Cruel and unusual: Are Clint Lorance calls to his lawyer being tapped and censored?

The circumstances of the trial and imprisonment of 1LT Clint Lorance continue to raise uncomfortable questions.

As we reported here, the Army withheld evidence in the court-martial of 1LT Lorance because the Army definitively knew about the terrorist actions of several of the Afghans involved. This is no different from the withholding of exculpatory evidence in the case of 1LT Michael Behenna — whom the Army finally released from prison.

But Lorance remains in prison. And now it appears his phone may be bugged.

John Maher, attorney for the imprisoned former soldier, believes a phone call with his client was monitored by the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks (USDB) at Fort Leavenworth, and eventually cut off when the topic of discussion turned to Sean Hannity.

Hannity has been outspoken in his support of Lorance and the injustice of his continued imprisonment.

Maher told that on December 19, 2014 he had his weekly call to the prison in Kansas at 11:30 a.m. EST with Lorance. Maher says calls with his client usually last about an hour and cover a variety of subjects.

“When their discussion that day turned to the Hannity radio segment (which took place December 18th) in which Maher and Lorance’s mother, Anna Lorance both participated, their phone call was abruptly disconnected.”

“Once the words ‘Sean Hannity Radio Show’ came out of my mouth, the connection went immediately dead. That had never happened before.” Maher says he later learned Lorance had tried to call his business line four separate times but, “Each time, the line connected at my number, then fell away.”

“This prompted the attorney to contact the USDB commandant, Col. Erica Nelson and write, “The line being suddenly dropped and my office number subsequently blocked from access gives rise to the reasonable inference that USDB personnel are improperly monitoring attorney-client conversations, wrongfully censoring topics of discussion, and obstructing lawful and necessary attorney-client communications.”

No explanation has been provided for the abrupt cut-off and the Pentagon has not responded to inquiries.

But here’s an inquiry: Did anyone cut off phone calls for unlawful enemy combatants held at GITMO when they were talking to their lawyers or other outside agencies, like Amnesty International? I highly doubt it.


  1. Just more of the Obama administration’s backwards thinking. If the government is censoring the phone calls I would like to know who ordered the censoring.

  2. Saw a lawyer lost connection on his phone call and now Allen West is alleging that the Army is usurping the Constitutional rights of that lawyer.

    • Far more than that was in the article – like attempts to restore the connection being unsuccessful. Try to re-read the article – and recognize that the PRIMARY complaint is that the US withheld exculpatory evidence – which is illegal and should be reason to vacate the conviction! Face it – the present Administration supports traitors and hates regular military….Bergdahl has been treated MORE favorably than he deserves, while Clint Lorance is treated unlawfully. But – what do you expect from leftists that really hate the military.

      • Democrats have hated the military for years. Even during Slick Willie’s presidency, we knew we were not welcome.

      • Yes, thank you MV.

      • Yes… the lawyer lost connection and could not get the connection back.
        that is hardly proof that the Army is wiretapping his phones and cutting off his calls.
        The rest of what you wrote has nothing to do with the lawyer’s telephone connection

        • if you don’t believe that they monitor the phone, and any other medium for that matter, then you are truely as stupid and blind as you sound.

          • No. I’ll save stupid for conspiracy nuts who, with no proof, believe the Army listens in on Constitutionally protected conversations between lawyers and clients because it fits their biased beliefs.

            I understand Allen West hates our military justice system because of personal reasons… why do you?

          • As a disabled Army veteran, I have but two words for you:
            Piss off!

          • Oh, playing the card?
            Well as an Army vet myself, I know better than to ASSume, with not a shred of evidence, that the Army I served and love is illegally tapping Constitutionally protected conversations between a lawyer and a client just because a lawyer lost connection.

          • ever hear bout NSA

          • The National Security Agency?
            Yes, I have.
            Does that mean that every time I lose a phone connection, it is reasonable to assume the NSA cut me off?

          • And that if they were already monitoring your calls then the phrase “Sean Hannity” would be the final straw?

