California city prohibits gender specific restrooms

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

West Hollywood is the first city in California to adopt a policy of “gender neutral” public restrooms, giving businesses 60 days to change the little male and female stick figure signs on bathroom doors.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, businesses must comply with a new city law prohibiting gender identifications.

“City leaders said that the old school “men” and “women” restrooms were outdated and puts transgender people in the difficult position of having to “out” themselves simply by picking a door.”

“I know for a number of transgender people that having to choose whether to go into the male or female restroom is not as easy as it can be for non-transgender people,” said West Hollywood Councilwoman Abbe Land, who introduced the motion, which passed unanimously last year. “It’s all about access and equality.”

“Land said her council office is working to inform other cities about the law in the hope they will adopt it, but she expected it would face longer odds in areas with smaller, less visible LGBT populations.”

Well, frankly I’m not sure how LGBT populations can get less visible.

According to a study by the leading LGBT demographer at the University of California Los Angeles School of Law’s Williams Institute, only 0.3 percent of U.S. adults are actually transgender. How can you get less visible than that? Zero percent?

Besides, isn’t the whole idea to dress like the other gender so convincingly that no one knows which one you are anyway? And if you’re a man wishing to be in a woman’s body, don’t you want to sit down for a tinkle rather than stand just like all the other girls do?

I mean, if you’re spending all that money, time, pain and mascara to change your gender, wouldn’t you be happy to go into the little girls’ room? But I suppose I’m being insensitive.

Look, I don’t care if men who really want to be women go into the ladies’ room and do whatever ladies do in the stalls and in front of the mirror. But I’m not very comfortable about men with conventional feelings about women hanging around my toilet. There’s a reason farmers keep the foxes out of the henhouse.

But here’s the thing that really gets my girlie knickers in a twist.

I also really don’t care if single-user restrooms are just labeled “toilet” or “WC” (water closet, as they are in the UK). It’s not the label that’s the problem for me. It’s the appliance.

Folks, a urinal is simply not gender-neutral. You’ve got to have the right plumbing, and I am offended by the fact I might have to go into restrooms with stinky urinals.

So is the LGBT lobby going to try to expand this policy nationwide to all restroom facilities? You mean to tell me, every single restroom in a football stadium is going to be “gender neutral” to cater to 0.3 percent of the population?

Don’t laugh. The Los Angeles Times says California “state public schools began allowing students to use the bathrooms — and play on the sports teams — of the gender with which they identify, rather than their birth gender.”

And Austin, Texas and the Philadelphia City Council passed a law in 2013 requiring new or renovated city-owned buildings to include gender-neutral restrooms.

This is ludicrous. I don’t deny a tiny percentage of people may not feel comfortable with the plumbing God gave them. But that doesn’t mean the indoor plumbing for the remaining 99.7 percent of us should be changed to avoid offending them.


  1. This is asinine, disgusting and the essence of stupidity.
    My gender is not neutral, never has been and never will be, so I will never use one of these rape-baiting bathrooms.
    What will they do when a pervert rapes a child or a group of men rape a woman?

    • Blame the victims, of course.

      • They were born male and female. If they decide to have themselves physically altered then that is their choice. It should not have to put others in danger or awkward situations.
        What is your quip for every child/woman/anyone gang raped by a pervert that takes advantage of this set-up and assaults someone in one of these facilities? ‘Oh well gee, too bad’?

        • See above response to obama_sucks2.

        • See previous response to obama_sucks2.

        • You’re right. I did miss read his statement. Thank you for telling me 🙂 And Corey, I’m sorry, I’m misunderstood you!

      • What victims? The LGBT community aren’t victims. They are people who made a choice. I shouldn’t have to change anything for their choice! The victims would be the children and women who are raped and/or assaulted by people who take advantage of this screwed up system. So we aren’t blaming the victims, but blaming those who want EVERYONE to change when it’s then who made the change. When someone makes a choice they have to live with the repercussions of that choice. Whether it’s good or bad.

        • I agree with everything you said, but I think you misunderstood what Cory Collins was saying. Cory was responding to the last line in Grace’s post “What will they do when a pervert rapes a child or a group of men rape a woman?”. They will blame the victims, of course. By victims, Cory is not referring to gays and transgenders but rather the children and women who end up getting raped.

          • Thanks Jeff, I misread that.

          • You’re right. I did miss read his statement. Thank you for telling me 🙂 And Corey, I’m sorry, I’m misunderstood you!

        • Just a note here. Many LGBT were abused as children and are sexually confused. They need counseling, but we make the mistake of affirming their fears and making a way for them to hide from who they are, born male and female. This affirmation encourages continued behavior and like those who have had an abortion, they want others to do the same so they are not alone in their pain and will beat down anyone who says otherwise.

          Only God can heal them. They need our prayers and we need to keep reality and the ‘straight and narrow’ path at all cost.

          We must stand against the insanity that leadership is perpetuating to destroy our civilization. For what future generation comes out of LGBT and abortion? Zero

        • When, exactly, did you choose to be non-LGBT? I’d like to hear about the process of how you came to make that choice.

      • Regarding my first reply to you: I mis-read your statement not realizing you were referring to the possible victims and thought you were speaking of those who wanted the unisex bathrooms. My error. Sorry.

    • Just a part of the grand plan to “fundamentally transform America”

    • Strange how I’m the only one who noticed the sign that said “WOMEN” did nothing to stop my rapist. Segragated bathrooms dont offer any protection. People who are going to harm others aren’t going to skip over you because your gender is written on the door

      • Miakoda, so very sorry for what happened to you. I hope he is in prison and if not I know God will see him in the end.

        Agreed that if a rapist has it on their mind to do what they want they will. However, if someone had seen him enter it may have raised concern. Now however it is free access. Cross-gendered signs will now make it acceptable for anyone to enter without question.

        Again, I am very sorry you had to suffer through that. You have my prayers.

        • The police didnt get him, but karma did. Word on the street is he turned up dead from drug overdose. Funny, enough people saw him drug me and follow me, saw him well enough to know who he was, but nobody stopped him. Perhaps if a big strong guy in the next stall heard what he was doing, my rapist would have gotten a beating.

          Seeing as how gender segregation does nothing to stop someone planning to rape, I’d rather my transgender friends’ lives be improved.

          So many comments around here bash on transsexuals, insisting they’re dirty, predophiles in disguize…
          So allow me a second to take a look at the transsexuals in my life (I know quite a few. Hang out with one, you’ll meet more for sure)
          Who’s been there the most when my passed daughter is really eating me up? A transwomen.
          Who was there for me after the rape? When I finally had the courage to talk about it, a transman.
          Prior to my current best friend, who was always there to confide in? A genderqueer (xe is neither man nor woman. Which bathroom for this person?) I’m still sad xe and I drifted apart after we both went through some major life changes.

          These people everyone is so hard on… They’re people, damn it. They aren’t out to get you, I promise.

