Ronald Reagan: There you go again

Ronald Reagan: There you go again


  1. I voted in my first presidential election at age 18 in 1980 for Ronald Reagan. Even at that young age, I actually felt depressed during Carter’s presidency. He just was a downer. When Reagan took office, that depression really did lift and there was a new hope in this country. I am sad my children are living that dark time that is similar to Carter today. But, my hope is that this darkness will draw people to the light. That they will want for our next president, one who loves America, who speaks of her with a tear in his voice, who will fight against evil and call it what it is. Happy Birthday President Reagan.

    • No matter what people think of Reagan or W, I think most of us had ZERO suspicions on whose side they were on while most of us have ENDLESS suspicions on whose side BARACK OBAMA IS ON!

  2. Reagan negotiated with & sold arms to terrorists.
    Reagan turned tail and ran out of Beirut in 1983.
    Reagan left our economy in shambles.

    It’s funny how right-wingnuts remember this weak clown with rose-colored hindsight.

    • I believe the reason he was re-elected was the support of a group called “DEMOCRATS FOR REAGAN”!!

    • Ok, I won’t say something “hurtful.” I can’ believe that you are… I can’t say that it might be “hurtful.” Let’s try this. After all, this year and all the proof that President Reagen was a great president you still stuck on… I can’t say that either it might be hurtful. It would be true, but I might hurt your feelings. Oh, man! It’s so hard to be factual with you without hurting your feelings.

      • Aside from the cult of personality that Republicans have built around Reagan… what did he do that was actually great?

        • I don’t know how you’ve got to this point that you will ignore anything that does not put Republicans in a bad light. I think that is the difference between you and I. I have no problem putting blame where blame is due, but also I have no problem giving credit where credit is due.

          • Nor do I.
            I have supported some actions of Republicans… and I agreed with much of what Reagan talked about.
            I just didn’t agree with a lot of what he did.

            i thought his deregulation of Wall Street was reckless.
            I thought some aspects of his foreign policy were foolhardy and wrong.
            I thought that while he talked tough on terrorism, the reality of his actions showed he was weak and duplicitous.
            I also thought his economic policies were shortsighted and counterproductive.

            he was very charismatic and terrific at giving motivating speeches to rally the nation and he also stood strong in several smaller crises and I give him credit for those, specifically some of the smaller overt military operations he committed us to.

            The greatest unearned accolade that has been heaped upon him is the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe that began towards the end of his presidency.
            But I believe his success in negotiating with the Soviets, more than previous Presidents. had little to do with his skills and more to do with his good luck of being the first American President to have a genuine reformer as General Secretary of the Soviet Union to face off with.

            For me, the legacy of Reagan isn’t motivational speeches and “aw shucks” smiles… it’s the bloody Iran/Contra scandal and the way he pardoned all the witnesses as the investigators were closing on him.

          • The 80s were good for businesses, for higher
            education, and for jobs in general. You need to understand that the
            best gauge of our economy is what is happening at the lowest economic level. Wall street can be propped up (to big to fail) by government. Look at today’s lower income. We have the biggest gap between the rich and the poor that I can remember.

  3. REAGAN;
    Wow, the hero worship of Reagan is out of control. The real Reagan:
    1 – Increased the National Debt 3X.
    2 – Raised taxes 11 times.
    3 – Made abortion legal as governor.
    4 – Made no fault divorce legal as governor.
    5 – Illegal weapon sales to Iran to fund illegal wars in Central America.
    6 – Passed National bans on assault and plastic guns.
    7 – Over 200 people in his Administration were investigated and/or convicted in ethics violations.
    8 – Ignored the AIDS crisis.
    9 – Granted amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.
    10 – Sided with the apartheid govt. in South Africa.
    So, I ask you, who is this Reagan that is considered to be the bringer of the Modern Christian Conservative movement?

    • You forgot, made our Military whole again, after Carter and Gutted it, also raised there pay, and did more for Vietnams, than any other President
      Amnesty was granted by the congress, Democratic, with the promise if Reagan signed it, The Border would be closed
      start getting the good facts and lay off the BS from your Liberial Freinds
      Forgot Reagan was also a Demovrat at one time, and Union President

      • I went in summer of ’79 and to be honest the Marine Corps the military
        as a whole was in shambles. When Reagan came into office the rate in which
        the military, and the country came out of Carter’s recession was
        astounding (compared with today’ anemic recovery).
        I know there are people trying to change history, but for us that lived it, can accurately say it was a great time in history.

