is sort of a failed idea. They are self destructing. Any negros that step up out of that are called “Uncle Toms” mostly because all those making that call are just jealous of the their success.

            I applaud all the Uncle Toms. They aren’t ignorant like the rest of the negroes still slaving away at being the “slave” victims of whitey.

          • Yes the whole story should be told. “Black” participation in the African slave trade should really be addressed.

          • To what purpose?

          • You tell me.

            We can just ignore the facts that black Africans sold themselves to slavers to start. Or we can just pick up somewhere in the middle passage right?

            Why do you deny it. It’s the truth.

          • I don’t deny it’s the truth just don’t see the relevance.

          • Of course, you can’t even make your little black fingers type the words.

            Face up to what history is.

          • Why don’t you teach me professor. You look like an erudite.

          • I just did dumbass.

            The rest is on you – you already know it now you just have to accept it. Blacks enslaved blacks, Blacks SOLD blacks to whites and to ARABS –

            start there and learn it good little black boy – you can’t rewrite history, it is what it is.


            TO TEACH THE TRUTH

          • And you think whites arent the direct cause of the slave trade?. You think whites didnt sell them false promises of leaving their lands alone if they did such things. Do you really think africa begged for colonialism??? You think converting africans to be catholic was the goal. They are still stripping africa of its gold and diamonds. This will continue until there is nothing left just like the middle east for their oil and poppy. bet you think whites didnt almost wipe out all the indians by trading them blankets purposely filled with disease, or broken treaties, and mass killings. Govt still trying to take what little land the indians have to frack…dont think ur white history is so pure and perfect. No ones is. But its sad that most whites feel its survival of the richest, and the poor deserve to die mantality no matter the race. Most black people didnt grow up with families with money or a house or any investment jim crow mad sure of that. Our grandparents were mostly poor if you look at any poor race drugs, abortions, killing, ect rule. And it will never change without money and whites have a majority so you already ur poor white community. No black people are asking for your help on what black history month is…our whole culture and history was demolished here and in africa by slavery and colonialism of africa and one month that has no impact on whites may be a waste of time for the simple minded but for blacks who truly like learning about what schools dont teach in america is all the history america allowed us to have Period. If blacks could recover from jim crow in 50 years it would have been a great accomplishment most likely the greatest in this century. Not enough time to fix all the damage. Money can only patch things up poor education and low self esteem is the root of the problem. There nothing easy about growing up poor and only a few make out no matter the race.

          • Arab Muslims are the direct cause of the slave trade you ignorant cow. Without the Muslims very few if any negro slaves would have ever even made it to America. Those Arabs despised the negro so much they had mass castrations and enslaved more of YOU than anyone on the earth.

            If there were no slaves to buy then none of them would have been sold. You can start with that concept while you “teach” about Black History Month “Meeks1” LOL

            So no Whites are not the direct cause of slavery. BLACK AFRICANS and ARAB MUSLIMS are. Stick that up your lesson books.

          • He’s more like the inspiration that made the lady puke.

          • You made that up all by your lonesome? How impressive.

          • I’m never lonesome, ever.

          • Took two morons to come up with that? Twice as pathetic.

          • It’s the truth. I’m not ever lonely. I never have been. I am not sure what lonely even feels like.
            What’s your truth? Oh wait:

            You are a bullet in a gun and you are the last soldier till the war is won.

            F*** me six ways to Sunday with that

          • Maybe you should focus on quality rather then quantity when you chose the company you keep. My sense of identity doesn’t come from the Internet. It’s just a song.

          • How poetic, that too is enough to make someone puke.

            The company I keep? L M F***ing A OFF

          • Guess you can’t grasp the concept – no one has to actually be black to see how messed up you “black folks” are. The world needs more exceptional black peoples. All us “whites” don’t call them Uncle Toms. We just accept and appreciate what they do. We are glad for them and their gains. We don’t call them Uncle Toms – ONLY YOU DO.

          • As evil as it may be the woman had the right idea apparently.

          • Margret Sanger has a lot to do with Black History. The prime target of Margaret Sangar was against minorities whom she considered inferior to include the Black Communities. Margaret Sangar was a racist and proud of it. Incidentally, she was the founder of Planned Parenthood. A little research will show that many of the Planned Parenthood Clinics, that provide abortions, are located in and around the Black Communities. You will also find that the biggest supporters of Planned Parenthood are White Democrats. They are the ones that have been the deciding factor in providing Federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Coincidence?