          • Maybe some are not out to get me/us, but that does not make it right to make children question their sexuality because they are unsure of who they are. They need help. They were born male and female and somewhere along the way many were abused or coerced. Were they raped at some time as well? Would that be a common thread to what you went through that they had a deep compassion? Something happened along the way. I pray for them too.

          • It’s nothing that happened to them to make them trans. I’ve read research done in which they found that a transwoman (born male bodied) has brain structures that match that of a bilogically female woman. Likewise, a transman (born female bodied) has brain structures that match that of a biological male. They’ve determined that this is likely caused by the hormone wash that happens in the womb. Everyone, as an embryo, starts out pretty much female. It’s a bath of hormones that make us stay and become full female, or become male. If something goes wrong in this process, either the brain changes but the body does not, or the body changes and the brain does not. Hence, they are born with this mismatch. Transsexualism is much like a clef pallet… a goof in the development of the fetus.
            They don’t need prayers, they need to be treated as people.

          • Thanks for your input, but I’m a believer in the God of Creation who made mankind in His image. He does not make mistakes, but we do when we determine what’s what by our own limited knowledge because it does not fit the form we think is should.

            “Science” is always changing its stance. A male with more testosterone than the guy next to him does not make the other guy a woman in a man’s body. Though I do agree that they need to be treated as people, but I cannot condone the lifestyle. Many have walked away from it so I know it is a choice. It may be a difficult choice, but it is possible.

            They do need prayers because they need Jesus just as much as the rest of us, I know I do. We could all use more prayer.

            You have every right to believe as you desire. My belief is based on Scripture which has proven science wrong many times.

            The LORD bless you and be with you.

          • The hypocracy rampent in Christianity is why I can’t bring myself to follow the bible. You can sit there and say a transwoman should suffer her whole life as a man because “God doesnt’t make mistakes”…. What about a baby born with a hole in her heart? Do we let her die? God doesnt make mistakes.
            What about a baby born with a clef lip so bad she can’t even eat?
            What about birth defects such as Goldenhar’s (sp?) syndrome?
            Spina Bifida?
            I’ve even heard of a child born with a defect that blocked him/her (I don’t remember the child’s sex) from urinating and would have died very painfully if not opperated on.
            Let them suffer too?
            How about babies born not breathing? Let them die? God doesn’t make mistakes, so that baby was intended to be born just to die immediately in front of her mother.

            Explain to me why we’ll all trust the science THESE birth defects, and correct them, yet even evidence that transsexualism being a real medical birth defect couldn’t sway you to let them live their lives and be accepted.
            If you let all them suffer and die, shame on you. If you say it’s ok to fix THOSE mistakes, and not that of a body and brain mismatch, shame on you for assuming you have a right to decide who is healèd and who is not.

            A Christian friend of mine told me, God may not make mistakes, but we live in a fallen world where many things can go wrong before we make it out of the womb. A mismatch between brain and body is one of those things.

            You believe that when a person dies, they go to heaven (or hell), right? If so, that’s a clear indication that you also believe the body is merely a vessel, with a person housed inside. If so, why would you want to trump a person’s soul with their body? You’re telling me that a body is the defining factor of who a person is or should be? That’s as far from spiritual as you can get. Religion without spirit is merely a bunch of words in a book and a few rituals.

            If the Lord honestly feels a person’s body is more important their soul, then I don’t want him to be with me. Any true diety would want a person to truly be themselves, ane walk this earth in kindness instead of judgement.
            Our bodies dont come with us to the after life, only our spirit goes. Who you are inside is always more important than what your body is outside.
            If that wasn’t true, who in their right mind would go through torment, the expense, the ridicule, the judgement, and the agony of going against their body to be who they really are?

          • Do you let God be God or do you dictate the circumstances. We are not in heaven, we are on earth and with that comes trials. It is what we do with what we have been given that makes all the difference. Do we abort a baby because they are “flawed” by mans standards? Do we do what we can then pray and leave the results to God or do we curse Him because life is not perfect for us? God made the child. If the child is not breathing and efforts have been made to help, regardless we must know that the child is back with God. He is the author of life.

            I have heard His voice. I’ve seen and I know of miracles that have happened. But sometimes we have to just take what’s been given. That does not make God without compassion. You can question Him. I don’t know if He will give you an answer right away, but I know He is with the brokenhearted. There are many reasons why He allows things and there are somethings we may never understand.

            But know this, He is not a performing pony for us. He is not our magic genie who gives us everything we want. The life He gives is from His hand and He has every right to take it back. Who says we own it? Do you create life? Do you cause lungs to breath and hearts to beat? Did you create seasons, stars, sun, moon, the heavens, every living creature from the beginning of the earth?

            A better insight would be to read the book of Job in Scripture. A man who had everything, then had it all taken away. But God spoke to him and questioned him, then Job knew the greatness of God. And after, God restored double.

            God gives us trials so that we may turn to Him. None of us like it at the time, but when we finally get some understanding of who He is, it is beyond our ability to explain the awesomeness of who He is. He is far too great. He is eternal and He knows everything that happens. Not a molecule moves that He doesn’t know about. He owns it all. We are here for a short while and then we will die and we will face Him. What did we do with what He has given us? He came in person to show us the way. He paid the price for our sins which are responsible for our fallen world. He made a way through Himself, Jesus Christ so that we may be with Him for all eternity.

            Do not judge God based on what people do. People are people and everyone of us sins and messes up. God is God and He is perfect. He does not make mistakes. Read His word, pray, seek Him and He will answer you. Ask Him something right now. Pray for understanding.

            We NEED to be redeemed because we will never be perfect enough to get into heaven when this life is over. He made a way, and all we need to do is believe and receive His gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. You don’t need to do a 1000 hail Mary’s or pay the church half your income, you just need to have faith in what He has done. He made it easy for us. I pray He will answer a need you’ve been needing and one that only you know about, so that you will know that He knows what you are thinking and He is closer than you realize, much, much closer.

  2. As a person in business who handles many, many personnel problems, I know that simple things like separate restrooms, rest areas, nursing mother rooms are some things that make employees feel MORE comfortable, and makes companies less likely to be sued by employees for hostile work environments.
    This kind of government interference will make many people LESS comfortable in their offices, and possibly cause businesses to move OUT of that city.
    The cynical side of me says that city leaders are making this move to ENCOURAGE LAWSUITS by employees in order to pad the pockets of their lawyer friends.

  3. Guess what, Calif-libs, life is not “easy”…get used to it, and pick, a pot.
    If the picture shown at the top is gender-neutral, I’d hate to be the one having to sit on any of the three….or perch over it, as the case may be.

  4. Solution…Porta Potties outside bathrooms for the “I don’t know,” crowd!

  5. I don’t feel comfortable with my little girl going to a public bathroom with a 200lbs she male even looking at her! Or my young son being confused why some butch female wrestler is staring at him in the bathroom!

