Institutionalized racism? Arizona university offers course on the “Problem of Whiteness.”

[Editor’s note: This article was not written by Allen West]

Arizona State University is offering an English course this semester that promises to explore critical race theory and the “problem of Jew-ness” in American literature and culture.


No it’s not. Whew, right? I mean, how ridiculous would that be to have a class on the problem of “Jew-ness.” How offensive! Like, could you imagine the uproar if there were a class on the problem of “blackness?”

Except…Arizona State University IS offering a course on the problem of “whiteness.” For real. And they’re not talking about laundry.

According to Campus Reform, “at Arizona State University (ASU), students can now learn about the “problem of whiteness” in America.”

“The public university is offering an English class to its students this semester called “Studies in American Literature/Culture: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness.”

“According to the class description on ASU’s website, students will be reading The Possessive Investment in Whiteness, Critical Race Theory, Everyday Language of White Racism, Playing in the Dark, and The Alchemy of Race and Rights.”

Wow, that sounds fabulous. If there’s an everyday language of white racism, is there also white racist language more suited to formal occasions – black tie optional? Oh wait, can I say “black” tie? Or is that racist?

Folks, let me be honest. I’m white. I was born that way. I was also born with a uterus and a couple of ovaries. Into a Jewish home. So I will admit I’m biased on several fronts – and perhaps clueless as to what other non-white, non-female, non-Jewish folks have to deal with in their lives.

But I must say I have a problem with people who have a problem with my “whiteness” – just as I have a problem with people who have a problem with my boss, Allen West’s “blackness.”

Liberals are the first to scream racism, but they seem to spend every waking minute talking about race. What the heck is celebrating “diversity” other than putting people into boxes and making a big stink about their differences?

Shouldn’t we be talking about what it means to be an American? We no longer have institutionalized racism in this country. We may indeed still have racists, but if you watch this video, you’ll see they come in all colors.

An honest conversation about race doesn’t start with the problem of “whiteness” or the problem of “blackness.” It starts with an honest review of nurture versus nature, the culture of victimhood and the social and economic policies that engender it.

But don’t take my word for it. I’m certainly no expert. After all, I may be a Jewish female, which gets me some points in the minority department, but I’m also a white heterosexual, so clearly I have a lot to feel guilty about.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m sure if I watch The View or CNN, I’ll find out.


  1. It appears the administration at Arizona State University needs to spend a considerable amount time with some psychologists or psychiatrists to see if they can get there problems worked out.

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  2. More race baiting!!

  3. How about the problem of blackness on ASU’s football and basketball teams, Al?

  4. People should encourage the alumni to get interested and withdraw funding. It worked for that muzzie call to prayer thing on that other PC indoctrinated campus.

  5. How about the fact that if you want to remain a ignorant about a subject just skip the class. No one is forced to take it now are they?

    • REMAIN ignorant? This type of thought process is what breeds ignorance, which might be the source of your condition.

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    • Did YOU take the course race pimp? No? So you have no idea what you’re talking about, again.

  6. Who cares? Do any of you go to that school? How about your kids? If not, ignore it.

    • The problem is, it isn’t just this one school this one time. This message is EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME, and some people believe it. So really, you’re agreeing with racism?

      • And? Is racism new? Will it be stopped? How about this. People need to think for themselves and learn to know what is racism and what isn’t racism.

        • I’m sure you are ready to enlighten us all.

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  8. This is just a symptom.
    My daughter is an “honors scholar” at her college. She is the only girl study physics but there are 5 or 6 in “grievance studies.” AKA Women’s studies. So, otherwise smart young ladies are choosing a course of study that has absolutely zero market value. And that doesn’t include the rest of the college of grievance studies and its subsections based on identity politics.
    My daughter want’s to be an astrophysicist. These others want to do what? Be bitchy complainers their entire lives?
    Can you guess who will have a happier, more fulfilling life?

    • You have no idea what these others want to do so why don’t you shut up about it. Here’s the quick answer none your biz.

      • The fact remains that a major in grievance studies has no market value.

        • What’s the market value of an astrophysicist if you are not one of the three hired by nasa?

          • The private space industry is growing. Astrophysics is not star gazing.
            She also is interested in nuclear physics which has covers nuclear medicine, energy. She is s freshman now. She is the only girl in the school studying physics. But she isn’t the only Hispanic. Technically Halfspanic.

          • About 100k year according to bureau of labor statistics. About as much as construction manager with a GED. In today’s economy it’s not about degree but about marketable skills.

          • Disagree – I believe it’s like that old saying: “Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

          • And who are you to judge what someone else loves?

          • There’s no judgement of what someone else loves in my comment. You said that marketable skills was most important. I simply disagreed with that and stated that people should do what they love, not necessarily what will bring in the most money.

          • Good for her! She should go for it!

          • Don’t let these trolls suck you into to a debate. You can’t get much smarter than your daughters choice of study.

        • it’s marketing yourself for the workplace. your daughter can only go one place.

    • I’m pretty sure being happy & fullfilled has a lot more to do with a heck of a lot more things than simply what someone’s major was & what job they have. Astrophysicist would be an awesome job, though.