          • Exactly. That’s what we have been trying to tell these ignorant blacks. Hey, like “Hello” there black people? Wake the hell up, Planned Parenthood is doing nothing but killing YOU> but obviously they just don’t actually care. . . . . .

            do we?

            We do, but it’s like look damn it – you’ll have to start making an effort and caring about it yourselves somewhere along the line here – we can’t just keep screaming at you forever.

            Do Black Americans care about those millions of aborted babies in the trash bin or not?

            Let us know.

          • David Duke don’t like black people either. Does not make relevant to black history. As far as I know Margaret Sanger is dead and no one black or white gets marched at gunpoint to the abortion clinic. Those who choose do it, do it for a reason, maybe we should look into that instead of keeping scorecards on what skin color does it the most. That Democrats kill babies argument is hogwash. Once the baby is born you so called Christians are heckling it to “take responsibility”. You are not pro-life, you are just a self-righteous hypocrites. However black people where really pumped full with syphilis for the Tusgekee Experiment. That happened way after the last black dude got sold off Africa. That the kind of thing people who really care about black history month want to talk about.

          • So why so many BLACK ABORTIONS?

          • As far as I know every aborted baby is bloody red.

          • why so many BLACK ABORTIONS again?????

            tell us why there’s so many black abortions

            Right we got it blood is red you little lame black negro – tell us why there’s so many black abortions?

            Why you all killing yourselfs? LOL

            Go on and tell us about it all you so up on what is going down with it all LMAO

          • One girl I was friend with played basketball and could get a scholarship. Another one knew she would have to go on welfare and did not want to fit that stereotype. Different people different reasons.

          • stupid tripe

          • You loves yourself so much why you killing you selves LOL

          • Meth what I have read I have to agree with you and a man named Slaughter who had the biggist money making in abortions died in a plan cash into a cemetery where he lost most of his family What goes around comes around!

          • If you don’t know what Margaret Sanger has to do with it all you are one stupid little black boy. That woman made Planned Parenthood the go to place for your girlfriend! She may have some sense but her big sister is saying NO NO! Just have that little bastard, the gov gonna pay your for “it” SMH yeah talk about it all little raffie boy, that’s what needs to be talked about that you are too jacked up to face up to.

    • Such an ugly little coward racist. What did Michele ever do to you? She has the rights to write on what she wants to. If you don’t like it why not counter the talking points like a man? Instead you want to throw down your Jew hating on her.

      You’re all anti-white, don’t know how that really works with your “white” wife LOL – love is crazy, you like that white skin no?

      What the hell are you mate? Jesus your kids are gonna be F***ed all the hell up once they get old enough to see through your BS.

      You are anti Semitic and so we see that. You hate whites and you hate jews.

      You are one little mixed up piece of turd just swirling around down there LOL

      What’s next?

      • So if I understand the logic it’s totally ok for Jewish “editor-in-chief” to use Black History Month to bash black people. But it’s Jew bashing for a black man to suggest questioning the State of Israel on Passover. No racist backward trailer-park trash level of racist double-standard at play there. Mrs. Hickford can write whatever trash she wants. If she doesn’t anyone to call it the garbage it is, she should keep it on her computer encrypted and password protected.

        • You got it.

          It is ok for a Jew or anyone else to use Black History Month to bash black people.

          Why are you questioning the State of Israel on Passover? What does that have to do with the farce of Black History Month?

          Guess you just can’t actually focus on what’s at hand here.

          She didn’t write garbage, but yes it is very much similar to garbage when we start looking at the facts.

          I know you don’t want to look at the facts. You turn your little face away – no none of it is true. . . . LOL

          • Like I said trailer park trash double-standard. Truth is everyone on this site is done swirling a long time ago. All those “articles” have the smell of the sewer pit. LOL

          • LIKE I SAID:

            Little black boy can’t see the truth cause it hurts to much.

          • Also, don’t live in a trailer park – I live in 3 penthouses east and west coast, and one 3,000 acre ranch, and a second 25,000 acre ranch in Austrailia LMAO

            Gosh hate to say that but honestly? I would not even own those types of properties.

            So let’s just keep it on an intellectual level if you can try.

            Let us look at the reality of it all, bare and naked as it is. Can’t you find it in yourself to just do that?