    • Do you realize that, much like the straight and cisgender population, most LGBTs are not trying to stare at your children in bathrooms.
      I like women, a lot. I mean, I really REALLY like women. You know what I do in the bathroom as a lesbian?! I mind my own business and take care of my bathroom needs, wash my hands, and leave. Yeah, surprising, isn’t it.

      • I really don’t care who you like! I shouldn’t be forced to have some 50 year old male dressed as a woman in the same bathroom as my daughter! Keep that creeper away from my children!

        • The 50 year old transwoman you just insulted for no good reason shouldn’t have to find somewhere else to take a leak because of your bigotry. Keep your bigotry away from children.

          • When it comes to protecting children, I don’t need to do anything with with my bigotry! Keep the people with penis’s away from my daughter in private areas!

          • Who exactly is waving their genitalia around your daugher in restrooms? People go to the toilet with the stall door cloesed, so indeed, all the genitals are away from your daughter except for her own.

          • No keep your Females with penis’s out of female bathrooms unless it’s a one stall bathroom like gas stations have!

  6. So stupid. What is next? Making it a felony to stand when you pee? (Point of order here. It is a medical fact that a substantial percentage of men cannot fully void their bladder while seated and have to stand to complete the process, myself included. I’m guessing the percentage gets higher as we get older.)
    Denmark outlawed urinals are “oppressive” to women. Love to see them try to make me sit to pee.

    • Sink.


  7. Oh for Pete’s sake. So 9.7% of the population should (likely) be extremely uncomfortable relieving their bladder and evacuating their bowels in front of the “opposite” sex so that .3% of the population won’t have to make the difficult decision of which restroom to go into?

  8. what about the child molestor/pervert who pretends to be gender confused to go into the other bathroom? this is beyond ridiculous!


    • What about the child molestors who don’t give a damn and will harm children anyway? The sign on the door stops them how?

  9. So 99.7 % of the population should be uncomfortable relieving their bladder and evacuating their bowels in front of the opposite sex so that .3% of the population don’t have to make the decision of which restroom to use? In what world does this make sense? If you think you are a girl and you are dressed like a girl go in the girl’s restroom. If you think you are a boy and you are dressed like a boy go in the boy’s restroom. If you are not dressed like what you think you are, or if you don’t know what you are, go at home!!

    • 99.99997%

    • Hahahahahaha! About 1979 or so, there was a guy transgendering to a woman, in my art class. God love her. I kind of felt bad for her because she was always in a dress, with hair done, and make-up done. Girls were a lot more casual at that school then. So that made her stand out even more. She used to hit on this gay guy in the class but he was not interested. Anyway, she used the women’s bathroom. It really was no big deal. She DEFINITELY wasn’t hitting on women.

    • I’m confused. Why are so many people leaving the stall door open to go in front of all the other people in the restroom? Am I the only one closing the door?!

      • Many stalls don’t have doors in the city. This stops junkies and homeless from sleeping in them.

        • Then the problem isn’t trans people, it’s people who sleep in toilets.

    • Gender isnt a 1 or a 0, pink or blue, it just doesnt work that way. That’s why.
      I happen to be a girl, completely a girl, but I know plenty of people who are somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

      • Miakoda, I want the most privacy I can get when attending to bodily functions. And yes I too close the stall door. Of course I am an old stick in the mud. I know the world is changing, and I do have empathy for someone trying to find their way through being different or feeling different than what society is telling them they should be or feel. I was trying to be funny about the dressing like a boy or girl, sorry if I offended. But explain to me why a vast majority of people must give up comfort and privacy for themselves and their children for .3%. Maybe there needs to be a different solution instead of taking boy and girl signs down and making everyone choose which restroom to go in.

    • What is “dressed like a girl” or “dressed like a boy” anyway? If I put on jeans and a button down shirt, does my gender change?!

      “If you are not dressed like what you think you are…”
      What about people who “think” they’re neither a girl nor a boy?

  10. It’s the transexual’s CHOICE to change their bodies. So they need to make the CHOICE in which bathroom they pick. They knew that their CHOICE would be hard to live with. Don’t make me have to change my life and comfort for their CHOICE.

    • How come when it comes to defending freedom of CHOICE, the left is noticeably and disturbingly obsessed with performing violence upon sex organs, i.e., sex changes, abortion.

      How many other CHOICES do we have that the Left cares about and don’t involve our naughty bits?

      ***Slow day and I’m carb crashing, so this post may not make sense to me later. We’ll see.

      • I think I get what you’re trying to say. The left wants “free” choice as long as we choose their choice. Which obviously isn’t free choice!

        • e.g., when asked about her role in getting the USDA to ban certain food and drinks in schools, Michelle O said that they weren’t banning any food. They were giving students better choices, skipping over the fact that schools had to resort to confiscating contraband sold .

  11. California can’t fall into the see fast enough.

  12. Is it too late to annex California to Pluto?

  13. Why is it ok to traumatize, discomfit and create personal risk for a huge majority to satisfy a tiny percentage? So now pedophiles and lewd exhibitionists and wacko looky-loos can freely hang out in public restrooms and do their thing – instead of risking arrest on the other side of the door. Lawsuits will abound – and though I’ve never been so inclined before, I will definitely be the first in line to sue for any trauma or injury resulting from such idiocy! Costs for businesses, properties, cities to provide adequate protection are going to skyrocket – and then be passed on to the public making everyone miserable – for a handful of individuals. Sick.

    • Read the linked LA Times article, this doesn’t apply to multiple stall/urinal restrooms, only single stall private restrooms – you know, where you lock the door behind you and you are the only one in there and no one else can get in?

      • Hey freak. You like lurking around bathrooms where little kids piddle?

        • Is that the kind of thing that runs through your mind? Sad.

          • Don’t deflect freak. Own up to your perversions.

          • you seem to be the freak here Andy. you are the one who brought up about lurking. you are the freak. go seek some professional help if those are the thoughts in your mind.

          • Anyone who wants one bathroom for both sexes is a FREAK. Does that sound like you bunnyhump?

          • why are you trying so hard to troll? do you not share your home bathroom with other genders? or do you have 2 toilets at home, 1 for the women and 1 for the men?

          • Answer the question @nuz. Do you and a member of the opposite sex share the same bathroom with you at once? You ignorant freak.

    • Explain to me how segragated bathrooms stop pedophiles. Lots of little boys are molested by men… which were in the same bathroom to begin with.

      You know what’s going to happen? People are going to continue to go in to the bathroom, take their leak, and leave (hopefully washing their hands first) like they always did

  14. Pretty soon the DSM won’t be thick book. It will be a 2 or 3 page hand out. Each year sever self destructive mental health problems are delisted for political reasons, not science or evidence.
    If a boy thinks he is spiderman that is cute. If he still thinks he is spiderman in middle school it is a personality identity disorder and undergoes therapy to resolve it. But if a boy thinks he is a girl, it is now consider okay to let the boy have doctors mutilate him until his body matches his distorted view of himself. That is wrong.