    • Having the brains to go for an astrophysicist is great! She must have very very good grades and be good student. True happiness is doing what you love, finding what that is and being lucky enough to make a career of it really. She must love science, good for her!

  9. ASU has 39,000 undergrads and another 10,000 grad students. I imagine they would probably know best as to what the course is about beyond the short course description. If they have a problem with it, I’m sure they’ll make it known.

    Course description:

    IMO “Problem of Whiteness” in the course title is offensive & probably incendiary. No mention of Allen West’s “problem of Jew-ness” anywhere in the description – wonder where Allen West pulled that from. I have noticed whenever he posts one of his more-than-usually offensive and/or misleading articles, he hides behind “[Editor’s note: This article was not written by Allen West]”

    • Just below the headline. . .

      Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on January 23, 2015

      • Allen West site, his garbage.

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          • Wisdom and perception. So what’s the problem?

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          • Don’t talk about goldfish that way. They are very perception of their world. You could learn alot from them 🙂

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          It’s not garbage or you would not be here so just zip it with that.

      • Yes, I know.

    • Didn’t read the article, past the title, obviously. It wasn’t written by West! Michele Hickford wrote it; a self styled white heterosexual Jewess!

      • Yes, I know.

      • Who else is going to style her, the ignorance of people on here is only topped by your own.:)

        • Not really. With all the labeling thatvgoes on, I was pointing out this is the author’s statement, in response to an accusation it was written by Allen West, not my label for her. Try reading the comments leading in before making a fool of yourself by demonstrating your own ignorance.

      • I too am a “a self styled white heterosexual Jewess” … what is so wrong about that??

        • Not a thing; my comment was in response to another insisting Allen West wrote the article. I happen to be 2of the 3 myself.

      • Well I guess that explains a lot about you – headline reader. . . gosh don’t know much beyond the headline? LOL

        • Clearly you suffer a reading comprehension problem;that was directed at the person TO whom I was responding. I read the entire article.

          • Maybe you suffer from not writing a comment that was understandable, but I don’t see the need to insult you over it LOL

            And btw in an open forum like this anyone can write a comment to anyone else and their comment pretty much if they want to regardless of the person “TO whom” you were responding.

            Anyway getting back to your comment now that I understand it 🙂 Is there something wrong with being a self styled white heterosexual Jewess???

          • Your comment was inappropriate to the course of the thread, and I never said there was something wrong with who the author is, since I was pointing out it was somone of a very different demographic than the person to whom I was speaking assumed.

          • Everyone needs a little help now and then. I commend you.

          • Yes we do. I never had a problem with people those didn’t themselves invite. Under the hood, so to speak, only an anthropologist, or forensic pathologist a really tell the minor differeces.

          • What the hell girl;

            So you don’t have a problem with people that jump in, that’s good 🙂 You are forensic pathologist – at last someone I can connect to LOL

          • No, I’m not a forensic pathologist, but I have been under the hood enough to know that’s true. Jumping in, so long as you join the thread , not cant off in an odd direction is fine.

    • Do you have any familiarity with the concept of things like “analogies” or “examples”? The “problem of Jew-ness” part was created by the author to help point out the ridiculousness of the “problem of Whiteness”.

      • Right, I misread it – thanks for pointing that out, I’ll edit.

        • You’re welcome, and I’m sorry my comment was so snarky. I thought you were being a troll.

          • He was and IS a troll. He’s a liberal who only comes here to harass conservatives.

          • If that were the case, he wouldn’t be nearly as polite as he is.

          • He isn’t polite, he’s a hard line liberal and will say whatever he feels needs to be said to make his point, even when he knows he’s wrong.

          • No worries, I’m more than a bit snarky around here myself, so I can’t complain, esp since my error was pretty clear.

          • You are very snarky. I’m keeping an eye on you 🙂

          • Snarkyness is a good thing, in fact it is an artform unto itself 🙂

    • Honestly the students have little say as to the courses offered and beyond that if it’s an elective, many are just looking for the easy course to fill the requirement bottom line.

      Would only be fitting and all to have a course IMO “Problem of Blackness” – seriously are we truly looking for well roundedness up in here LOL

  10. Let the university have a class on “what is wrong with blackness”…then this class will be taken seriously.
    No, the students are dumb to this subject and will let the leftist instructors lead them like sheep to the slaughter.

  11. The professor a typical Demshevik !

  12. Michele Hickford, you make to much sense. Thank you! 🙂

  13. Ms Hickford, you have absolutely NOTHING to feel guilty about, except your own PERSONAL actions, and words; certainly not your gender, ethnicity, religion, and/or melanin level. Of those, you only have control over your beliefs, and how you exercise those.
    Seems blacks now believe it’s hunky-dory for them to do and celebrate doing PRECISELY what they CLAIM, but for which they have no evidential proof, whites do to them. Much like homosexuals are also doing. Where our founders intended to protect minoritis from the tyranny of a majority, they never imagined a time when the majority would need defenses against a tyranny of minorities, yet that is what we now have!

    • In spades!

      • If it was possible they would be spinning in their graves. Two thirds of every persons insecurities are imagined. If we could only get our own heads straight and forget this crap and get on with life.