            Enough with the labels already. This is above all that BS. The reality is what it is. If you can’t look at and check your emotional responses please just go ahead and flush. . . . .

        • define bashing

          • Spreading a fallacious argument to infer false premise.

          • Spreading?

            If you don’t like the content why are you here liar?

            You love it, you suck it up. You get off on it.

          • You really like to speculate about what I get off on don’t you?

          • No I don’t – it’s make me want to puke just like your intro in your profile –

            nothing but a load of offal.

          • Get a life you sick little jack off – everyone knows how you get off, you stroke over Col Allen West blog, how f-ing sick is that?

        • btw trailer park trash ????

          exactly what is that defined for you?

  18. Black History Month is a joke.

    • Only to the simple minded!

      • Shut up limp dick LOL

      • You say that now…
        But the day will come when the government will fund and support satanic Islamic month…
        And guess what… muslims hate blacks!
        Refer to muslims who controlled the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade… [which we were all taught about in school…]
        Also… refer to the blacks who were being slaughtered in Libya during their recent revolution…

        “Simple minded”? Not quite… but you are a TOOL.

        • Tin foil hat material there!!! A group full of LOONS!!!

        • He runs his mouth all the time, it would be sad if it wasn’t so funny. It’s like he is obsessed and half wacked LOL

          But your assessment is correct – Muslims gonna slice him for sure, but he will be on his knees begging. . .

    • And I’ll have a bacon sandwich on Hannukah. Must be free Wi-Fi at the the trailer park today.

      • Is that how you organism?

        • If you where worth it (not trailer-park trash) you might have been lucky enough to find out how that happens for yourself.

          • I don’t get off on bacon sandwiches you moron but is is good to know that you do.

          • LOL looks like you don`t get off at all.

          • Ha Ha !!!!
            I don’t put my personal business online ignorant little boy.

            But you do – get off on it all, here’s something for you:

            bacon bacon bacon sandwich. . . .OHHHHHHHH

            LMAO you little moron go jack off somewhere else

          • Why all the sexual references.

          • Well it’s obvious, you get your little rock tight in this blog. That’s why.

            You never get to the real content, what’s being said. It’s always the same old crap with you. You can’t deny the facts. But yet it’s still the same old sad story with you:

            Black people get bashing. . .

            Maybe they need to be bashed you silly little black boy. Pull yourself away from the crotch and speak to the problems cause you sure as hell have them.

            Oh but wait, the rest of the world is just suppose to act like ain’t not a thing wrong. . . .LOL

            Get real, you stupid little puppet, sex is nothing.
            Black race is F-ing itself right off into the dead zone –

          • How come you know me so well. First time I see you.

          • stupid boy

            f off will you

            you nothing but as sad worn our cliche online

            guess you didn’t know that – the world moving on black boy, all your effort don’t mean squat LOL

            we got lots of people just like you, lots

          • You know about my white wife I never mentioned her on that thread.

          • not with you yuck!

          • LOL, I never implied me.

          • shut your foul mouth – ignorant little dirty crap filled piece of dog

            either talk about the issues or shut up

            don’t drag me down in the toilet cause I’m better

            say something intelligent or just stop cause you know as well as I do there’s way too many ghetto bastards – don’t want to hear about other peoples – focus on your own jacked up race little blackie – don’t start to compare and all – talk about

            YOUR BLACK FOLKS

            kay? or just go jack off somewhere else

          • Laugh my butt off –

            Rena? She’s far far too good for low life like you silly. She has class and dignity. I like her, a lot.

            I give her upvotes.

            She has a good voice and a sound and very fair head on her shoulders.

            But, no, so sorry, alas, it is just me Zei not Rena

            I do admire her. Seriously, she is good mother. btw people like you should stop acting like idiots and mouthing off to her. She has good sense.

            So, obviously you are confused. Let me give you little bitty clue.

            Everything you think you know in reality you don’t know anything 🙂

            Take care of those babies.

          • not even your baby, dumb nuts

          • A ghetto pimp calling someone white trash.

      • Aren’t you a BIG BOY…
        Let me see you walk into a satanic Islamic mosque doing the same thing…

      • I assume you get free Wi-Fi at the crack house. Grow up for a change.

    • Totty where is WHITE History Month !?

      • Probably somewhere in the Bible.

        • If so I have never seen it we are all Gods children …… color involved .

      • Basically the other 11 months LMAO ???

        • Got to laugh at that! Thax!