          • In the day & age of Obama, I don’t disbelieve anything.

            Besides, most of the military command staff has been replaced with lapdogs willing to violate their oaths.

            I have no patience for oath breakers.

            -97E 504th Parachute Infantry 82nd Airborne US ARMY 98-05 WIA Afghanistan

      • That’s what happens when you lose your connection. It’s sometimes not possible to reconnect for an extended period because the system thinks the line is still open. Seriously, have none of you people ever had a call dropped before?

  3. RULES of ENGAGEMENT What the hell ????Who in there right mind is going to follow that CRAP when you are dealing with the enemy ??? That’s why our Soldiers are coming back with ptsd…He change it in favor of the ENEMY and WE allowed him !!!!

    • The US military has always had rules of engagement

      • Not the way they do now. Name one past war where our troops were ordered to wait until fired upon before they could shoot?

        The counter insurgent strategy was put in place by the Obama administration in 2009 and has had a disastrous effect on our troops ever since.

        • You’re right. ROES gotten almost ridulous.

          • Because they’re written by politicians. We’re a PC country you know. Wouldn’t want to “offend” anyone. tsk-tsk-tsk.

        • The ROE is not as restrictive as that, but the extreme ROEs like the one you suggest have existed on various peace keeping operations.

          The ROE during Desert Storm and Panama were incredibly restrictive, as well as during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

          The only ROE I have ever heard of where we were not allowed to fire until fired upon was when we could not otherwise confirm that suspicious activity was a threat

          • Yes, the ROE is and has been as restrictive as that. Look at the MFO ROE and try to convince anyone that it makes any kind of sense. The current muzzie regime has bound the hands of the soldiers much the same as the poor french soldiers are/were. If they are aiming at you they aren’t a threat, while they are actively shooting at you now they can be considered a threat, until they stop shooting, now you can no longer engage because they are no longer a threat. (you know, at least until they reload and start shooting again). I did the Army thing for 26 years and have seen much come and go and the criminal ROE the boys are stuck with now is just full on retard. And it seems the fake leader we are saddled with now and his boot lickers are the only people that do not know not to ever go full retard.

          • Funny you mentioned ROE and the MFO.
            I did an MFO rotation nearly 30 years ago and the ROE changed while we were there, from reasonable to insane.
            We were each given a small ROE card, about the size of a credit card, that simply had about two sentences… saying you were there to observe and report and your weapon should only be used as a last resort to protect yourself or another MFO member. That was it.

            While there, a patrol from one of the American outposts had an unexpected night time run in with a patrol from a Colombian outpost and at least one weapon was fired.
            As a result, new larger ROE cards were issued with small print to accommodate the multiple paragraphs of detailed rules.
            According to the new ROE, weapons had to have empty chambers and empty magazines and, if you were being charged at, you could not remove the empty magazine until issuing verbal warnings in arabic, hebrew and english to halt, and then you could not insert a full magazine until again issuing the warnings… and then you could not charge the magazine until again issuing the warnings to halt, and then you must first fire a warning shot, but of course, only after repeating the warnings again… then one final warning… only after all those steps and, of course, one final order to halt, could you shoot the person charging at you.

            it was never an issue during my rotation as our greatest threat was boredom, but that revised MFO ROE was the weirdest I’d ever seen.

        • Vietnam

      • Yes Don’t murder civilians, no looting, no raping, no pillaging, no plundering, nothing that would be a crime under civilian law. No unnecessary damage to civilian property. People carrying weapons wether aimed at US forces or not, are legitimate targets – or should be. Commit no acts forbidden by the rules of land warfare.

        • Yeah!!!

          And muslim pukes do just that……… know, follow rules of land warfare …….


          • Doesn’t matter. We do follow them. And if you break them then you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of a court martial. It’s as simple as that.

    • Our very first combat casualty, was on our third day, in country 2004-06. ROE cards out the window after……..