  14. Unreal. I am a white Hetero female and that is how I was designed by God. This is the craziest racist class j have ever seen.

    • I don’t usually chase links, but I was curious. Sadly, no video was there.

        • Damn near the perfect expression of how I feel sometimes, and in particular when Obama comes into the discussion. . . . . thought you would appreciate the absolute clarity of it it LOL

          enjoy – and know I am just totally messing with you 🙂

      • The video is there. I just clicked on it. You need to scroll down the page.

        • I did … maybe my computer isn’t catching it for some reason.

          • Try introduction to the internet for seniors.

          • Your asinine and childish comments have shown you to be incapable of civilized discussion. According to the rules of Lincoln-Douglas debate, you sir have lost the debate. Have a nice life. I hope you grow up sooner, rather than later.

          • What debate?

          • Disrespect only earns more disrespect. Try to control yourself.

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          • I’m talking at you nappy head 🙂

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    • Just watched it. More and more blacks are tired of being lumped in with the (as G.B. Shaw, eugenicist and friend of Sanger who founded PP termed them) ‘useless eaters’.

      Any non-black can say that all blacks are not the same just as all other ‘groups’ are made up of individuals who don’t all think or act the same. But it resonates better and means more when it is one of those “individuals” who says it.

      More need to. Like La. State Senator Elbert Guillory who worked hard to help defeat Mary Landrieu as well as two or three other Dems in Nov.

      • You found a couple of house niggas with cameras. Congrats.

        • Of course, typical reply. Because according to you, all black people must think alike, not one black person is allowed to think for themselves. Everyone has to have the same beliefs, the same dreams, the same desires or else they are nothing but an Uncle Tom. Sad to see how the black community is controlled by the white liberal.

          • They don`t all have to think alike. There are house niggas who think a certain way and the rest who think some other way. You sad? Well cry me a freaking river.

          • You are the one crying because there are black people who don’t bow down to the almighty Barack Obama and refuse to be controlled by the white liberal. That drives you insane because you don’t know how to think for yourself. You are under full control by the likes of pasty white guys like Joe Biden….CONGRATS!!

          • They are free to bow to whoever they want and I’m free to think they are full of crap. You want to give a blackness class to someone. Get that fat girls email address. I don’t need lessons.

          • Keep crying….I would love to see you try and debate them. I’m guessing that wouldn’t turn out to well for you.

          • Keep talking. I kick their asses everyday. Twice on Sunday.

          • I’m pretty sure I could take you child 🙂

          • Rafe has been brainwashed by the Dialectic Process, you can’t reach him, it’s too late.

          • Even white people are appalled at Joe Biden.

          • You so up on the nigga hierarchy – please tell us more on how it all goes LOL

          • You know that you need intelligence to be right? Think about it… Why are so many blacks disillusioned by the democratic party They’ve been in control of our votes for over 50 years. My grandma never voted Democrat, she was smart and remembered the stories her grandma told her about the democrats and the “Jim Crow laws.” Instead of trying to insult blacks that choose to use their intelligence, find out why we choose to be conservative. It probably cure your “stupidity.”

          • Silly me, I just looked at the calendar and realized we are in 2015. And smart black people today realize that conservatives are doing their darn best to revert back to those Jim Crow laws. Those conservative democrat who called MLK an agitator in the 60’s are the same republican conservatives saying the same thing about Al Sharpton. I understood a long time ago that the self hating needs to feel morally superior to those who look like him. Being intelligent means you can set emotions aside and use reason. You pretend to be intelligent when in fact you just a sad little man.

          • [[ Silly me, I just looked at the calendar and realized we are in 2015 ]]

            Says the race pimp who always brings up slavery.

            [[ And smart black people ]]

            Which excludes your dumb azz.

            [[ realize that conservatives are doing their darn best to revert back to those Jim Crow laws.]]

            Make up my mind pimp. Is this 2015 or not? Dumb azz.

            [[ Those conservative democrat who called MLK an agitator in the 60’s are the same republican conservatives saying the same thing about Al Sharpton ]]

            It takes a prolapsed anuzz to think pig Al is anything like MLK. Are you this scat stupid and ignant in person?

            [[ I understood a long time ago that the self hating needs to feel morally superior to those who look like him.]]

            Don’t be so hard on yourself pimp. You can fix it.

            [[ Being intelligent means you can set emotions aside and use reason.]]

            This from the sluggard who went on a vile rant for weeks after thug Brown was rightfully killed.

            [[ You pretend to be intelligent when in fact you just a sad little man.]]


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          • Al Sharpton is a joke! Anyone with any brain can see that. All he is after is money just like Jesse Jackson. They don’t represent us they represent their own interests. Wake up man quite being a slave to them and the government Listen to this video; we are getting smarter why don’t you try to catch up

          • They use to say the same thing about MLK. Don’t talk to me about slaves because if I start talking about slaves, you will tell me to get over it. I don’t know who represents you and you don’t know who represents me. Al and Jesse are just two people if they get paid it’s because there is a market for their services. I rather get smarter as an individual.