      • Whites are allowed to be proud of being white, that would make them a racist.

        • What?

          • LOL sorry – Whites are NOT allowed to be proud. White pride is a true sign of a racist s/

    • It serves a purpose…
      To create division… separation… segregation…
      Which causes rules and laws to be rewritten… in favor of certain groups…
      All for the purpose of laying the foundation for satanic Islam. A satanic group who will take advantage of those who were used as the tools for progress.

  19. The article says… “Jackson added that churches need to step up and help: “The black church…”
    I say… SCREW the Black Church!!!
    Nothing worse than someone feeding into segregation!
    The way I see it… if you separate yourself by color… you’re feeding your own segregation!
    Tell me… where are the “Yellow” churches? The “Red” churches? The “White” churches? And… you gets to claim the “Brown” churches?
    C’mon… why is it that the “Black Churches” have failed the

    • The “Black Church” is corrupted as one would expect. Got those sweet boys up in the choir and all looking for Jesus at the same time they are licking the Choir Leader’s crotch.

      Oh yes sir we don’t get on that sinner we just hate his sin LMAO cause that boy he’s sweet as honey. . . .

      And that little ex-Mrs. x3 over there and over here LOL, with her low cut “church dress” as nice as can be, looking like a $5 whore on Sunday morning!!!!! Praise Jesus she’s looking for her next baby daddy!

      Good God please let the Almighty tell these people they are burning in the fire with all that!!!!!

      The “Black Churches” not doing anything sweetie – they are a garden that belongs to Satan.

      That old evil one is alive and well in those black churches don’t you know?

      Those churches are filled with demons.

  20. The article mentions…
    “children raising children”
    Well hell yeah! Not a wonder either… kids pop out a few babies and wha-la… income tax time means THOUSANDS of dollars!

    $10 -$15 thousand dollar one lump paychecks… every year…

    And what do they do with that much money? New cellphones… new computers… and new HD televisions!

    I remember the days when the younger generation focused on getting a house…
    Then the mindset went towards sprucing up fancy cars…
    Nowadays… it’s all about the latest cellphones, game boxes and the latest TV’s.
    Can you see the decline in achievements?
    From houses… to cars… to cellphones…
    My question… what could possibly be lower than the desire for the latest cellphone?

    • omg you are so right!

    • High schools have day care center INSIDE the high school now – cause babies need taking care of while mommy is still learning how to do math and spell

      • I hadn’t heard about that… wow…
        How does one look at that… what a mess…

    • Is Brenda your pimp?

      • Is your mother your pimp or vic versa?

        • Your grand dad is her best customer. She says he’s into Asian cream pie.

          • So your mom get’s pimped out. Looks like pigs run in your family.

  21. The article says… “On average, 1,876 black babies

  22. Here we see the
    result of LBJ’s “Great Society” that has been responsible for destroying
    the black family, morality, and filling the streets with fatherless thugs.

    • Too bad any republican president cared to fix it. Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush Bush. Stay d course

      • How many of the Presidents you named had a Democrat Congress to block them?

        • None even tried.
          Why aren’t any of the gop presidential candidates talking about welfare reform?

          • Oh that’s your answer, welfare reform – like wow that should do it 🙂

          • That was done in the late 1990’s idiot. Clinton stole GOP Tommy Thompson’s idea of welfae-to-work when he was Wis. guv.

          • And????? Clinton a demo byw

          • You ran your infected gums not knowing what you’re talking about and I corrected you. Got it dumb ass?

          • Why ask me? I’m not head of the RNC.

        • Every single Democrat tries to block every single Republican.
          Note: When REpublican pres. nominate judges, the Republicans only look at their supposed qualifications. The Democrats go for the throat. Remember Bork.
          Democrats are extremely well known for refusing to allow the Repubs any say when they are in control.
          But the first words out of their mouth when they lose is BIPARTISAN. And the stupid Republicans DO IT.

        • All, and if not the HOR, then the Senate.

      • Cared to fix it?

        Tell those blacks females to shut their damn legs for a while, maybe something could get fixed –

        but till then that dark pussy is ready for that gov check

        • I already answered that question 3x. Keep up!!!

          • Apparently not LOL

      • So it’s someone else fault that dems are race pimps. You stupid pig.