  4. This is a disgrace. Clint never should have been sent there in the first place.
    Can we trade for Clint’s release and send Bergdahl to Leavenworth instead?

    • If he violated the UCMJ YES….he should be there

      • If you have paid even the remotest attention to anything concerning the Lieutenant, you would know that the UCMJ was not violated.

      • Honest-to-goodness, do you really believe the Lieutenant did wrong? Surely, if the/an Enemy was coming at you and others, and you had to stop them, wouldn’t you shoot them? I would!

        • Doesn’t matter what I think nor what you think nor ALLEN WEST thinks…..he was CONVICTED….nuff said

          • Tell your NSA handlers a Civil War is coming and you and they are destined for a mass grave. In a Court Martial, you can convict a ham sandwich of murder. This guy was railroaded, as was Lt William Calley. Soldiers should be honored, but when you have staff officers (like the ones at Leavenworth) who are too incompetent to ever see combat), they are corrupt and evil. You can say that about most generals after they reach a certain rank. Eisenhower murdered 1/2 million Russian soldiers by FORCING them to go back to Stalin and CERTAIN DEATH. About as dishonorable as you – pulling your trolling tactics. Karma, fate, laws of sowing and reaping ALL come into play here. The “judge not” directive in the Bible pertains to you. You have set a standard for this LT. GOD will hold you to the same standard. What I suspect is that you, your wife, and your children will die in a hideous and horrible death – like being killed by a muzzie here in this country. Have a nice day. And yes, I do have nothing but pure hatred for you and your ilk. It should terrify you and your liberal ilk, that men like me in management, stable jobs, possessing post graduate degrees feel this way and openly discuss it at our jobs. We are at the point where we are willing to sacrifice our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to send you and all of those worshipers of that filthy monkey in the White House to hell.

          • A civil war is comin???? Like I sad you people are NUTS

          • And you are too retarded to know history. The venom and antipathy between the left and the right are far more vitriolic than in the 1850s. Men and women with good paying jobs, at management levels are discussing it. Every time ammunition ends up at stores that sell it, it is sold out within hours. Your scoffing at it shows some idiot that is living in mommy’s basement getting $1 a post to be a troll. I see someone who will be dead in two years.

          • And you’re still a NUT

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            I think the word troll is best for you. – no one said you were an NSA informant. They don’t need buffoons like you, you can get all the information you need from search tools. You allege that you are an IT professional, if you were you would know that.

          • Wait, Uncle Ruckus gets an NSA handler and I don’t?? What has he got that I don’t have? That’s racist!
            I’m not a coward I just don’t have any interest in getting a guest subscription to wingnut monthly or 25 pizzas delivered to my house at midnight. The guys I smoke checked in Iraq had resolution too. Spoiler alert, it didn’t help. In a fight between resolution and firepower you’d do well to bet on firepower.
            Also, I’m not an IT professional and I never alleged to be one, I’m an engineer in the oil and gas industry. I do controls and automation.

          • And the coward clucks some more.

            That is how stupid you are. As I recall, the Viet Cong were outgunned considerably by us, and the last I looked we were beat by resolve.

            And from what I can tell, we have lost both Afghanistan and Iraq. It seems resolve beat out fire power again.

            Engineers design controls – they don’t RUN THEM. They may call you an engineer, but you are not qualified to design, only push buttons. On that note, you have a lot in common with Uncle Ruckus- you are both monkeys.- You are a technician. I suspect you have never designed anything in your life.

            They do the same thing is the IT field. They call people with degrees in MIS and Applied Science – as “engineers” when in fact they only know “how”. Only degrees in Computer Science make the software engineers – of which I have. We know the WHY.

          • We handed over a reasonably functional country to the Iraqi Army. I’m not responsible for what those pussies did after we left. As far as Afghanistan goes, time will tell.
            I have a degree in Computer Engineering and I design automation systems. I don’t run them they run themselves, that’s kind of the point. I’m suuuuper impressed with your CS degree though, never seen one of those before.