          • Al Sharpton should be securely and firmly strapped inside an escape proof and chew proof straitjacket for the criminally insane and to protect and preserve the safety of the general public.

      • Chicago is one hell of a mess isn’t it.

    • These guys been harassing that woman every time she comes down the street. She is disabled. Shame on them. She didn’t call them anything, she was yelling at them to leave her alone because they harass her every time she has to go down the street. Shame on them. Don’t matter that she got out of her wheel chair. Disabled people can stand up and take a few steps, especially when they are being attacked by some jerks on the street.

      Do you think that was respectful? Do you want anyone to respect your stupid butts when this is how you treat people. Laughing and making fun of a disabled woman??? You are nothing but ignorant black people that think someone owes you something. Nobody owes anything to you. Leave people alone.

      Stop harassing her. She lives on that street and puts up with these guys all the time harassing her.

      WTG Black Folks! Look forward to knocking your stupid black butts out of your wheel chairs every chance we get LOL!

      You want you got it! Show some respect and shut your stupid mouth and leave people alone.

      And btw you ain’t got no black man in the white house LMAO you got an arab in the white house and his momma is a white whore that married up with a married man from Kenya that was an African Arab Slaver – you black people are nothing but stupid to not know who you voted for LOL!!!!

      • Well said, elle! You’re absolutely right! They voted for a man who is pro-abortion – a man who supports Planned Parenthood, founded by a woman (Margaret Sanger) who wanted to wipe out the black population with abortion! They’re so ignorant about what they vote for it is MIND blowing! They vote for their own demise, then try to defend it!

        • Well said but not by me – and yes that Margaret Sanger was one evil woman what she did. I have watched some old b/w interviews with her and she was so full of deceit I could see it. She sold abortion to the black people big time with Planned Parenthood. If only more people knew where all that came from.

          And yes, Obama is not the first black president, hardly! The man is an Arab and the rest White. Such a lie, everything about him.

          • I agree … he’s only about 1/4 black. But his skin color is the only reason many voted for him! Talk about racism!

          • Yes, you are 100% correct. To many so called “Blacks”, having black skin pigmentation pays BIG dividends.

      • So the yelling banshee was the one getting harassed. Good one, morbid obesity is choice not a disability. Plenty of white people voted for the Kenyan. Remember he won. I couldn’t care less about respect from inbreds. I respect myself and chose not to serve dinner at the big house. Do like the old fart in the video and scooter on your merry way.

    • I thought you told me you don’t speak for black people only yourself so how is it you are saying here’s how most black people feel?

      Are you running for office and going to get your campaign together starting with this video? You’re going to need a seriously good campaign manager by the looks of what this video shows, I mean seriously little man. . . . . .if this is your message you are going to need a really huge think tank

      • No one is bulletproof. Most of those I know anyways.

  15. A man like Colonel Allen West is a self made successful man, not a “Black” man, just a normal self made successful man and an example that most people who identify themselves as “Black” can either voluntarily and willfully choose to succeed and achieve great outstanding goals or at least reasonable and realistic goals based on their own merits and honest hard work as an individual person who has honestly, legitimately and genuinely earned their successes and achievements or they can voluntarily, intentionally, deliberately, irresponsibly and willfully give up, go belly up and choose to cowardly, immorally and unjustly and unrealistically and irrationally blame and use other people as a convenient scapegoat for their own so called category of “Black” self incriminated, self perpetuated self hating, self victimized, self perpetuated inferiority complexes, self perpetuated low self esteem and self made irresponsible, negligent and incompetent failures, weaknesses, faults, derelictions, defects and vices, especially to blame any or all people who are a different color or a different racial genetic variation or a different ethnicity from those voluntary self victimized and self defeated so called “Black” people who call themselves or who identify themselves as “Black” or as what ever shade of skin pigmentation that they choose to place much more importance on than their own thinking brains, that is whenever they do, if ever, give their own brains a fighting chance to think in a logical, normal, rational, realistic and non-jealous, non-envious, non-prejudiced and non-hateful way to any or all people around them who just happen to have a different color of skin pigmentation.

    • YEP…Allen West…EARNED his demotion and EARNED being relieved of command and EARNED the right to wear the term….DISGRACE!!!!

      • Yes, Colonel Allen West sacrificed his military career to save the lives of U.S. Military Servicemen from certain death and severe wounds who are alive and well thanks to Colonel Allen West placing the lives of his comrade U.S. Military Servicemen above himself.

        • Yes thank goodness Uncle Ruckus wasn’t in command or our service members would have died on his leadership.

        • This is a comment he makes often because he has very little of importance to say. Instead of debating a point he tries unsuccessfully to attack Mr. West’s character.

        • I think I told him the same thing. He does not have much else to say. Obvious limitations.

          • Yes I agree with your statement. It is true that there are many people of all races, ethnicities and nationalities who either are too lazy or simply refuse to use their brains that God gave them to think in a logical, rational, normal, positive constructive way, especially to selflessly help thy neighbor and not expect a reward in return for performing their duty of being a caring human being to other people who are genuinely less fortunate and in desperate need of help.