  23. People who care about Black History Month use that occasion to teach their kids about the Tuskegee Experiment. Where poor and uneducated black people where infected with syphilis for a clinical study. Now that “editor in chief” wants to scare black people with the ghost of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. We learned our lesson we know the friendly white person with the stethoscope might not be the friend he says he is. And read what you sign. So learn how to read your life might depend on it. So all these black women who chose to get abortions do it for a reason. White one too by the way. No one black or white gets marched at gunpoint to the abortion clinic.

    • I had an angry black fellow employee who said that blacks need to be reminded of ALL the injustices of the last 500 years so they would not lose their ANGER at the white man.
      He ignores the fact that other blacks , mainly muslims were the ones who did the slaving.

      • Tuskegee Experiment was way after the last black dude was bound to slave ship to sail across the Atlantic. Jim Crow and seperate but equal was not Africa either. Thurgood Marshall argued Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka right here in America.

        • Blacks sold blacks pimp.

          • And?

          • Whenever you pimps want to cry about slavery, look at your ancestors and ask them why THEY sold them.

          • There’s a lot more to black history then slavery.

          • Yet all you pimps talk about is slavery.

        • [[ Tuskegee Experiment was way after the last black dude was bound to slave ship to sail across the Atlantic…..]]

          ………..sold by a black man.

          • And you want to ignore everything that ensued.

          • You want to ignore that you sold each other out.

        • Darn that colored girl nurse Eunice Rivers. Without her collaboration . . . .

          • That’s all you could find? Did you find a white farmer among those infected. Stupid airhaid. Go back to sleep.

          • She must have been a good cook to get someone to take a spinal tap for a plate of fried chicken, cornbread and beans with a side of watermelon.

            You can try and make it seem like the entire white race was in on it, but we all know that isn’t the truth.

      • Blacks ignore the Islamic Slave Trade. They only have the capacity to place all blame upon Western Societies.

    • And trash like you teaches that Brown was right, white cops are bad and whitey hold you down. Show this to your kid pimp…………………..

      “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
      ― Booker T. Washington

      • I know about that thank you. Try to come up with something on your own I might look at it. Maybe.

        • Try to get educated by someone other than Jesse, Al, Holder, Rev Wright or any other race hustler you worship. Someone like Booker T. Don’t pollute your kid the way you have been polluted.

          • Booker T was talking about the NAACP when he said that. Before that same NAACP produced that Martin Luther King you morons love to misquote so much. Guess he wasn’t right about everything. My kid recognize pollution when he sees it. You are his case study on polluted mind.

          • I don’t care what he was talking about pimp. it was obvious he was talking about people lie YOU!

            Are you saying the quote is wrong? Whatsamatta scum? You can’t face what you really are?

            “Among a large class, there seemed to be a dependence upon the government for every conceivable thing. The members of this class had little ambition to create a position for themselves, but wanted the federal officials to create one for them. How many times I wished then and have often wished since, that by some power of magic, I might remove the great bulk of these people into the country districts and plant them upon the soil – upon the solid and never deceptive foundation of Mother Nature, where all nations and races that have ever succeeded have gotten their start – a start that at first may be slow and toilsome, but one that nevertheless is real.”
            ― Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery

          • I wasn’t there back then. He was talking about W.E.B. Dubois.

          • You didn’t have to be there to have it apply to your pimpin’ ass. Do be so arrogant as to think you can’t learn anything.

          • He knows how to read.

          • Good. Then show it to him.

  24. So much for “Black Lives Matter”.

    • Black Lives LMAO – they don’t matter to Blacks! They kill and rape each other and then come on down to Planned Parenthood to take care of the aftermath.

      When they start caring about those little babies in the trash bin is when we can start looking at them as humans instead of animals

      Yeah I said that – stop acting like animals

      • I thought black babies were the latest accessory for white people?

        • Seriously like W T F ?????

          • Roger. Seriously like W T F as in who would want to do something so stupid?

            Right my girls out in whorewood loves them a little black baby, it makes them feel good about themselves.

            Now that little black baby is one lucky SOB for sure, but it ain’t about the baby sweetie pie, it’s about white hollywood mommy wanting to get a good feeling – sick.

        • Sandra Bullock.

          • Madonna has 2, Angelina had 2 plus an Asian. Charlize Theron has 1.

        • Two white people raised Obama you ignorant skank. Where was the black pappy? Get educated.

          • So, what’s Romney’s adopted Grand duaghterr? Black or HiAtan? And is she getting amnesty like the Mexican kids?