          • Make up your mind, you either know IT or you don’t – another story – and coming back for more. Computer Engineering/Software Engineering/Computer Science are generally the same thing with emphasis hardware/software A/S, B/S MS – I am a PhD candidate dealing with robotics and AI.

            Design automated systems – ho hum. That is so 80s.

            And what you say about Iraq: Oh yes – same excuse made in VIET NAM – “well we won all the battles” – yes and the North Vietnamese flag is flying there. And ISIS has 90% of Iraq. And Afghanistan has degraded since Bush left office. The second we leave, Taliban will move take it over in a heartbeat.

            Resolve won over fire power – that is the point. You bet wrong.

          • Lol, “Ho hum?” Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? Yeah we won all the battles and the Vietnamese waited us out. Sooner or later we have to go home, it’s not going to be the same situation if the war is at home is it? I’m tired of arguing about what the outcome of your pathetic little fantasy war is going to be though. I’m sure you’ll defeat Voldemort and destroy the death star or whatever, have fun shining your barrel until you finally decide to act tough guy.

          • Seem to have a lot of time on your hands for someone with a real job. I am an exception – I telecommute, I can pretty well do what I want – been in the field for over 30 years. Most manufacturing and engineering firms take a dim view from working at home.

          • RSIGuard enforces 5 minute breaks every hour or so depending on how much typing I’ve been doing. It’s pretty annoying but there’s nothing to be done about it. Keep trying to find holes in my cleverly constructed secret identity though.

          • It would not surprise me that you are some college kid paid to troll. You could also be as you say. You are certainly not NSA. Like I said, the NSA does not need anyone to “spy”. They can get all they need from the internet, monitoring cells, placing bots and trojans on PCs using spam. You don’t need people to “inform”. That is so ‘1980″. Besides informants don’t openly antagonize.

            As far as people dispensing BS on the internet: I caught a 12 year old kid once blogging and passing himself off as a 60 year retired naval officer. He was VERY GOOD. His knowledge was far beyond many Naval officers. His dad was an officer, so that is probably where he got the knowledge. But it was the minor holes in his story that caught him. One thing was mixing anachronistic experiences – most people are not up on history to a great level of detail. For example, he talked about having his harpoon missile armed during an incident in the Mediterranean around 1975. It was a relatively unknown incident between a Russian Trawler and ASW elements. The problem was the Harpoon was not a standard weapon on a P3 until the late 1970s. It is always the details.

            For example, in Conspiracy Theory, Ventura at first claimed to have been a Seal. Most people don’t know, that Seals did not exist until AFTER Viet Nam. Had he stayed in the military, he might well have been a Seal, but the point is, he did not, and so he wasn’t.

          • Who, in your fevered imagination, would be paying me to make fun of you on the internet? George Soros is the usual suspect I believe, but I’ve never heard a halfway rational explanation as to why he would waste his money paying people to antagonize wingnuts on the internet.

            I’m aware of the broad outlines of what the NSA does (SIGINT) and does not do (HUMINT) but why did you tell someone else on this thread to talk to his “NSA handlers” about the coming civil war then? Those are your words not mine. I’ve just been having a laugh about them since then because it sounded so silly.

            Interesting fact about Jesse Ventura, I had always heard he was a SEAL. Although, you’re wrong about there being no SEALS in Vietnam, the first two SEAL teams were established in 1962 and saw extensive combat in Vietnam.

          • That still doesn’t make it right

          • He may have been convicted but of what “Saving his troops”? I thought that was what a soldier was suppose to do save the troops and kill our enemies…. It looks like the cards have turned “Kill American troops” and the enemy goes free!! Thanks Mr. Obama…. I can’t call your President because you’re not for the American people.

          • Sorry but you facts are incorrect….many officers were in Iraq and never violate the UCMJ

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        What is your current “crack” dosage????

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  5. The pacifist win again.

  6. He deserves to be freed from prison!! He is a LOYAL AMERICAN!!

  7. We pray that justice happens and they stop tapping his phone and he is freed!! He is an honest and brave young man!!

  8. Hey Ruckus Lt Lorance did what he was trained to do , kill the enemy. It was the Army that withheld the fact that the Afgans that were killed were known active terrorist.