    • I’ve been thinking that too, about how we are all expected to just “welcome” these mental issues into the norm. Not only being kind about it, but NO, spend TAX PAYER money on it, “Build everyone their own public potties!”

    • That’s just how it starts.

      • Or where it stops.

    • Single stall, individual use bathrooms kind of, by default, are gender neutral anyway. It really makes no difference if there is a gender stated in those cases. I’ve seen women use both “Mens” and Womens” in those type of restrooms because there’s usually a line for the ladies room, and not for the mens rooms. And again…who cares?

      • I never saw much sense in dividing those by gender, either, for just that reason – it’s pure social convention. So this simple change will make life just a little easier for the transgendered folks among us, and (bonus!) for everyone else who’s ever stood legs-crossed outside an empty single-use bathroom because the sign said they can’t go in.

        • yeah. it never made sense that 5 women had to wait in line for 1 toilet while the men’s room stayed empty. but we still have to segregate our genders, holding ourselves back from true equality.
          we are uncomfortable with the idea of it because we were raised to be uncomfortable with it.

          • and we should not be uncomfortable about our sexuality, we should let it all hang out and encourage our children to start doing that too, as young as possible… In this way we can create a society where there is no crime because there are no laws, or boundaries or restrictions.

    • You mean facts were left out of this article?? Color me suuuuuuuu-prized! Those pesky facts always get in the way of pushing a bigoted agenda, don’t they?

      • I suppose when someone says no, they are bigoted? In this society where everything and anything goes….

    • Jennifer, thank you for posting the link to the whole story. This made much more sense after reading the version you linked to.

      • thanks for taking the time to read it!

  15. That settles it, I’ll just piss wherever and when ever I please.

    • …and yet someone being trans is disgusting

    • go for it, we should all do that, and just blow this thing right out of the toilet…


  17. I worked on a military base that had both toilets & urnials in one. And like you said I hate stinky urnials. And I don’t like the idea of my Grand Kids boys or girls having to share with the opposite sex at the same time. WHAT I like to know is when this Bull Crap is going to STOP.I don’t care if your gay Transgender what ever. BUT you have NO RIGHT to take my rights away. Because you can’t get over yourself. Unless you have had the COMPLETE Sex Change you go to the bathroom with the equipment God gave you. Oh and don’t tell me men’s bathrooms don’t have toliets because they all do and usually have doors with locks.

    • Would you mind which one of your “rights’ you’ve had to give up over this? Inquiring minds want to know…..

      • The right to privacy and modesty.

        • Oh, the same right people want to take from transgendered people by making them go in the restroom for “the equipment god gave them”. Ah, hypocrisy at it’s finest. Personally, I have no issue with sharing a restroom with a transwoman, post or pre op. Why? I make it a habbit not to invade her privacy by looking at her genitals, and thus – how would I even know what she has? If I did know, why would I care?! She’s just there to use the can like everyone else.

          • Except not all people are as nice and appropriate as you are, that is why there is still crimes occurring around you.

          • People who commit crimes aren’r going to commit more or fewer crimes based on a bathroom being gender neutral. Criminals don’t care

          • I bet it will contribute to the increasing crime in our societies. Just like normalising LGBT has created an increase in pedophilia, even a movement to legalise child sex. But a good idea might be to make all things legal and then there will be no more crime because there will be no laws to break.

          • What are you basing youe claim that “normalising LGBT” increased pedophilia on?

          • my experiences attending, and later, teaching in high school. The gay guys were pedos. Say what you want. Judging from what Miakoda says, she doesn’t understand that there is a male bathroom culture in America. Gay pedos like to hang out in bathrooms. We see them all the time. I refuse to accept this total bullshit! Less than 1% telling the rest of us how to live and function, keep wishing. The social pendulum will swing back the other way.

          • A 1988 study detailed in Baldwin’s report found that most pedophiles even consider themselves to be “gay.” According to the study, “Archives of Sexual Behavior,” some 86 percent of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual. Also, the study found, the number of teenage male
            prostitutes who identify as homosexuals has risen from 10 percent to 60 percent in the past 15 years.


            The gay rights activity is giving rise to the gay preference for pedophilia too. Which means that our society is giving homosexuals the right to prey on our children, and turn them into sexual deviants. This is what we call progressiveness.
            And this is why we should reject homosexuality as a normal legalised practise. It is just common sense.

            Scandals involving the sexual abuse
            of under-age boys by homosexual priests have rocked the Roman Catholic Church.
            At the same time, defenders of homosexuality argue that youth organizations
            such as the Boy Scouts should be forced to include homosexuals among their
            adult leaders. Similarly, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network
            (GLSEN), a homosexual activist organization that targets schools, has spearheaded
            the formation of “Gay-Straight Alliances” among students. GLSEN
            encourages homosexual teachers–even in the youngest grades–to be open about
            their sexuality, as a way of providing role models to “gay” students.
            In addition, laws or policies banning employment discrimination based on
            “sexual orientation” usually make no exception for those who work
            with children or youth.

            Many parents have become concerned
            that children may be molested, encouraged to become sexually active, or even
            “recruited” into adopting a homosexual identity and lifestyle. Gay
            activists dismiss such concerns–in part, by strenuously insisting that there
            is no connection between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children.

            However, despite efforts by homosexual activists to distance the gay lifestyle from pedophilia, there remains a disturbing connection between the two. This is because, by definition, male homosexuals are sexually attracted to other males. While many homosexuals may not seek young sexual partners, the evidence indicates that disproportionate numbers of gay men seek adolescent males or boys as sexual partners.

            And many of the perps are sitting in our governments and courts too.



            Homosexuals only make up 3% of the population but one would hardly say so. And it really does not make sense to change the system for the sake of a sexual deviancy that amounts to a crime against our children. Homosexuals are already bucking the system, so why do they require marriage and the special privilege, such as transgender bathrooms where they get to traumatise the greater majority of us who naturally find same sex intimacy repulsive.

          • The fact that you had to go as far back as 1988 to find a “study” to support your bigotry is very telling. Back then, “researchers” got away with biased methods because people were willing to overlook obvious academic fraud if they liked the conclusions.

            “86 percent of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.” It’s not possible to get accurate unbiased results on a survey of criminals, because nobody is going to be honest when they’re being asked about illegal activity. One thing to note is that they grouped gay and bisexual together, which is an obvious means to bias the conclusions. Pedophiles are attracted to children’s androgyny, not specific genders, so most will report that they’re attracted to both genders of children, but this has been proven to have nothing to do with sexual activity between adults. Pedophiles are pedophiles because of their specific interest in children, whereas they are not typically interested in the same sex in adults, meaning that an interest in the same sex of child does not make them gay or bisexual as bigots like you would like gullible straight people to believe. studies done by homophobes are designed to come to conclusions that are just wrong by fudging definitions and leaving out the details of how and why pedophiles are the way they are.

