Saudi historian: US Women drive because they don’t care if they’re raped on the roadside [VIDEO]

Saudi historian: US Women drive because they don’t care if they’re raped on the roadside [VIDEO]

Now granted, this is only one man’s opinion – and even the other guests on the TV show were shocked – but this Saudi historian’s comments about women driving demonstrate the cultural divide we’re facing with the traditional Muslim world.

With a completely straight face, historian Saleh Al-Saadoon said women who drive in the United States don’t care if they’re raped because sexual violence is “no big deal” to them.

To Al-Saadoon, the real issue with women driving is if their cars break down, they could be raped on the roadside (I guess AAA doesn’t do much business in Saudi Arabia). Now that’s “no big deal” for American women, but “in our case, the problem is of a social and religious nature.”

Al-Saadoon said women are treated like queens in Saudi Arabia because they’re driven around by the men of their families and male chauffeurs.

The show host then asks if wasn’t afraid women might be raped by their male chauffeurs.

“Of course I am, “ Al-Saadoon replied, “There is a solution, but the government officials and the clerics refuse to hear of it.” Al-Saadoon says the solution to the issue of roadside rape (or rape by male chauffeurs) is to bring in female foreign chauffeurs to “drive our wives.”

Genius! What a compassionate, reasonable approach to immigration and the guest-worker program. Call Jeb Bush!


  1. Putting rapists in jail might help instead of blaming the woman.

    • Gee…great idea.

    • But then that would say that they care about the women OVER the man. And that’s NOT allowed!

  2. Oh the bum sniffing child molesters aka Muslims look at women less than animals. Savages. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

  3. They cut off the hand of a thief, stone to death unfaithful and should look into cutting off the offending part of the male anatomy which “offends” the morale of their women when they are raped! Seems like that would keep rape down a bit, after all, women are still raped in the Middle East despite being driven around like “queens” by the “lucky” men in their lives! Jesh! What a bunch or macaroons . . .

  4. Only one word to describe this loser, IDIOT!!!

  5. The obvious solution is to get gay men to be chauffeurs… unfortunately none of them are coming forth to apply. 🙂

    • Not there for sure.

    • I wonder why that is…? (heavy on the sarcasm, lol!)

  6. Islamic countries are so backwards and so into keeping women down it’s pathetic. How can any rational person side with what these countries are doing??

    • Yet, no American female activists have ever spoken up for the rights of women in this region.A war on women? I don’t think it’s happening in the United States like they would try to deceive us all to believe!

      • Why aren’t you protesting in Saudi Arabia?
        Is it because you don’t live there?
        So why would you think American female activists should be protesting there?

        • Curious. The leftists who protest against Israel for killing Hamas terrorists don’t live in Israel, yet that doesn’t stop them. In the very nosy world we live in nowadays, since when does not living somewhere stop someone from voicing their opinion?

          • Most times it does

      • I don’t recall any american woman speaking up (not that it’s any of our business what goes on over there) but Princess Diana did and look what happened to her!

  7. I think all women who have been mutilated and are unable to have sexual gratification are being raped. These monsters subject all married women to rape.

  8. Didn’t I just read where a Republican said that a child that comes from rape is a BEAUTIFUL THING?

    • Children are a beautiful thing period no matter where they come from! Would you prefer that they would kill the children? OH that’s right your a liberal, so unless YOU deem it viable then it’s death to all babies! There’s a liberal in da house! ABORTIONS FOR EVERYONE!

      • Are you saying that children who come from rape are ugly? Is it your opinion, Uncle Ruckus, that we should hold the ugly sins of the fathers against the children?

    • Are you saying that children who come from rape are ugly? Is it your opinion, Uncle Ruckus, that we should hold the ugly sins of the fathers against the children? Rape is ugly. Children are not. Shame on you!

    • Yeah… but that’s only because it wasn’t “real rape”… because Republicans don’t believe you can get pregnant from real rape

      • OH I forgot….republicans believe the female body has a way of “SHUTTING DOWN” a pregnancy from rape!

