You voted: Nancy Pelosi wins “Absurdity of the Year” with her statement about Hamas

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Absurdity of the Year. Here’s how you ranked the headlines.

Congrats, Nan. We can’t wait to hear what you’ll say in 2015!

16. Kanye West says celebrities are treated like blacks in the 60s

15. Army LTC may be forced to retire for preventing photos of lesbian couple kissing

14. Eric Holder’s Department of Justice investigates a parade float

13. Gwyneth Paltrow compares Twitter to war

12. Animal rights group sought “personhood” for chimpanzees

11. Convicted cop killer gives college commencement speech

10. Iran executed a woman for killing her rapist

9. Your tax dollars funded Swedish massages for rabbits (which were killed afterwards)

8. Debbie Wasserman Schultz equates conservative policies to domestic violence

7. Michael Brown’s mom tried to take her son’s case to the UN Committee on Torture

6. Openly gay Houston mayor demanded pastors turn over their sermons

5. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl could be eligible for $350,000 in back pay, tax free

4. Feds paid $182,129,786 to house illegals for 4 months

3. John Kerry says the Bible commands us to fight climate change, particularly in Muslim countries

2. Military troops are getting pink slips while in combat

1. Nancy Pelosi says Hamas is a humanitarian organization


  1. so many dumb asses

  2. So little time to listen to them all……

  3. Nancy and Harry Reid. They represent the Democratic Party. God help this country. And people continue to vote for them and their policies. Wow.

  4. I’m sorry but “Absurdity of the Year” has to be ALLEN WEST using a “GUY” he sat next to on a plane as a BENGHAZI source!

    • Absurd is a black, racist bigot named Earl (No-Such-Thing-As-A-Black-Conservative) Lee, masquerading as @disqus_I7HBKribYX:disqus, who labels Col. West a “1-800-HOUSE-NEGRO”.

      • How about RENT-A-NEGRO.COM

        • How about seeking out medical help for your pathetic obsession with the Colonel.

          • I have a obsession with the TRUTH and FACTS….someone has to debunk all of ALLEN’S lies

          • You don’t seem to be phased by your own bigotry. What’s wrong with you?!

          • Because I’m not a bigot…thanks

          • Excuse me? It was you ding-bat, a black man, who says: “There’s no such thing as a black conservative”. If you judge anyone for any reason by the color of their skin, you’re a bigot!!

            So I ask you again, what’s wrong with you?!

  5. Been thinking it over and won’t be surprised if we hear that Harry Reid was actually beaten up by Nancy Pelosi. Just look at the damage she’s done to our country…”we have to pass it to find out what’s in it…”

    • The demo’s are really stupid for believing her. If they had read it before voting, they would be in power. Now look at all of them. They are out of congress and in their home state unless they become lobbyist.

  6. I wonder if the founding fathers would have already committed her by now?.

  7. Nancy Pelosi is batchit crazy ……

  8. Poor Bowe Bergdahl is the true American Patriot, home schooled about the finer things in life. A Ballet Dancer turned Infantryman to fight hard for His country. A country with a bad justice system, bad law enforcement, worse healthcare and racist people everywhere, according to our news and the left.
    His release, celebrated in the Rose Garden by the Left and the Media as BREAKING NEWS… for FIVE Terrorists who dream about KILLING YOU and going to their HEAVEN where 72 virgin girls await their arrival.
    Call it the STUPIDITY of the American Voter or whatever – we just had to LIE a little bit about this HERO of the American people to renew “our” plans for a better Communist Cuba. We really should all strive to be a little more like Bowe… (paid for by Carson/Gowdy 2016) LTC(R) West – the new SECDEF!


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