            “teenage male prostitutes who identify as homosexuals has risen from 10 percent to 60 percent in the past 15 years.” This is because homophobic parents are withholding financial support, so they are forced into sex work to survive. Most sex workers are in this kind of situation. it has nothing to do with pedophilia, and is caused by the very hatred these bigots are promoting.

            “Scandals involving the sexual abuse
            of under-age boys by homosexual priests have rocked the Roman Catholic Church.” As real studies have proven, those priests are not gay. How many adult men have they had sex with? Why not blame religion for this?

            “laws or policies banning employment discrimination based on “sexual orientation” usually make no exception for those who work with children or youth.” That’s good because homosexuality has nothing to do with children, and discrimination is wrong.

            “Many parents have become concerned that children may be molested, encouraged to become sexually active, or even “recruited” into adopting a homosexual identity and lifestyle.” These parents being stupid bigots and believing these lies doesn’t make it true.

            “Gay activists dismiss such concerns–in part, by strenuously insisting that there is no connection between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children.” Unlike you, some people insist on things because they’re true. You have yet to provide any credible evidence.

            “why do they require marriage” For the same reason heterosexual people require marriage.

            “special privilege, such as transgender bathrooms” What? Who wants special transgender bathrooms? AFAIK, only transphobic bigots want to keep transgender people segregated from cisgender people. Why do transphobic people want the special privilege of discriminating with impunity?

            “where they get to traumatise the greater majority of us” The only “trauma” inflicted is when bigots assault and murder LGBT people and teach their children that such violence is okay.

            “naturally find same sex intimacy repulsive.” Homosexuality exists in virtually every mammalian species. Homophobia only exists in one. Which is unnatural? The majority of Americans find bigotry to be repulsive. Why shouldn’t we put you in prison?

        • Clearly, you didn’t read the source article. This author is trying to do nothing but push an anti-LGBT agenda. The law has ZERO effect on multi-person restrooms and ONLY covers single person restrooms. You know, one door, one room, one toilet. So now instead of one being M and one being W, they’ll both be intersex. This is already very common in bigger, older cities.

          • That is impossible! Single toilet bathrooms have always been unisexual! Many times it was the only handicapped equipt toilet around.

    • So taking a transgender personls rights to safely take a leak away is ok, but your right to… to what? What right are you losing? I’m confused. Just go in the stall and do your business like you’ve been doing. That’s what I’ll do.

  18. This is merely designed to give people the idea that anything goes. Sexual orientatin is a choice and therefore you can choose to be a guy to day, a women tomorrow and both the next. It is about sexual immorality and if one reads the last page oft he bible.

    • Did you choose your sexuality? What was that like? I’m hetero, but never had to make a choice, that’s just the way it was. Were you tempted to make a decision the other way? edit* well I guess you probably were tempted, since a choice was involved. Never mind.

      • Choice or birth, I don’t understand why people make a big deal out of it either way. The only people actually affected by my orientation is myself and whomever I’m sleeping with.

      • I was alluding to this ridiculous idea about choosing your sexual orientation. Cannot see how the bathroom can work, since anyone can choose on any morning, what gender they are going to be for that day. So this ludicrous idea something that will create more pressure and danger for those who are most vulnerable in our disgusting society.

        • You can’t see how the bathroom would work? You probably already have seen it work. In your life you’ve never been to public place or business that had only one bathroom with a single stall? With a lock? And anyone could use it because that’s all there was? Guess what, if you live in a house, your bathrooms are gender neutral! lol. Anyone can use them and there is a lock so that everyone has privacy.

          The law says you can’t have a situation where you have two single-user bathrooms with each one designated to a gender, not anymore; you now have two private, single-user bathrooms without a designation. If a business has multi-stalled bathrooms, one for men & one for women – then the law doesn’t apply to them.

          • That is fine in a very small restaurant or gas station. What would you do in a stadium with all that beer screaming to leave the humans? Once again, we inconvenience society on behalf of a small group of losers that demand that we adapt to them, instead of adapting themselves. They can set up their daily schedule so that they don’t have to use a public bathroom. Many of us normal people do.

          • Lots of single-user bathrooms in stadiums that you are going to lose access to?

          • No one rational should object to a gender neutral single user bathroom. However, a gender neutral multi-user public restroom is another matter and its as much about the safety of the child and the comfort of the child as anything as far as I am concerned. If the premises is adults only, i would have no issue with gender neutral multi-user bathrooms.

            I put the safety of comfort of children over the rights of an adult cross dresser to use a gender neutral multi-user bathroom and I will never apologize for feeling that way.

          • What are you reading? And what are you responding to? The law applies to single-user bathrooms – the kind you didn’t object to in your first sentence – not “multi-user” bathrooms.


    • Why are non-Christians supposed to give a damn what your bible says? Those rules in the bible are for YOU to follow, not me.

      • Whether you give a damn about what the bible says or not, is your problem, sexual immorality remains sexual immorality and what is made normal should never be based on the basest instincts of the human.

        • No. Sexual immorality, as depicted in YOUR religion should remain part of YOUR religion. The rest of the population should be free to follow their own. Your Bible is YOUR business, not mine.

          • Case in point. This is not even about religion, it is mere common sense really. This form of progressiveness is only leading to greater depravity and the normalising and even legalising thereof, and where will it stop? Perhaps when humans begin throwing their babies into fires as sacrifices to demons once again? Some today say, that that was how women practised abortion and kept the population down. Perhaps, we will go for something like euthanasia of the elderly, and the disabled, more humane? Hell, the 700 000 transgenders could just be nuked and well, then we will not have a problem, anymore. Hopefully, the majority do not think like you do, then there might be some gleam of hope for america.

          • How exactly does allowing gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals to live their lives without prolbems lead to throwing babies in fires?! You are REALLY grasping for straws here.
            We legalized voting for women. How did THAT not lead to throwing babies in fires? Women voting, or hell, even wearing pants, used to nbe very abnormal. We normalized that.

            I know the answer already…. Because YOU aren’t LGBT. You’re not using logic.

            You’re worried about throwing babies in fires in the same paragraph where you suggest nuking the transgender people. Hypocrite much? Besides, there would just be new transgender people born. This isn’t something that just goes away.

            Nobody is harmed by having a transgendered person in their presence, but nuking innocent transpeople is murder. Is a murderer trying to talk to me about morals?! That’s laughable at best.

  19. Can always count on our fearless editor-in-chief to report straight from outhouse. Malia Obama did not wear a ugly t-shirt today?

    • MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Now he is complaining about bathrooms?? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • When I don’t like a public restroom I just hold it until I get home. If I can’t hold it, transgender people are the least of my worries. But’s that’s just me of course.

  20. Quick question for conservatives. If given the choice would you rather share a bathroom with a clean transgender or junkie hetero.

    • There’s nothing “clean” about a Transgender, not their mind, and definitely not their soul!

      • Clean as in dont do illicit drugs.