  16. Great post. This is clearly discriminating and should not be allowed in any institution. I’m a white heterosexual female with Caucasian-Hispanic children and I attend an HBCU. My best friend is a Jewish Hispanic homosexual and I love him dearly. We both encounter reverse discrimination regularly. In campus- sponsored conferences they tout that reverse discrimination does not exist, that it’s even laughable to suggest. Yet, the university publishes a journal (RBJPA) touting the problems with whites and how white republicans are scared of the black democratic vote. The theater department regularly puts on plays with racist undertones as well. When I was required to sit thru the play and was graded on my review, I expressed my outrage. The only thing I can truly say that I’ve learned from these experiences is that it indeed begins with that age- old argument “nature v nurture”. Instead of concentrating on the problem, why not focus on a solution? Hate only begets hate. Even MLK once said that.

  17. And WHY…….in an ENGLISH class … social indoctrination being stressed…….?

    • Oh, ok jimbo, whatever you say.

  18. The disgraced and electoral rejected race-baiting uncle tom strikes again! I would propose the increasing “problem with whiteness” is this. I’d post the thugs mug shot, but Kunta bought the cheap version of discus.
    ” A white psychotic former sex offender has been taken into custody after Nebraska police discovered he had forced another white woman in a long-term abusive relationship with him to sign a ‘slave contract,’ the Journal-Star reports.”

  19. I made this comment to Rafael X but was put on hold. Hopefully I can post it now. “You know how stupid your statement is? Do you know that who you
    call a “house ni$$ers” are intelligent self sufficient blacks? How can
    you find fault in that. I could sit here and give you intelligent
    solution to the problems our communities have, unlike these fools on the
    video. Look at this video and don’t be so stupid and dismiss it by
    saying he is just a “house ni$$er.”

    • We know who the “house ni$$er” is, don’t we 😉

      • HOUSE NEGRO are the words that fits ALLEN WEST perfectly!

        • Old angry NEGRO are the words that fit you perfectly!!!!

          • This isn’t my blog…This is Allen (house negro) west’s blog!!

          • Damn right it’s not your blog you idiot!

            Go get your own blog Angry Negro!

          • Why should I get my own blog……to much FUN here!! You loons are very entertaining

          • Because you are too lazy and stupid to get your own blog that’s why you old tired angry negro!!!!! LMAO

            You like riding on Allen West cause you love him so much, you latch onto him like a newborn baby to a tit you pathetic old dried up man – get your own damn blog already. I promise I will go to it and argue over stupid crap with you 🙂

          • Uncle Knucklehead probably thinks Chris Kyle isn’t an American hero . . . he thinks we are “domestic terrorists” because we stand for strong American values, rather than his lefty friends who want to keep him on the plantation with all their give-away programs.

          • You love him for being a bigot and race baiter…..I figured that..loons of a feather…..u know the rest

          • You don’t have to get a blog. Just go about making all the statements you want, But I have a question for you. Do you have at least one intelligent solution that would help our communities? I know a “house negro” like me and Mr. West can’t be more intelligent than you.

          • You’re right, it’s like a trip to the zoo coming here – interesting exhibits but you get to go home at night and tell the family.

          • What do you tell them? How great it is to be in a zoo where people point at you and laugh?

          • “As madness was breaking out all over Ferguson, I thought to myself – here’s a money making opportunity.”
            You seem to be a fixture on this site – a wall flower, pity you’re not as angelic as your avatar.

          • Yes, ’tis a pity I speak the truth and crush your little expectations. I’m sure you wish you were part of those looters so you could get your fair share!

            I am frequently here because I appreciate Allen West and fully support him. You, on the other hand, are here to harass and bully. What a waste of oxygen you are.

          • “tis a pity”
            Do you think that you’re a maid of old – your flower was taken a long time a go, now there’s just the old maid left. I’m happy for you to have as much oxygen as you need.

          • Do you still lick your daddy’s nuts? How about you mom? She still pullin’ kok on the corner?

          • When was the last time you screwed your daddy n the azz?

          • Uncle Knucklehead is easily amused. He must lead a dreadfully dismal life.

        • Do you know that who you call a “house ni$$ers” are intelligent self sufficient blacks? How can you find fault in that…

          • He can’t. He is jealous of them, that’s the reason he’s here, to be part of their success, and mock them for it at the same time. He is the epitome of mental illness.

          • No…A HOUSE NEGRO is a man that believes things are so perfect at the plantation while the slaves are suffering and being beaten! ALLEN WEST!!

          • Is that any different than being on the “government plantation?” At least in the video they were smart enough to know that President Obama has done “jack $hit” for us!

          • Well….I don’t need Obama to do ANYTHING for me…..just level the playing field!!! When you CUT programs like HEAD START you cut a program that will give kids a JUMP on education!!!

          • Do you know what would give a real “head start?” Not a government program, but parents like I had. Me and my sister never went through any
            government program like head start yet we excelled in school and life. The problem with in our communities is not the lack of government intervention, but the broken homes that most of inner-city youth have to deal with. You may not be smart enough to understand this concept, but stop looking to the government to give you things.