    • So old and so debunked that for you to us; it brings to light your limitations.

      • Debunked by who?

        • By me you stupid ape.

          • To continue making an intelligent point you should have said instead:
            “By me! You are stupid as an ape (no racist pun intended).

          • I think the primate got my point.

          • So intelligent points “be dammed” all that matters are
            that they get the point? Would you not rather they be impressed by your
            intelligence, by your character then barraged them into submission with
            insults? I truly wish you would reconsider if your answer is in the affirmative.

          • I don’t give a damn about these leftard posters being impressed with anything. I post to them as befits their intellect of lack thereof.

          • The thing you miss to comprehend is that racist remarks puts you at the same level as their derange logic.

          • Ignore my posts then slime.

          • Slime? You’re not very bright are you? The problem is that every time you use racism to illustrate your grievance with someone of another race (Blacks in this instance) it reflects poorly on all conservatives. This is why I can’t ignore your comments… No matter how much as I would love to.

          • Your race card precedes you slime.

          • You are still lacking… I do hate seeing the way you waste your intelligence (as little as it may be) in racist insults.

          • I keep it stupid for the stupid. I go to 3 others forums. Outside of about 5 regulars I may interact with here, the rest are garbage cans with legs. Now take your manners lessons to the apes, race pimps, libs and ISIS phukkers here. They need it

          • You don’t give a damn about FACTS!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • The next time you post a fact will be the first time.

        • I don’t know how old you are but the first president I voted for was Reagen and having lived in the military during the 80′ (90′ and 2000) I can personally attest to the great recovery we had under him.

          • I was young but I was alive under Reagan, I remember crack/cocaine invading black neighborhoods.

          • I know… The sad part was that we were being used and we didn’t even
            know it, or cared. God knows every time I would head home on leave and tried to hang out with friend… Well, it
            was sad, all they wanted from me is some money to buy that crap, or
            they wanted me to help sell it on base. My family did not live there anymore I
            would just go visit some old friends. I stopped going after a while… I
            tried to help.

          • That and Reagan’s “war on drugs” did more to destroy the black family then any government program.

          • I didn’t realize Reagan forced drugs down your throat and every other black in the country then….wow, that’s amazing new information.

          • Ok, and piss poor Democratic party has had our vote for over 50 years and have harmed us more than President Reagen could ever have. What has the democrats and this president done for us? I don’t see you answering this question honestly, so I’ll answer it for you. Fkng Nothing! What a waste.

          • Its reagan’s fault black people bought drugs now its his fault thtat he tried to fight them

          • LOL you inbred slob. First you blame RR for getting the animals high then you attack him for trying to stop you animals from taking drugs!!! Eat a gun loser.

          • I would explain it to you but it’s too nuanced for chimp sized brain. Here’s a peanut.

          • You’re too stupid to explain anything ape.

          • You’re too stupid to understand anything chimp.

          • C’mon Ruffy. You claim to be edumacated. Try harder you stupid inbred.

          • Even the most educated can’t teach chimps to write poetry. I have children to educate no time to train pets.

          • [[ Even the most educated can’t teach chimps to write poetry ]]

            You’re neither educated or poetic.

            [[ I have children to educate no time to train pets.]]

            No problem. I got your kid trained perfectly.

          • Your kid needs another quarter pops.

          • [[ I would explain it to you …………..]]

            …………….except for the fact you’re an idiot.

          • Are you saying that blacks can not stay away from evil without help from the white man?

          • Well you can read my mind you tell me what I’m saying.

          • It’s easy to read a blank page azzho.

          • Yes!!!! Look at the prisons and illegitimate children.

          • Yeah blame Reagan for that!!! U idiot

          • And who made the animals take the dope? Get some responsibility in your useless life punk.

        • Debunked by LOONS!!! You know they ignore facts and try to make up their own!!!!

      • Name one point on that list that you can debunk

        • Some numbers may not be wrong but we need to put things into perspective

          1. President Reagan for the $2.1 trillion in added debt (all numbers are in today’s dollars) ignore how that debt won the Cold War, lowered the tax burden, and ignited the largest economic boom in American history. For the first six years during the highest increase of the Reagan presidency (1981-87) The Republicans controlled the Senate, and the Democrats the House of Representatives. The Democrats controlled the purse. In contrast to today’s so called recovery Obama, even excluding 2009, his spending has averaged 24.1 percent of GDP – the highest level for any three years since World War II.