          • You want to change horses now? Your pig ass implied that whites adopt black kids as a fashion statement. Is that how it went for Obama or not pig?

      • Romans says that in the LAST DAYS, men will GLORY in their SHAME.
        And the SHAME of man is that he can be nothing but an animal. When he is at his best, he is a little lower than the angels.

    • It’s NOT an issue of Black lives!
      How can anyone fight against racism when “BLACK” is always the focus!
      Is a Black life more important than any other? NO!
      So why make it a BLACK issue!?
      Tell me this… why can only a black person use the “N” word?

      • I was referring to the signs carried during the demonstrations in Ferguson and other places around the country in response to police shootings. If that is the thinking of all those in the demonstrations then maybe they should use the signs at the abortion clinics as well. ALL lives matter regardless of color, race or ethnicity, etc., I’m not advocating specifically for Black or any other race, just alluding to the current trend in signage.

        • Understood… and I agree with you…

      • If whitey say the N word they are evil racist. If blackie say the N word it’s a term of endearment LM F***ing A OFF.

        • What you are describing is LOOKING FOR OFFENSE. And when you deal with people whose nostrils FLARE as soon as they see you, you might as well turn and walk for the door. Nothing you do will be right.

          I have an EXCELLENT definition I like to share:
          A friend is someone who knows you well and likes you ANYWAY
          And enemy is someone who no matter how hard they try, you still get mad at them.

          • Anti-racism = Anti-White

          • Really just making an observation.

      • What’s the point of “fighting” against racism – blacks live their entire lives around the concept – take it away and they would be stumbling around like the zombies in Ferguson LOL without anything to blame for their total uselessness except. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .themselves!

        • Not all. Thank goodness. I have known some outstanding Christians. Life is not easy for them in the black community.

          • True, not all, but too many.

  25. One of my personal heroes… Martin Luther King Jr…

    August 28, 1963
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    CHARACTER… <<< Not by color! But by… Character!!!

    When will the black community stop glorifying the THUG LIFE?

    • Really your personal hero? And you use the quote everyone knows about. Not event the whole speech? Do you know how many times MLK was arrested?

      • The quote most everyone uses… ends when they get to “their skin”…
        Many times… they don’t ever use the part about his four little children…
        As and far as MLK Jr… another reason why I like the fella is because he supported Israel too.
        Something you’d never do, since you support the Fake Palestinians.

      • MLK talked a good game for sure but the man liked his strange like A LOT. . . .

      • Hey slob. The poster asked a good question………When will the black community stop glorifying the THUG LIFE? Got an answer?

    • He sure did talk a good talk. But the reports was that he was a philander and had made trips to Russia. Neither would indicate that he was a good guy.
      With goodness, at least with God, ONE no=no erases all the good.

  26. Abort73[dot]com Reports:

    “Every day in America, an average of 3,315 human beings lose their lives to abortion.
    Based on the percentages above,
    between 683-829 of those babies are Hispanic,
    between 1,193-1,174 are white,
    and between 995-1,207 are black.”
    I wonder what percentage of those groups are using “Birth Control?
    Meaning… abortions may be higher in certain groups because they’re less likely to be bothered with using preventive measures… thus… abortion is the end result.
    So lets breakdown the percentage of those who use “Birth Control” within each “color” vs. those who don’t.
    In other words… abortions by color groups are about as accurate as counting the branches on one tree and using that figure to calculate the branches on all trees.

    • You don’t seem to have the ability to think and argue RATIONALLY.
      How can I say that? Simple. Birth control has nothing to do after the baby has been conceived. And you have no idea how many babies are aborted lest than 9 months after a previous abortion.
      Face it. Abortions kill people. And sometimes the mother dies too. Have you ever heard of Planned Parenthood warning that they could DIE from having an abortion. LOL. Not going to happen.
      I went back and looked at your post. It is possible that you are against abortion. But you can’t tell it by that last statement.

      Face it. 13% of the population. 40 to 50% of the abortions. That is self genocide.

  27. Abort73[dot]com Reports:
    “The CDC lists the percentage of Hispanic abortions at 20.6% Compare those numbers to non-Hispanic whites, who make up 63.7% of America’s population, but account for only 36% of all U.S. abortions.”
    I like the way they use “ONLY 36%”… <<< as if that is a sad percentage in comparison!
    In other words… you "Whites" are a putrid group of Americans for not having a larger percentage of abortions!


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