      • So your kids haven’t told u yet cause they know u will disown them?

    • The junkie hetero. He would get to stay until swept up.

      • Like u could tell.

  21. Why, this is such a “Brilliant” idea, men’s bathrooms stink more than women’s for a reason… because male urine is stronger in odour! This goes to prove, when you live a sinful lifestyle, you definitely don’t think clearly!

    • actually, the women’s bathroom is the filthiest out of the 2. have you been in a women’s restroom? that’s the one thing that most of the people i know who clean the public washrooms comment on the most.

      • I had to clean them. The men’s was always worse!

    • How do you know how bad it smells in men’s bathrooms? Looks like someone has been practicing “gender neutral bathrooming” long before any laws came out, lol.

      • Some women have to clean them. Try using your brain.

        • Good point. So that would be your reason, what’s Crystal’s?

    • I think the reason that men’s rooms smell worse is because so many of them pee on the floor. I’ve never studied it, but I doubt many women do.

      • Women have been known to hover, which is not that accurate of a method.

  22. Want to get this law back to common sense? All men, in protest, should
    skip the urinals and pee on the toilet seats. Then we’ll see the
    political power of women (and those who identify as women.) Of course,
    West Hollywood would then make it a
    felony for men to pee on toilet seats and the cities would be required
    to employ Pee Police to make arrests. Of course a transgender person
    might not want someone of the unknown opposite sex seeing their private
    parts and will sue the city for invasion of privacy and emotional
    distress. Then Obama will bring it up in next year’s State of the Union
    address and ask Congress to work with him on a fair solution. It just
    gets better and better. Even George Orwell didn’t foresee the crap that
    our country is going through.

    • Gage – the men don’t need to be organized, as many already do a good job of peeing on seats without any inducement. 🙂

  23. For the record… I don’t particularly give a damn who I share a multi stalled bathroom with when I must use one. Why? Because I – and I know this might sound crazy – close and lock the stall door! I know, it’s a crazy idea, right?!
    “But what if someone looks under the stall?!” That’s what my boots are for! Or, I’d make use of my medical condition and smash my used diaper in their face. ….regardless of the gender of the peeping Tom or Jane.

    • Never had anyone look through the four crack? Surely everyone has.

    • Do you really think a 5 year old should be in the position of having to kick someone in the face. For that matter, do you really think, the only danger area in this situation is a stall with a lock. Wow, that’s just so blind.

      • You really think a child predator, which is what you seem so focused on, is stopped by a sign that says “WOMEN”? You don’t think they’d just nab her anyway? That sign makes gender non conforming people uncomfortable, but offers you NO protection. It sure as hell didn’t stop my rapist!

        • Not everyone here is talking about “child predators”, some are just worried about them seeing things that are age inappropriate.

          • That line is bullshit. Nobody would see anything age innappripriate because nobody is wandering around outside the stalls with their junk out. You know that. I know that. At least stick with what you’re actually worried about.

          • I’m not sure that you are familiar with how a urinal works. You stand there, “with your junk out”, often with no dividers for privacy, to pee. Sometimes it’s not a single urinal, there’s a trough where men may be elbow-to-elbow with their “junk out”.
            Don’t you think it possible that a little girl that stands waist-high to a grown man might see something “age inappropriate” while walking past these urinals or troughs to use these “stalls” that may or may not even have doors on them?

          • You’re assuming they won’t do anything different in a gender neutral bathroom than they do for a men’s room. I’m confident they’re not going to just stick a new sign on a men’s room and call it a day.

          • This article gave the impression that gender-identified restrooms would be outlawed. If that were the case, then either gender would be able to use any existing restroom. My arguments are based on what was stated in this article.
            A separate, gender neutral bathroom, probably a one-holer, would be different. It would also force businesses to spend extra money to create such a facility. If this were phased in or pre-existing situations were “grandfathered”, the cost might be spread out out enough to be viable.
            This might be a good idea, but there are other reasons that I believe would be more compelling than for transgendered people. Most such facilities that I have seen were built to accomodate wheelchairs and other handicapped persons, possibly already mandated by the ADA. The often also have diaper-changing stations and are either designated as “handicapped restrooms” or “family restrooms”.

    • You are ASSuming there IS a stall, and that it has both a door and a lock.

  24. There are gender neutral bathrooms all over the world. it saves space, cost, water, and is generally a non-issue. It just happens that the LGBT is bringing it to light in our culture. If you travel the world – you see different ways of living together.

    • Maybe you should live somewhere else then-this is the USA, we live differently and for the most part-better! Besides Laura, the article was about the ridiculous claim of “Gender inequality” (a new liberal PC term) for the 0.3% of “confused” people. In the USA the MAJORITY rules-that is how we got this POS for a president.

      • This is the USA. Freedom for all, not freedom for all but the 0.3% you hate.

        Majority rules is flawed when the majority wants to punish the minority.

        • well your last sentence said it all-when this POTUS was elected by the majority, the rest of us LOST big time And btw, why do you label me a hater? I never said or implied I hated anything., your logic is the flawed item here.

        • You have no idea what freedom even means because one person practising their right to freedom of something leads to a violation of another person’s freedom. e.g. muslims have the right to practise their freedom of religion in the usa, however, an important tenet of their religion is to wage an unholy jihad on kaffirs, which means that the freedom of religion granted to muslims is in fact a crime against the kaffirs right to life and to live in safety free of violence and subjugation.

          • Your freedom of religion is infringing on the rights of LGBTs to live life in safety.

            Oh, and it’s called the opression of the minority when everyone has to follow YOUR religion’s rules.

          • Safety? That is a ridiculous claim.

          • So is the claim that this is “punishment”.

          • Maybe to a religious person, it is more important to please God than follow man’s laws if they are against God’s laws. Just saying. It’s not my issue. I just don’t want a grown man near my young daughter for any reason in a bathroom. I put the comfort of a young child first over the comfort of an adult crross-dresser andi you have an issue with that, frankly I don’t care. I have no issues with the LGBT community, but my daughter’s COMFORT AND SAFETY is more important than bath room rights for cross-dressing adults.

          • First, transwomen are not at all the same as cross dressers. Cross dressers are men dressed as women. Transwomen are women born in the wrong physical body. (They’ve actually found that a transgender person’s brain structures are like those of their mental gender, not of the sex their body is. I’ll find one of those studies, if you feel you need it.)
            A transwoman is not a grown man.

            Second, nobody is threatening your child’s safety. A transwomen in the bathroom is there to do just 2 things, use the bathroom and wash her hands. I garuntee you have already encountered one in the bathroom and have no idea. You know why? Because they use the bathroom behind a closed stall door and have no interest in you or your family.
            All this fear mongering… there aren’t flocks of LGBT people out to harm your children. They just want to go about their lives in peace.

            Third, Every transwomen is someone’s daughter. Why do you care about the safety and comfort of ONLY YOUR daughter?