    • It doesn’t matter whether they were. He didn’t know who they were when he ordered his troops to open fire. If you murder a guy and then find out he’s a terrorist, it’s still murder.

  9. If it is true that Soldiers at Leavenworth, are monitoring and/or “structuring” phone calls, and/or are under some sort of federal monitoring “orders”, be it by DIA, or those womb rejects at the Pentagon, or others whose business this is not.

    To the Soldiers at Leavenworth I say this:

    “Do your job as a Real and True American Soldier. Let the LT be. Cover that LT. This is our brotherhood and not for outsiders, no matter who they are. The LT did nothing wrong. Cover his ass.The LT deserves his respect and honor.”

    From this retired NCO, to Leavenworth. Do what is right, not to mention honorable. Don’t shame the rest of us……..

    To those who want to see the LT’S demise, you are nothing more than silent supporters of America’s enemies. But, not the courage to admit it.

    • ^1000. Absolutely correct. Stand “United & Honourable”. Protect each other.
      Thank you for your service oifmack….
      God Bless all those who serve & sacrifice for us daily.

    • 100% correct.

  10. I had that happen while talking to accounting clients prior to the passage of the ACA. Whenever I mentioned Tea Party or started railing to a friend about governemnt intrusion, my calls would disconntect, or conversely I could hear someone listening. I left the business. Pray that I will continue to find resources to eat and stay warm.

    • another TIN FOIL HAT ALERT!!!! YOU LOONS ARE FUnny

      • I think I need to go back and check another article that I agreed with you… You have to admit ”funny” things do go on against certain citizens, Right?

      • The IRS put me through hoops over a $3000 refund based on one of the two years getting a MS in Computer Science. I had the degree, I had the payments, but they wanted sworn statements from the Bursar of the University. I have been ardently calling for the forceful removal of Obama and all of his ilk because of the treason they have committed all because the COngress has been derelict in their duty. I don’t consider that treason, because they are an occupying power that have gutted the true and legal government of the US and replaced it with an oligarchy. It took me a year and the help of a Congressmen to get the Praetorian Guard of Obama to back off. On the other hand, you have Jesse Jackson, Rangel, and Sharpton, who owe millions in back taxes and they are left alone. We have a tyrant in office and it is my hope and prayer that the motto of the Commonwealth of VIrginia comes true: SIc Semper Tyrannus!

        • If you were illegal and filed with an ITIN number, you could have claimed all kinds of made up people as your children and received a $12,000 refund and never have been questioned by the IRS. Yes, they know this goes on but do nothing about it. So unless you are a corrupt congressman or an illegal you are scr***ed.

        • It’s not treason yet because you’re all talk and no action. If you decide to take action then you will be charged with treason, assuming you survive.
          The IRS has been the punchline of jokes about bureaucratic nonsense since loooooong before Obama became President. I’m glad you got your tax issue sorted out though.

          • The founding fathers were traitors also. As the founding fathers did, you wait for the Government to shoot first. ANd when they do, it is over. And your dismissal of the IRS as a punchline shows how stupid you are. The Obama administration used the IRS as a means of retribution against his political enemies. Case in point, they singled out Tea Party groups for audit and for delayed approval for non – profit status. As the stupid man that you are, this is exactly why Nixon was impeached. The fact that Obama is getting away with it shows the utmost corruption of our government and shows that merely “voting them out” will not work with this government.

          • Yes they were, technically at least. It’s always treason until you win, then it’s not. But you’re not going to win because you don’t even have the courage to post to the internet under your real name, let alone go all “Red Dawn” against the federal government. Winners put their money where their mouth is.