        • Once again you trolls take a statement, edit it to your perverted version of the “truth” and smear other people with it. Like when Harry Reid was caught molesting little boys. You guys heard about that, didn’t you? Prove that he didn’t. Then prove your lies are true because , unlike you slimy trolls, I read the interview. You two scumbags are truly disgusting things.

          • we are TROLLS because we post what republicans actually said??

          • No, you are trolls because you edit the entire statement to reflect your putrid view of anything you disagree with.

          • Nothing edited…..this is what they actually said!!!

          • Awww… sorry if you don’t like facts.
            If only there was some way I could prove that a Republican politician claimed that female bodies can prevent pregnancy if they are really being raped… implying that woman who get pregnant from rape weren’t really raped.

            Gosh… if only there was some way for me to show you proof.

            Oh wait … we have the internet and it’s easy to find proof.
            Here you go kid…
            Here’s proof.


          • Aw, sorry that you can only find two idiotic comments by GOP candidates ( both lost, BTW) from 2012 to base your fallacy on. Why not show where the millions of Republicans abhor those statements? Show where the leadership of the GOP approve of rape? You use two examples and paint the entire party as rape advocates. That is gross hackery on your part, since that is all you can offer as proof.

  9. I would be offended, but I just can’t be anymore. These men belong in a time period so far back that there wouldn’t be a camera to record there dimwitted statements. It actually hurts me to not understand how badly they think of women and the horrible things they do to them. Yet the women are so messed up in the heads that they stay and let them do the same things to their daughters and teach their sons to do these horrible things to more women.

    • Good Lord @disqus_xkcFGZZVOY:disqus , if they do ANYTHING their husband says not to, they can get beat with a stick. SAVAGES…10 years out of the bronze age and that gives them some credit

    • Good Lord Penny , if they do ANYTHING their husband says
      not to, they can get beat with a stick. SAVAGES…10 years out of the
      bronze age and that gives them some credit

  10. Sounds like something Huckabee would say

    • Or obama, or Biden, or Harry Reid, or Pelosi or really most of the leftists, including you. Douchebag. You leftists attack conservatives, using any twisted connections your diseased minds can concoct.

      • Nope.
        Sorry bub.
        i never tried to dictate how women should behave nor have i attacked women for being sexual or for having children out of wedlock.
        And I certainly never called millions of women in a city trashy because I heard some cursing.

        Huckabee does that… he has a lot in common with other fundamentalists in wanting to repress women.

        I just explained why Huckabee is lot like the guy in this article.
        i’d love to hear you explain how Biden, Reid or Pelosi want to repress women.
        Did you just write that without thinking/

        • Not at all. JoecBiden gropes women in public with photo evidence to prove it. obama, if not a closet moslem, is clearly a supporter of islamists. If you support Islam, you are in favor of women suffering genital mutilation, being stoned to death for adultery, having to have four men testify that you were raped, not being able to vote.
          Reid, Pelosi, et al all support islamists. They have never came out to condemn the heinous acts of ISIS. They don’t mention any of the indignities or the brutal treatment of women in Islamic countries. If you don’t condemn it you are tacitly supporting it.

          • Wow… imagine if anything you wrote was true and that they supported Islamic extremists… but they don’t

          • Your idol, in”Audacity of Hope”, page 261 wrote “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”. The political winds have shifted and the American people want the Islamist murderers stopped. Your clown won’t even utter the words ” Islamic extremists ” instead he says the terrorist attack at the Jewish deli in Paris was ” just some random people killed in a deli”. You are so effing delusional or someone in s paying you for your comments. No moral human being could defend this jackass, so being one of the immoral left, what ever advances the agenda to s fine by you. BTW, Pelosi referred to the GOP as terrorists but is totally silent on the atrocities committed by Moslems, as were the rest of the slimy individuals I named. If you are opposed to terrorism, say so. If you are in favor, say nothing.