            4th… If you’re like most people, you use the restroom in your own stall, not out in the middle of the restroom. So essentially, the shared area is a room with a bunch of sinks. Explain how washing your hands with someone else is so damaging.

            5th… I am very confident your deity wishes you to love thy neighbor, not make a false threat out of her.

            6th… Roughly 90% of child predators are straight men. Not transwomen, not gay men, not lesbians… straight men.

            7… Gendered bathrooms make gender non comforming individuals very uncomfortable, and increases violence against them. However, gendered bathrooms, and putting gender non conforming people through that, do not do anything to stop someone who aftually is a threat to you or your children. No sign on the door stops a child molestor. So, by fighting gender neutral bathrooms, you cause people to suffer but gain no protection. How am I so sure? I was raped in a restroom. The sign outside said “WOMEN”. That sign did not stop that man from following me in there and attacking me.
            Since most men don’t rape, I’d likely have been safer if the next stall was occuoied by a guy who likely would have beat the hell out of my attacker. Maybe i would have even made it home unharmed.

          • First,it doesn’t seem like you want to discuss “transMEN”, which is kinda sexist (in a strange way). Crossdressers go both ways, as do transexuals, you are letting your bias show.
            Second, nobody is trying to claim that “LGBT” people are the only ones we need to protect children from, they want little girls to not share restrooms with grown men, of any kind!
            Third, some people see ANY women sharing a restroom with ANY men as a potential safety problem for the women (all daughters!)
            Fourth, you’ve obviously never been in a men’s room, or at least not very many of them. Some don’t have stalls for the toilets. Some have stalls, but no doors.Almost ALL have urinals. Some urinals don’t have dividers between them. Quite often, one must walk past the urinals to get to the toilets, and walk past them again to get to the sinks.Not as moch privacy as in the women’s restroom!
            6th… Who, then, preys on little boys?
            7…The comfort of “gender non conforming”should not be a subject for the law. I don’t see how gendered restrooms “increases violence against them”. A sign on the door does protect people. If a woman sees a man in a female restroom, many will find a way to force him out. With a “gender nuetral” restroom, a man has just as much right to be there as a woman does and he can look for his oppurtunity to attack someone. It’s not perfect, but short of a locked door, that sign will keep more potential troublemakers out than giving them the right to be in there.
            I’m sorry that someone did that to you, a man should never force himself on a woman.

          • I haven’t brought up transmen because people don’t give them as much flack. If they don’t pass, people assume they’re just tomboy – which our society has generally accepted.

            Nobody needs protecting from LGBTs. We’re not out to get you, I promise.

            This nonsense of all men are likely to rape has to stop. A man being near me is not a hazard.
            Of the 3 sexual assaults I’ve endured in my adult life, one of the three was perpetrated by women. I’ve had 2 stalkers, one of them was female.
            I’m not seeing any reason to assume male = dangerous.

            Men’s rooms may or may not have stalls. I certainly don’t frequent enough men’s rooms to know. However, we’re discussing a gender neutral restroom. That’s different than a men’s room. I’m confident it would be built differently. Particularly since the ruling discussed affects single occupancy bathrooms.
            I can’t imagine seeing a urinal being a traumatizing experience. I have seen one. It had no effect on me.

          • Single occupancy bathrooms ARE different and should never have a gender designation, if it has a lockable door.
            This story did not leave me with the impression of only dealing with one-holers, but that gender identified restrooms (period) would be outlawed. That is what much of the discussion on this thread is about. If this is incorrect, maybe someone should share links to help inform people.
            And most people don’t assume that LGBTs are out to get us, even though many people are uncomfortable around them, as many LGBT are uncomfortable around those that are not. This article cited the comfort of “trangenders” as a reason for the law. That may be why they came up at all. I’m just sayin’…

          • Wolff, you are correct & I think that’s a good choice to present. “Why can’t we just all get along?” So to speak. The minorities are winning in everything anyhow, it seems.

          • That’s why we are a Constitutional Republic, not a pure democracy.One of the drawbacks to that is the oppression of the majority (or, tyranny of the minority) as opposed to “majority rules” in all situations.
            And the only religion that might be “infringing on the rights of ‘LGBTs’ to live life in safety” would be the Muslims. I don’t know of any other religion that calls for death for homosexuals.

          • Never been told by a muslim that my kind should be killed, but plenty of Christians have wished death upon me, and my friends, and the people who attempted to destroy the brake system on my car were certainly not Mulsims. They shouted at me about Jesus when I caught them in the act.

          • How many Muslims do you know that live in Muslim-majority countries? Muslims, under sharia law, will call for some sort of ritualistic death because of your sexual orientation.

            While many Christians do not approve of the LGBT “lifestyle”, most do not wish death upon you. Unfortunately, some on the fringe might, but Christian doctrine does not condone that behavior. A very small percentage of Christians engage in violent behavior against LGBT people, and almost all Christian denominations and Churches speak out against that kind of behavior when it happens. I’m sorry that people puporting to be Christians would act that way toward you, and your friends, even if they disagree with some of your behaviors.

        • This is punishing the many for the few!

          • I think it’s more about “control.” If they’re talking about the single toilet, all we have to do is lock the door. If it’s a mix of male & female or whatever, then there should be some kind of privacy for those that have periods & those that are just plain shy or frightened with differences. It seems that things like this; such as the homosexuals have FORCED their lifestyle down our throats, this will be forced on us also; to accommodate a small percentage of people.

      • Right, this is the USA, where people can have differing opinions. Perhaps the United States is the wrong place for you if you feel someone should consider leaving because they don’t adhere to your views.

    • In Europe, most public restrooms are gender specific. About the only ones that are gender neutral are those in small towns or small venues designed for only one occupant.

    • There’s nothing wrong with having gender neutral bathrooms, but sometimes it is more useful to have gendered bathrooms.

      But besides that, a law which would force everyone to change their bathrooms to become gender neutral within two months is just stupid.
      Do they want them to just take off the signs, and confuse people by forcing them to guess which bathroom has the urinals? Or do they want to force small businesses to undergo structural changes to accommodate for 0.3% of the population (who don’t even need those structural changes like people with physical disabilities)?

      I have nothing against gender neutral bathrooms or against trans people, but this is just a stupid law.
      If you want to stop discrimination against people who are trans, this is a very bad way to start.

  25. Allen, did you leave a details out of this article?

  26. This ridiculous law is just one of the many reasons we started homeschooling. Liberal/communist indoctrination and dumbing down of the kids isn’t enough. Now our sons and daughters have to deal with the gaystapo’s crusade against the hated and evil “breeders”. For those who often (ignorantly) refer to this nation as a democracy, they sure are quick to dismiss a core concept of a pure democracy……majority rule. I don’t advocate for all of my personal wants and needs to be passed into law, to be pressed upon my countrymen in a fascist manner. Appreciation and understanding would be more common if it weren’t mandated.

    I stand by for the resident LGBT and left wing troll militia to initiate their nincompoopery.