          • Thats the thing about you LOONS!! You feel that you didn’t need it so no other child needs it and we should ignore those kids!

          • I knew you were not smart enough to get it! The solution is within our-self not the government

          • The solution is to guarantee equal opportunity for all! Some need help and we are in a position to give those that want it HELP!!! If you want people to stop using government programs….they have to be in a POSITION to stop!

          • None of what you suggest is a permanent solution. Yes, there is need for government programs but you think of it if it is our salvation. This young buck is asking you to give him some real permanent solutions, but you come back with more government

          • But you right wing loons believe in cuts and don’t believe in a living wage….and think that somehow people will get off of assistance! Not going to happen skippy!

          • This is such an old argument! Look, I’ve had business and I paid my employees as they deserved and the market would allow for my company to make profit. If I didn’t pay a competitive wage I would not be able to keep my employees.

            I don’t know why you choose to call us loons (loon is a group of aquatic bird) If you mean being loony, which it can be defined as extremely foolish or silly, mentally deranged; crazy. That dose doesn’t fit either because we as conservative minorities have to be at least smart enough to give a clear reason why we think this way.

          • so let me ask u this….what would are your solutions?? You know mine

          • You have not suggested anything aside temporary government programs, but solutions are not that hard to come up with. Implementing them is.

            It starts at home, we have to be responsible for our own, not the government. My dad took responsibility and worked hard for 15 years to take us out of the projects I worked hard never to go back.

            The problem is the result of the mentality of our communities. We do not take responsibility for our action; we always have excuses why we do what we do.
            I’ve strived all my life to be judged by the content of my character and have demanded the same from my kids. If we all did this many of our problems would be solved.

          • In some inner cities, there are 5 generations on welfare. Women are encouraged to have more babies out of wedlock so they can receive more welfare. That is BONDAGE, yet people don’t seem to understand it.

          • That is exactly why I hate liberalism. It could not survive without my people being so dependent on it.

          • I agree. And that’s why the government works so hard to KEEP people dependent. It’s a terrible form of control. And instead of educating people about being independent and taking care of themselves and each other, the government endeavors to keep America’s youth more and more ignorant about the difference between a hand UP and a hand OUT.

          • So in other words…….you have no solutions

          • Nor do you. Your “solution” is to keep voting for more handouts and more presidents who promise free lunches, while you sit and call conservatives who actually take care of THEMSELVES, “loonies,” and “domestic terrorists.”

          • But you are loons….for example….you loons always bring GOD into the mix but yet despise those that have less than you….that is not what GOD IS ABOUT!!!! Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day…..teach him to fish and you feed him for life!! You LOONS don’t want to teach him to fish….take that teaching to fish money and give it to the wealthy,,,,LOONS

          • How can we NOT “bring God into the mix,” He is the CREATOR. We SERVE Him. To NOT bring Him into “the mix” is what is loonie! Will He say to YOU on that Day, “I never knew you.” Or will He welcome you into His eternal Kingdom? Hmmm??

          • You going to bring GOD into the mix with such hate and bigotry?? You support hate and bigotry…..seems you GOD NAME IS SATAN!!!

          • Why do you feel it’s hate and bigotry to be asked where you plan to spend eternity???

          • Reading the things posted on this blog and the comments that u support…..race baiting, hate and bigotry

          • You still miss thug Brown punk?

          • I did not expect anything resembling honesty from you. My family and friends have been successful in sustaining an honorable character taking pride in their hard work and conservative values.

          • But all of Americas families are not like YOURS!! Just ask Dr Ben Carson…..he used all kinds of government assistance to get where he is today… HELPS

          • I know that quite well. I have a brother… Not really a brother, we took him in when he was 13 because his mom got 10 yrs in prison for stabbing someone over drugs. This is what I mean by taking responsibility. Not only are we responsible for our family, but for our community as well. I expect my kids, brothers, sisters, their kids,and any extended family to do the same. Try it you may make a difference

          • Excellent first class example of no excuses to not take and administer purposeful and resourceful responsibility to correct mistakes and failures. Bravo! Few people understand the definition of the word adult as compared to the definition of the word child. We all have room for constant positive improvement and refinements in our lives like fine tuning up a musical instrument or studying our brains out in class at school and at home completing school homework assignments correctly and on time with pride in constantly and diligently refining and improving ourselves even if we are dog tired.

          • Just imagine that along with all the programs you love we all took responsibility for our family and did something to help others. Many talk the big talk but do no good.
            A short story: In 1992 I was stationed in Camp Pendleton CA. and I have a brother that lived in the OC. I was visiting them while The Rodney King riots were going on. I heard my nephews talking about going down to South Central to get some for themselves. I told them if I see them or their dad tells me that they went I was going to come down and kick their asses all the way home. They never went. This is also taking responsibility.

          • All…

          • You are 100% correct. God helps those who help themselves.

          • Oh… And I call you LOONS because some of you are freaking NUTS……I MEAN THE TIN FOIL HAT WEARING CROWD!!!

          • Dang, you don’t get it! We need a permanent solution not more hand outs.