          Well go over some of the others later

          • You didn’t debunk the point that he tripled the debt.
            you just made excuses for it.
            One of those excuses is false.
            There is a false belief that Reagan’s massive spending won the Cold War.
            It did not.

            Massive social reforms in the Warsaw Pact nations led to opening borders with the West and Gorbachev’s major reforms of Glasnost and Perestroika changed the Soviet Union and gave the people freedoms they never had.
            All that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
            It started while Reagan was President, but not because Reagan was President.

          • Listen I was in the military at that time and I tell you if President Reagan had not rebuilt the military he would not have had the impact of power against the USSR helping to end the “Cold War.” I know your bias gets in the way of accepting some facts. Maybe this president should ask for the 80’s foreign policies. I think it would help.

          • He was also my Commander in chief as well.
            My first enlistment was during his second term.

            And while many of his supporters want to say his defense spending is what helped end the Cold War, that just isn’t so.

            Gorbachev gave the other Warsaw Pact nations more autonomy and when Czechoslovakia and Hungary started easing travel restrictions and opening borders to the West, Eastern European Communist governments began to fall like dominoes… and that was actually after Reagan’s Presidency and unrelated in any way to US defense spending.

            Back in the Soviet Union, Gorbachev was instituting real reform for the first time since the beginning of the Soviet Union
            Under Glasnost, Gorbachev gave the Soviet people free speech, a more free press, released political prisoners and even opened the Soviet Union to capitalism, allowing private ownership of property and businesses.
            Under Perestroika, Gorbachev reformed the Communist Party and the government of the Soviet Union.

            That’s what changed the Soviet Union, not our defense spending.

          • Wow you must have been there because it goes against popular believe.

            Historians who believe that the U.S. won the Cold War
            largely agree that American victory was guaranteed through finances.
            The United States bled the Soviets dry through proxy wars and the nuclear arms race.

            But this financial draining may not have been possible without the unprecedented stockpiling of nuclear weapons. And there is the major factor in the final outcome.

          • I disagree.
            Many historians do not credit our arms race as collapsing the Soviet Union.
            But many political pundits with do.

            seriously think about it for a moment and consider the actual events that opened up the Eastern Bloc nations and the phases of reforms within the Soviet Union.
            How was any of that affected by the arms race?

            The collapse of The Eastern Bloc can easily be explained by two things…

            One… Gorbachev’s reforms allowed more independent control and less Soviet oversight in local governments. that led directly to reforms and opening of borders in some of the more moderate Eastern Bloc nations.

            Two… thanks to other Eastern bloc nations opening the borders to the West, the more hardline nations, like East Germany lost control over blocking out the West.

            East Germany, for example… it was almost impossible for an East German under the hardline communist government to cross into the West or get goods or information from the West because East Germany had its borders sealed shut with West Germany.
            But East Germans could easily travel into the neighboring Communist country of Czechoslovakia.
            Once Czechoslovakia opened its borders to West Germany, East Germans were able to travel to West Germany or get goods and information from the West by simply avoiding their closed border to the West and getting to the West by going around through their open border with Czechoslovakia.

            Once one Eastern Bloc nation opened to the West, thanks to Gorbachev’s reforms, the rest fell because the door was opened to the West for all.

            many Eastern Europeans feared as their governments opened up that teh Soviets would roll in and repress them again… but under Gorbachev, that didn’t happen.
            Gorbachev was serious about reform and emboldened the Eastern Europeans to open even more.

            inside the Soviet Union, the Communist Party lost control because of political reforms in the government and legalizing free speech and some free press.


            For those who say it was our defense spending that collapsed Communism … how did it do that?
            Yes… the Soviets couldn’t keep up with our defense spending… but it did not collapse their economy… they simply didn’t keep up.
            None of the reforms that actually ended communism were related to economic troubles.

            I hear conservative pundits and commentators claim it was Reagan’s defense spending… but i haven’t ever heard any of them make the connection to how the Soviets not keeping up with the arms race had anything to do with the reforms.

          • [[ Many historians do not credit our arms race as collapsing the Soviet Union.]]

            And they have been proven wrong.

            [[ For those who say it was our defense spending that collapsed Communism … how did it do that? ]]

            We outspent them to the point that they could not compete. They were already on the verge of bk as a nation. Pick up a history book.

            [[ I hear conservative pundits and commentators claim it was Reagan’s defense spending… but i haven’t ever heard any of them make the connection to how the Soviets not keeping up with the arms race had anything to do with the reforms.]]