          • he didn’t rip the bible. he said Christianity is not prefect or always peaceful. And then nut jobs like West bring up all the terrible things Muslims have done, like that’s going to make anything better. Great, now we know two of our greatest religions aren’t prefect.
            And before you come at me when some stupid quote you pull out your tight ass, please show ALL of it to me. Not a well placed section. It’s not going to take me long to rip it apart.

          • He stupidly compared the crusades with what ISIS is doing. I heard his ignorant azz. Now you can suk my tight azz Obama fellator.

          • yeah, because it’s true. so what it happened centuries ago. it happened.
            Stop telling me Biblical stories if they happened centuries ago.

          • Hey terrorist, get educated on the Crusades………………..


            The Crusades: A Response to Islamic Aggression
            by John J. O’Neill

            One of the most potent myths of our age is that the Crusades were little more than an unprovoked attack by a barbarous Europe against a quiescent and cultured Islamic world. According to conventional ideas, the seventh and eighth centuries constitute the great age of Islamic expansion. By the eleventh century — the time of the First Crusade — we are told that the Islamic world was quiescent and settled and that, by implication, the Crusaders were the aggressors. Indeed, the Crusaders are routinely portrayed as a horde of barbarians from a backward and superstitious Europe irrupting into the cultured and urbane world of the eleventh century Near East.

          • Look everybody. I CAN USE THE INTRA NET
            I’m thru.

          • Good punk. You know when to quit.

          • What does your misinterpreting , and misquoting, the President about supporting peaceful muslims have to do with your accusation that Biden, Reid and Pelosi repress women?
            That is what I asked you to explain… and now you are changing the subject and ranting about the President and Muslims

          • First off, the quote was verbatim. Second, there is no misinterpretation of his statement. He made it very clear. Third, this was about how Islam represses women, remember? If you support Islam, you support the oppression of women. I guess expecting someone to follow non liberal thought is difficult if that person is only interested in ideology.

          • Wow.. you are an idiot and you are doubling down on your false quote.
            That is NOT a verbatim quote.
            You copied tha tfrom a bullsh!t internet rumor meant to make it seem as though the President was siding with Islam against all others.

            The MISQUOTED section from the book is Obama explaining to members of the Muslim American community who worried about their freedoms being taken away after 9/11 the way the freedoms of Japanese Americans were taken away after Pearl Harbor.


            “Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country as a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

          • Your myths are not FACTS!!!

          • Nor are your delusions.

        • Does your mother like rape?

    • Hey Brenda, how long has your mother liked getting raped?

  11. Why in the hell would you, any of you, buy into his political propaganda?

    • I know some Saudi men. My friend Shady lives in Dubai. I said to him…so if I refuse to comply? He said..I’d have to kill you. He was not joking. We are no longer friends.

  12. They don’t want their women to be raped alongside the road if their cars break down, so he wants to bring in foreign women chauffeurs as possible rape victims to save the Saudi women when a car breaks down? How thoughtful and kind of him….thanks for the video, it’s good to see that stupidity also reigns in other parts of the world besides DC…

  13. And on what empirical evidence does he base this asinine opinion. Are there any statistics for women being raped after their car breaks down? Maybe men in Saudi Arabia have a tendency to prey upon unescorted women because women have fewer rights and aren’t likely to face justice. CSI would be all over the forensics if a woman were raped in her own car. What an idiot to think that any woman doesn’t care if she is violated. Definition of a MORON

    • I can’t see why the would tape the women, the goats probably smell better.
      Did I REALLY say that or did I just think it out loud?

  14. mudslum moron

  15. This is hysterical. As a woman I LOVE to drive! I am 52 years old, and yeah occasionally I throw it into “sporst drive” so I can feel like I’m driving a race car! (I love me some muscle cars!) Ask my 90 year old mother who recently was trying to get her driver’s license if she’d rather have my 93 year old father drive her, or if she would rather DRIVE HERSELF! She wouldn’t be trying so hard to get that license is she wasn’t enamored with the idea of still driving.


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