          • A little assistance will prevent HAND OUTS!!! I worked at the Missouri Department of Social services for a few years….My job was to help people get off of welfare by providing them Job training or a education, transportation and childcare…..Funny thing happened….the majority of them got off of welfare!
            To expect someone to get off of government assistance without job training or a education is just silly!

          • Listen we know the truth is that there are real needs, and it’s good that we are in a country where there are programs that help the people that you mentioned, but our real issue is not that. The crime, and broken homes are vicious cycle that keeps our youth down. Without support how are they suppose to stay in school and out of crime? You know how many of my friends are dead or in prison? It’s all fkd up!

          • And yet you say nothing about CORPORATIONS with their hands out…but wait…corporations are people too!!

          • What would you suggest we should do to better our situation? Don’t blame others, that’s weak

          • You have hypocrites in washington and in other places that demonize government programs….most recent example Joni Ernst….these same people like Dr Ben Carson that used all sorts of government programs to get to where they are today…..YET want to deny others the same opportunity they had!!!

          • Uncle Ruckus is willfully and voluntarily backtracking and degenerating himself into an irresponsible immature big black baby who is in constant need of attention like a needy child and places undue self importance on himself based on his desperate need to compensate for his own self perpetuated weaknesses and failures as a man especially by unjustly and cowardly criticizing successful people who earned their successes based on their own merit and honest hard work. Apparently for Uncle Ruckus, it is much easier and convenient to make himself look good by tearing regular ordinary hard working people down instead of raising himself up from the muck and slime of his own self made mental pigsty.

          • You’re absolutely right, and by being the bully he is, he exacerbates the general problem of the black community. Really sad that he can’t see that.

          • Which is why I have decided to call him “Old Angry Negro” as he truly is.

          • But Allen West isn’t on the “plantation” and never was, but you still are. Don’t you see he is not what you say but YOU are the ones suffering and being beaten. . . . by the Democratic government you vote for time and time again. You just can’t see it.

          • elle, you and I see and understand what is happening to black Americans who continue to vote the Democrat ballot. It’s as if we’re watching them arrange their own executions and we are helpless to stop it. From Planned Parenthood, which Obama fully supports and which is butchering more black babies in America than any other ethnic group, to the 47 million more welfare recipients that don’t realize they are being controlled by government. It’s TRAGIC, yet they screech about how it is Republican’s fault they’re in such wretched condition. The ONLY answer is getting our youth educated about what big government does to a civilization.

          • Been black long??

          • Been stupid long??

          • Apparently u have….you are such a black people expert and know soon much how it is being black

          • Was that ebonics you ignant foo?

          • Flower I truly am at a state of the lowest depression when I think of what your comment covers. It is one thing to look around and see it with your own eyes and then yet another thing to realize that it is repeated in the millions.

            It is so very tragic and only personal prayer relieves the angst of it all. Only but a rare few of us humans can reach out and connect with millions of people. The rest of us are vested with reaching out to those that we can reach. And so that is what we do.

            I sometimes think that if a young person understands that it is all a controlling issue then that is what plants the seed to them understanding that they are indeed being controlled.

            It must be an incredible feeling once they do learn and see that all the charity is a form of control, a feeling of truth and clarity on what they need to do for themselves without being controlled by what the government has made them believe is the truth.

            Then always it is the babies, and just the thought of it all. The millions of babies scarified to the false hope of Planned Parenthood.

          • elle, it is truly a heavy burden we carry, knowing what is truly happening to this country and seeing how so many are so deceived. I spend SO much of my time in prayer about it. Whoever our next president is, I pray he ends Planned Parenthood once and for all and our country can begin to heal from the infanticide. Blessings to you 🙂

          • Seeing people deceived is a heavy weight to witness. Prayer helps and to me is the only solace.

            I am sometimes overcome with a feeling of helplessness about it all and I struggle with this. Something wells up inside me of when I focus on it all that strikes me beyond my soul. Of all the things wrong in the entire universe killing an unborn child as it lives inside the mother is I think the one most profane thing there could ever be.

            I want to pull people out of the fire but I know that I can’t. And it is painful. When I give into this pain I can actually physically feel it. It is hard to describe, but it is an emotional physical feeling of utter pain. I mostly think of a mother with a child inside of her. I understand that when she kills that child inside of her she kills herself.

            There are just no words for it really, or not enough words. I just ask myself how did the this place we are in ever get to a point where millions of babies are aborted? And I know already the answer to this question is that evil exists and preys on us all, especially the most innocent.

            Excuse me but I am just struck in the heart with it all, many good blessings upon you too!

          • No one is on a PLANTATION dear! He is exactly what I claim he is….a political HACK, a race baiter and a BIGOT!! Nothing more!!

    • Forgot how much I love Senator Elbert Guillory – perfect response for RaffyX.