            How damn dumb are you???? If I buy ten assault rifles and all you can afford is 10 .38 specials, guess what dope? You will either stop trying to compete with me or suffer the consequences of engaging me.

            And your blabbering about Gorby and the eastern bloc has nothing to do with this.

          • See, this is the problem with history… One can choose to believe it or
            not. You can consider me a credible and reliable living witness to the
            difference between Presidents James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Ronald “Ronnie” Wilson Reagan, and Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro.

          • I was also a witness to those times, though I was not yet in the Army when Carter was President.

            I do not dispute that Reagan pumped more money into the military than Carter did.
            Even though I saw a hell of a lot of budget money problems in the Army under Reagan such as training being cut short and army wide freezes on promotions, I do not doubt that it was worse under Carter.

            I know that defense spending increased under Reagan and i am not disputing that.

            But I was also a living adult witness to the Reagan Presidency and also saw what was happening.

            I also watched as the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe opened up under Gorbachev’s reforms and I watched intensely as Eastern European Communist regimes fell quickly, like dominoes, in late 1989 as a result of those reforms.

            I do consider you a credible witness to those times, just as I was.
            But i believe when it came to Reagan’s policies, we may have seen different things.
            And I am yet to hear anyone make the actual connection between the Soviets not keeping up with our military spending and Gorbachev’s reforms that ended Communism.

          • The connection was made by the news of the day

          • Another POS who’s practicing stolen valor.

        • All of them.

    • 1] Dem budgets

      2] Got more cuts than hikes.

      3] Who cares?

      4] See above

      5] Obama funding Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood anyone?

      6] So?

      7] Obama consorts with convicted murderers.

      8] AIDS wasn’t RR’s fault.

      9] Tue.

      10] SA is not our problem. Look up sovereignty.

      What moron ever said that RR is considered to be the bringer of the Modern Christian Conservative movement? YOU! LOL!

    • I am not a reagan fan because his raghead enablig ROEs caused the death 243 American Marines, Sailors an Soldiers in beiruit on 23 October 1983 But the bans on “assault and plastic guns” ocurred in 1994 under Hillary’s husband And his administration, through its Surgeon General, made heroic efforts to battle AIDS but male homosexuals would not stop unsafe sex practices As to amnesty for illegals, his acts were to sign a bill passed by a Democrat Congress

      • And there was a provision that stated that the border had to be secured. Reagan fell for it and signed.

    • He should have been arrested but ollie north took the fall for him!!

  4. Classic…..that man LOVED his country and fought for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and didn’t make excuses for TERRORISTS who want to harm us!

    • He lied to Congress and illegally sold weapons to terrorists and traded arms for hostages.
      All he ever did was negotiate with terrorists.
      When terrorists destroyed the Marine Barracks in Beirut, he cut and ran.

      The myth of Reagan being tough on terrorism does not match the reality.

      • Dude you werent even born stop reading LIBERAL AGENDA SHITRAGS OK?????

        • I was in the Army when he was President kid

          • You were turning tricks for the soldiers if anything punk.

          • rofl

      • [[ He lied to Congress ]]

        Clinton committed perjury.

        [[ illegally sold weapons to terrorists ]]

        Fast and Furious anyone?

        [[ traded arms for hostages.]]

        Obama funded Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

        [[ All he ever did was negotiate with terrorists ]]

        Really? You got any Bowe Bergdhal stories attributable to RR?

        [[ When terrorists destroyed the Marine Barracks in Beirut, he cut and ran.]]

        So you disapprove of Obama cutting and running out of Iraq thereby giving ISIS a foothold.

        [[ The myth of Reagan being tough on terrorism does not match the reality ]]

        Fumy how Islamo terrorism was rampant under Clinton’s watch and Obama’s watch but not Reagan’s. Stay stupid Brenda.

      • you have no idea what you’re talking about kiddo. go lay down.

        • Sorry…. the facts are against Reagan

  5. Quite a few Democrats here who have not learned their history. Keep it up. McDonalds will continue to have a use for you for years to come.

  6. Raised taxes 3 times and had a GREAT AMNESTY program for illegals! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Raised taxes, and as a result what happened? Someone one how is big on government, I would think you would be singing his praise. You don’t know how the amnesty happened do you? I think you go on some progressive web site to get your info. I would stop it’s making you look ign’ent.

      • good one. ruckfuk deserved it.

    • Poor, poor Brenda 🙁 Desperately seeking relevance in life no matter how stupid he looks doing so.


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