            The IRS singled out new 501(c)4s for increased scrutiny because, let’s face it, a huge number of them were not in fact “Social Welfare Organizations” but were actually glorified PACs. In particular, it’s not hard to imagine that any group that includes the phrase “Tea Party” and isn’t headquartered in Boston might have an interest in “direct or indirect participation or intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office” which is a disqualifying condition for 501(c)4 status. So it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to take a closer look at them in much the same way that airport security takes a different interest in a man travelling alone from Yemen versus a family travelling together from Germany.

            And for the record, Nixon was never impeached, he resigned. But he resigned because he was about to be impeached for being involved in a massive criminal conspiracy that included wiretapping and breaking and entering. Delaying someones application for tax exempt status (even if it was done for purely partisan purposes, which it wasn’t) isn’t quite the same thing.

          • I do post under my name on Facebook and other sites. What I have written here is amazingly tame.
            I even post my address.
            You can find out who I am if you have a brain.

          • Technically the impeachment is like the grand jury proceedings and being impeached is what happens when they indict you. So there were impeachment proceedings against him but he wasn’t impeached per se. But that’s splitting hairs. Have a good night and don’t forget to look under your bed for Obama’s secret spies who are responsible every time you hit two red lights in a row.

          • Every history book and every historian says the Johnson was impeached, Nixon was impeached, and that Clinton was IMPEACHED. They were found not guilty nor were they removed from office. It is not splitting hairs – it is the difference between being correct or wrong and you are obviously incorrect. You are also a typical product of American Public education – uninformed and unable to deal with facts – and probably too stupid to get a decent job. And as far your childish comment about “Obama’s spies”, – trying to suggest some issue of paranoia – let’s go over the facts that have bean established within the mainstream media:
            1. the NSA is monitoring facebook, twitter, cell phones, and land lines within the borders of the US.
            2. the FBI is monitoring social media regularly.
            3. It has been proven that the IRS targeted Conservative Groups and the evidence suggests that the White House Counsel was in contact with the IRS in these matters. Lois Lerner has pled the 5th. And though from a prosecutorial perspective but from a perception from an honest person – pleading the 5th suggest that the person thinks they probably did something wrong. Let’s not forget that ALL the laptops holding the damning emails crashed. Would you like to see the probabilities of that happening by “chance”.

            I suspect you are an Obama supporter. Evidence more and more is becoming clear that he is exactly what the PARANOID right-wingers suggest. He is a Muslim sympathizer. He is a radical leftist with extreme socialistic beliefs and marxist sympathies. He is an embarassment as a leader and has caused a massive decline in American prestige n the last 6 years. He has single-handedly LOST two wars, wars which had been won. He is destroyed the US economy where 1 out of 5 people are on welfare and people who DON’T work are getting a median of $10,000 income tax refunds and people who do, their refunds have dropped to almost nothing. He has single-handedly destroyed the health care industry where many not only have no health care because they can’t afford it, they are also being penalized. He is also a liar. He said he would not sign any health care law that added 1 dollar to the deficit. He signed a health care law that actually has added 1.1 trillion dollars to the health care deficit. He is also a despot, trying to rule by decree (executive order).

            I would suggest you read the declaration of independence – the lists of grievances – if the signers were around today, the Revolutionary War would have begun 4 years ago. And winning or losing is not relevant – a true patriot pledges his life and fortune and sacred honor. You obviuosly will live on your knees licking Obama’s (or whoever is in power) ass. You are a slave to be bossed.

          • Sorry I can’t be bothered to read your whole wall of text I assume it’s mostly “blah blah you’re dumb blah blah Obama’s a muslim socialist blah blah the government’s after me for being a wingnut” so no big loss there.

            Here’s the text of HR803:
            “RESOLVED, That the Committee on the Judiciary acting as a whole or by any subcommittee thereof appointed by the Chairman for the purposes hereof and in accordance with the Rules of the Committee, is authorized and directed to investigate fully and completely whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach Richard M. Nixon, President of the United States of America. The committee shall report to the House of Representatives such resolutions, articles of impeachment, or other recommendations as it deems proper.” (emphasis mine)
            In 1974, the House Judiciary Committee recommended Articles of Impeachment to the full House of Representatives, but Nixon resigned before the House voted on the Articles. Clinton and Andrew Johnson actually were impeached since the House voted on articles of impeachment and they went to a Senate trial. Both were acquitted however. So basically, you need to get some better history books or try actually reading the ones you’ve got.