    • So you plan on hiding your kids from the world instead of teaching them?

      • Fish on!! I knew that if I went trolling for morons in these waters, I would catch something.

        I could say that I am surprised by the utter idiocy of your reply but I would be lying. I suppose that by not forcing my grade school aged child to watch the videos of ISIS beheadings I am just sheltering her from the consequences of flawed American foreign policy. Leave it up to a slack jawed liberal troll to be completely disingenuous. I would think that, being a useful idiot of the left, you would be more nuanced and not oversimplify the issue. Oops, did I just use up your favorite two arguments? Sorry, I guess I’m just a racist, bigot, homophobe…darn it, I did it again.

  27. what a terrible article. what terrible people commenting.
    you are all so close-minded and judgmental about something you do not understand.
    as a Christian i am embarrassed by all of you. pick up your bible and READ what Jesus says and stop listening to only what the person behind the alter is saying.
    Love Thy Neighbor. I don’t recall anything in there about “pour judgement unto your sinful neighbors” but i do recall “Thou shalt not Judge.”
    Stop acting all high and mighty. humble yourselves. you are not better than everyone just because you are a christian. you are also a sinner. remember that. if you aren’t preaching love you are not being Christ-like!

    • You should read the whole thing instead of just one verse. The Bible clearly states that we are to judge each other. Judgment is the basis of our behavior. How do we determine sin unless we use judgment? If you can’t determine whether an action will keep you from heaven, then guess what.

      • Luke 6:37, Ken. I don’t know what version of the bible you are reading, but it clearly says not to judge as it is not our place. it is not our place to judge others for their sins, only God’s place. and if you feel you have the right to judge then you are saying you are as high as God, which is blasphemy.
        see also Matthew 7:1 and Romans 2:1

        • What you did was judge. Most of the people here are judging an action. You judge people. And the Bible says to discern, which is what Ken was taking about. Judge people by their fruit….remember that?

        • Perhaps they are saying they are talking about issues that involve taking a human life or saying someone is damned by God. I don;t really think they meant we are to remain silent when we witness immoral or violent behavior.

    • I’m all for trans rights, but seriously? We shouldn’t make a big fuss if a trans woman decides to go into the ladies’ bathroom, and how would that conceivably force her to have to “out herself” unless someone specifically discriminates against her by asking insistently and rudely?
      In that case it’s the person’s fault, not the gendered stalls.
      Forcing all places to turn their bathrooms into unisex restrooms in less than 2 months for the sake of 0.3% of the population is just stupid.

      10% of the population of the US have some sort of disability making it difficult for them to walk / restraining them to a wheelchair yet it’s not so common to find stalls for the disabled. Isn’t that a much more pressing issue?

      Rather we’re wasting time and resources to assure that the decision about which restroom you go to (surprise, it can easily be the one corresponding to the gender you identify with!) a little bit easier for 0.3% percent of the population.

      • If you want to be a freak, expect to be treated like one!

        • Whether being trans is a disorder or just another phenomenon of nature, it doesn’t warrant disrespect.

          If it’s a disorder then we should try helping those who have it, just like we help those with physical disorders instead of shipping them off to freak shows to be mocked and gawked at.
          If it’s a phenomenon of nature and it isn’t hurting anybody, then there’s no reason to be judgmental either.

          I really don’t get the mentality of those who hate transgendered people.

          • You don’t have to hate them to disagree with them or those that want to hold it up like some sort of “Right” to Identify yourself contrary to nature. Whatever you may “feel” like, your gender is what biology says it is, pretending otherwise is delusional. That is not “hate”, that is disagreement.

          • “If you want to be a freak, expect to be treated like one!” doesn’t sound like disagreement to me, it sounds like immature hating.

            If you think being transgender is a type of dysmorphism there’s a way to say it. You wouldn’t go up to someone anorexic and tell them they’re freaks who should be treated like freaks, would you?

            If you look at how many transgendered people are beaten or killed, that kind of mentality becomes more than someone just lacking political correctness online.

          • I didn’t say any of those things.
            And they may be immature or politically incorrect, but that doesn’t always make the statements incorrect.
            And perhaps you could give a citation on how many “transgendered” people are “beaten or killed”, and of those, how many can be proven that they were “beaten or killed” for that reason? Without some real stats and evidence as to motive, your last paragraph is just your opinion.

          • “I didn’t say any of those things”

            Which is probably why my comment wasn’t a reply to you.
            Context kind of means something, why reply to my comment without even looking at the comment I was referring to? You probably think I’m for this law being passed too, right, since you’re not looking at context?

            As for the violence, considering how rare it is to be transgendered in the first place it is difficult to find statistics on it on a large scale. There are lots of studies like these which point to a higher incidence of violence against people who are transgendered than people who aren’t, or of high incidences of discrimination.

            They’re convincing enough for me to believe that there is a significant amount of violence against transgendered people, I’m not sure how significant exactly though because of the aforementioned small sample size and the difficulty of finding a perfectly done study.




    • Oh, what hypocricy. You judge people for judging. You better work on the plank in your own eye.

    • Jesus never said “allow adult males in the same bathroom as young girls.” You are out of your mind. Just once, I would see one of these co-ed bathroom nuts worry about the safety of a 5 year old child, instead of the gratification of a cross-dressing adult.

      • Co-ed bathrooms? The law applies to single user (lock the door behind you) restrooms, it doesn’t create “co-ed bathrooms” where people of types go at the same time. Quite the imagination you got there. And any parent with a 5 year old child probably doesn’t send them to the bathroom on their own, check to make sure things are okay. No responsible parent anyway.

        • Please cite some sources because that’s not what the article, or the quotes, are saying.
          All the one-holers I’ve seen have been called the “family restroom”, or the “handicapped restroom” for fairly obvious reasons. Citing “transgender” people is the wrong reason to require them, it just calls attention to your agenda, not to any good reasons for this law. It would also avoid confusion about what the law means.
          I would imagine there are more fathers with young daughters and mothers with young sons out in public than there are “transgendered” people. There are also handicapped people out there that need a little bit more room and privacy because of their handicap.

    • These allen west LOONS don’t care whats in the bible….they are filled with hate!

  28. The only way this should be allowed is if it’s a single toilet bathroom! Everyone else shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable because transgender people feel uncomfortable! Punish the rest of the population so these people feel comfortable, stupid arse Liberals!

    • That’s the only way it is allowed. Despite West’s misleading title, the law being referred to ONLY applies to single toilet bathrooms in that city.

    • Learn to read, Tacjam4.

      • Kiss my Arse

  29. How stupid can you be…? Great place for a child molester to hang out….geeze louise? People stand up and fight this…honestly…march on wherever this is being done, it’s time! You have the power to do something about it, sitting back and complaining isn’t going to solve anything…enough is enough!

  30. Women will ultimately STOP this madness, and men will piss all over the seats until they get their urinals back 🙂

  31. Cultural Marxism is on the march.


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