  20. There is no more a ‘problem of whiteness’ than their is a ‘problem of blackness, brownness, yellowness etc.’ There IS however a problem of ‘indoctrinatedness’. The constant droning of such pillars of racism as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc. that whites, ALL WHITES, ESPECIALLY WHITE POLICEMEN, are out to kill, wound or disenfranchise ALL BLACKS and the fact that so many blacks and a substantial number of uneducated and/or brainwashed young whites, and overeducated old whites appear to believe the tripe served up by the stalwarts of the ‘victimized’ team. There is racism and racists in the world and in the US. That will forever be true. But it is no longer widespread, except when such as Sharpton claim every interaction between whites and blacks is racist and the white guy is at fault and that the only rational followup is for other blacks and the abovementioned whites be bussed into the locality to riot, loot and burn random properties which are either owned by or employ a diversity of people, causing some blacks lifestyle threatening loss.

    • Oh PLEASE!! Get a grip! There are 60,000 police offers in New York City and the MAJORITY of them are not white! You, however are an unhinged lunatic who needs to go to rehab!

      • Flower, dear. You didn’t get the point of ChickfilAsupporter. He/she was right on target, eloquent, and was spot on. There was significant sarcasm in sentence #3 that I believe you missed.

        • I went back and read it again. You’re absolutely right. I apologize 🙂

      • Another wth a reading comprehesion problem!

        • I apologized, live with it and move on. You know you’re only here to niggle people. Get over yourself, you’re a rude, uncompromising shrew.

  21. One obvious problem with whiteness is a lot would rather get their lily white skin pealed off then to entertain that they might be wrong in their prejudice. The same people who insist that facts are oh so important are totally ready to disregard them when defending the fake lawyer or the “no go zones”. No lie is too big, no fallacy is too egregious. The white racist is dumb deaf and blind but talks out of turn and from both sides of their mouths.

    • So you believe all Caucasians are prejudice? What a narrow mind and world you live in. Pathetic and dismal.

      • I think I did specify “the white racist”. Fix your glasses before you answer grandma.

        • Are there any black racist?

          • Yes there are.

          • Indeed. And you are one of them.

        • What glasses, little girl???

        • I see the local koon is bustin;’ on old women again.

          • Thanks Andy. But I’m old, just old compared to a 12-year old like little Rafe. 😉

          • YW.

            I know. Ruffy is waiting for his first pube. He should check between his teeth.

          • Old women should know their place.

          • So should koonz who attack women.

            So how about your old woman mother?

          • Indeed! “OLD” women have life experience and should be placed in high regard to everyone who cares about learning! You clearly don’t. You don’t like ANY women, you’re a little lesbian on a mission to find a bit of booty for yourself.

          • Old woman wants to carry the football, old woman gets tackled. The old fart card no more or less valid than the race card. All you ever talk about is me. I already know myself thank you very much.

          • There are many other things to talk about, but you are here, pouncing on Patriots. You crave the attention. So tell us what you’d like to talk about, little girl? Your latest roll with your neighbors son? What is it? Speak up! If not, go away. You should know by now you aren’t welcome here.

          • You don’t own the flag. Neither does West. I already said what I had to say.

          • That’s the best thing I’ve heard in a week. If you’ve said what you had to say, LEAVE!!

          • DAMN RUFFY! You gonna let some ‘grandma’ beat the hell out of you like dat? Sit your azz down little girl.

          • Oh yes we do! We bought it by our military service!

          • Blah…blah…blah. Uniform doesn’t make you a hero anymore then it does a McDonalds burger flipper.

          • Interesting….those on the LEFT also has MILITARY SERVICE! Please look up the word PATRIOT…you will find out that you are not one!

          • But those LOONS do believe they are the only ones that OWN THE FLAG!! Freaking DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

          • Sit down little girl. Grandma called it right. Every time I come here she’s kicking your punk azz. And stick your race card up your ape azz.

        • Hey kunnt. Fix your racism before you even attempt to accuse others.

  22. Over and over, the point is driven home. IF you value freedom, STOPPING GIVING THESE LEFT WING PC COLLEGES MONEY!

    Too many people donate to their “alma mater,” based on a hazy recollection of their halcyon college experiences. Whatever you remember — real or sanitized — ain’t what’s happening on almost ALL of today’s campuses — public and private.

    Stop funding these anti-freedom, anti-American, totalitarian-oriented, brainwashing reeducation camps! Target your donations to nonprofit groups that support freedom.

    Perhaps more important, revise your charity donations in your wills and trusts to fund institutions that support the liberties and Western classical liberal values that at one time supposedly were the standard at American colleges and universities.

    I have. I’ve shifted my donations and my charitable remainder trust beneficiaries (a modest trust, to be sure) to the friendly think tanks — Heritage, CATO, REASON, Institute for Justice, etc.

    • Good advice. Adding a suggestion here: if by chance you can go and speak to your university in your field of study, do it. For many years my universities have been after me to go and give talks to students. I put it off because I was simply too busy. And honestly dreaded stepping back into that world.

      I was slightly taken aback at the vibe I found when I did touch base with it all. I engaged with quite a few students that seemed to have an entitlement mindset as if they were in college because it was owed to them somehow.

      In other words, the students seem to not have any idea whatsoever what was going on in the real world.

  23. And then there’s the reeducation campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago which has a huge “whiteness problem”. They hired white domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

  24. We’re actually living out the movie Idiocracy! Scary to think how much worse it’s going to get and scarier as how we’ve arrived as we are now. The Nation of the dumb and dumber!


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