            As far as my education and income, you’re 1 for 2. My public school education prepared me pretty well to study computer engineering at a highly ranked public university (Go Blue) and I make a very comfortable income in the oil and gas industry.

          • You seem to have the corner on BLAH BLAH. You did not read, because you are the typical lazy liberal that only knows the 10 seconds of talking points and not facts.

            Professional historians and the history books say Nixon was impeached. The more significant fact is that it was for merely suggesting to use the IRS. Obama DID use the IRS against his political enemies – tea party groups – there is enough evidence for an investigation and there was not even a resolution: that is the point.

            This is good, because it looks like a Conservative will be President next time, and you idiots have set the rules with Obama. So for the next 8 years the government will be after the other side. Once you let this genie out of the bottle, you can’t control him.

            As far as your pathetic attempt to “prove” you are smart.. well -if you have to “prove it” – you probably are not. I suspect that you are simply a troll with an assumed name. And judging by Obama’s attitutde toward the Oil and Gas industry, if it WERE true, it won’t be comfortable for long. I remember 1980, when the bottom fell out of prices, people in that industry were working at McDonalds.

          • The House never voted on articles of impeachment therefore Nixon was never impeached. It’s as simple as that. I don’t know who your professional historians are but you should check their credentials.
            If Obama has committed all these crimes then why won’t the House impeach him? There’s been a republican majority for more than 4 years now.
            If you suspect that I’m using an assumed name then bust out those internet sleuthing skills you were bragging about earlier. I’m not hard to find, I just locked my disqus account because some guy was following me from thread to thread being a pain.
            The industry is feeling a bit of a squeeze at the moment but that’s because of the Saudis not Obama. I work for one of the majors though so while the mom and pop outfits are scaling back we’re taking advantage of low prices from suppliers to do quite a bit of work. If oil is still <$50/bbl this time next year then I'll be sweating.

          • Why won’t the Republicans impeach him? that is what we are wondering buddy. That is why I have come to the conclusion that the issue will NOT BE SOLVED POLITICALLY, because the Republicans are as corrupt as the dems. The Washington Post said that the White House counsel WAS IN CONTACT WITH THE IRS in these matters.
            But this is not all. NSA, FBI and Secret Service monitoring social accounts. Facebook and Twitter and Google cooperating with the federal government. Strange you liberals think this is okay.

            Add to this idiot boy in the White House making a deal with the Taliban and giving back their combatants and REFUSING TO CALL ISIS and the TALIBAN terrorists, but suggesting that Christians and/or the Tea Party are terrorists — the man is twisted. As he said “I will not let the future belong to anyone that defames the prophet.” Sounds like a strange set of sympathies there.

            You can call my assertion of a Civil War Coming – terrorism. BUT
            1. I do not plan to fire first.
            2. If it does come, it will start with the federal government attempting to confiscate weapons.
            3. If that happens, there are elements in place where we will confront them in he same manner that the Patriots did on Lexington Green – and we will give the government the first shot.
            4. When that happens, all bets are off. You can’t predict the outcome. For example, who would have predicted a rabble storming a prison in Paris would have totally wiped out the aristocratic class of France and fought the rest of Europe to a standstill? The government we have has HUBRIS. They are arrogant. But they do not seem to have stomach for a confrontation – see the Bundy Ranch standoff. The CONSERVATIVES confronted the federal thugs and they ran. Not a shot fired. Harry Reid didn’t get the solar contract for his son and the Chinese government by running Bundy off the ranch.

          • Everybody knows a guy like you. You’re the guy at the bar who says “if that guy disrespects me one more time I’m going to teach him a lesson” but it always gets pushed back to one more time. And then you go home telling your friends how lucky that guy was that you didn’t lose your temper. And you convince yourself that it’s true.
            I’ll give you a free tip though. From someone who’s fought against a real insurgency. If your opponent has you massively outgunned don’t let them start shooting first. You’ll never get the chance to fire back. Something tells me you’ll always be waiting for one final act of oppression before you take action though. You’re just like the founding fathers. Except they had balls.

          • I don’t know much about bars, I don’t drink. I do know a poltroon when I see him. YOU ARE A COWARD and that is clear.

            And now you were in the military too. Yeah right. You know nothing about insurgency.

            Let me explain to you something about human nature. 99% of human beings will hesitate when it comes to life and death. They will draw a breath, they will blink. I can assure you, I won’t. As far as a Civil War, the bar is set and all are ready for it. The government will demand the confiscation of guns. That will be the flash point.

          • You should try drinking, all the cool kids are doing it. A little liquid courage might be just what you need too.
            If you don’t believe what I’ve said about myself then look me up. As I’ve said before I’m not hard to find. And you’re apparently some sort of internet sleuth. Prove me wrong, and then turn that information over to the guys at Make me famous, I dare you.

          • Until I see you at my house dealing with me as a man, then I know you are nothing more than a coward who is very tough from behind his terminal. You know where I live, you say I am a coward. Prove it. Surely a big brave fighter of insurgency like you can deal with a poltroon like me? I believe the only insurgency you have dealt with is Call of Duty or Battlefield. All you have proven to me is that you are pussy with an internet connection.

          • I guess we’ll find out if I can deal with you if I ever have a reason to want you dead. You’re annoying but not THAT annoying, though. Believe whatever you like but it’s easy enough to prove the facts.

          • Like you said,

            “Everybody knows a guy like you. You’re the guy at the bar who says “if that guy disrespects me one more time I’m going to teach him a lesson” but it always gets pushed back to one more time. And then you go home telling your friends how lucky that guy was that you didn’t lose your temper. And you convince yourself that it’s true”

            What is particularly pathetic is that you keep coming back
            for more. Talk about lack of self esteem. You certainly were not a Marine if you were anything.

            We now see WHO TRULY IS THAT GUY and who is not.

            BTW – no pithy comments about resolve vs firepower in the light of history?

          • Lighten up Francis.
            I’m not coming to your cheap little house because I don’t want to kill you. I just don’t care all that much about you. I pity you and your delusional fantasies. You’ll go to your grave without ever getting your big showdown with the federal boogeyman.
            I was Army infantry, not a marine. What about you? Your picture looks like a marine.

          • Oh yes, the guy at the bar again. Keep yacking. I don’t say anything but insults to cowards. BTW – your mother says your room needs to be cleaned.

  11. Maybe the Obama administration will intervene in his favor if he publicly converts to Islam or Democrat (same difference).

  12. The only violation of the law was Treason. Obama committed treason in establishing these rules of engagement. Treason by definition is making war against the United States and/or giving material aid and comfort to the enemy. Forcing our soldiers to adhere to some ridiculous rule that ultimately protects and preserves the lives of our enemies and allows them an advantage(demonstrated by the fact that we are losing in Afghanistan ever since Kenyapithecus was elected) gives us a clear and provable case of treason that could be brought against Obama in articles of impeachment. And those of you idiots that think he can “do this because he is the commander in chief” are clueless. If Obama were a general in charge of a theater of operations and OPENLY supported the enemy and did actions that showed that he was either incompetent or openly supporting the enemy, there are precedents where even subordinates would remove the erring commander from his position. You may think this will never happen, but if ISIS starts hitting within the US like they did in France, and Obama does his usual nothing: I think the military will have no choice but TO REMOVE HIM.

  13. This says it all about Allen. Turn speculation to accusation. “But here’s an inquiry: Did anyone cut off phone calls for unlawful enemy combatants held at GITMO when they were talking to their lawyers or other outside agencies, like Amnesty International? I highly doubt it.” And you lemmings lap it up.


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