They’re heeeeere: CENTCOM reportedly hacked by ISIS sympathizers

They’re heeeeere: CENTCOM reportedly hacked by ISIS sympathizers

Just as President Obama was speaking about “the direct threat to the economic security of American families” from identity theft, Fox News reports “the Twitter and YouTube accounts for U.S. Central Command were taken over by hackers who claimed to be working on behalf of Islamic State militants.”

Reuters reports the Centcom Twitter feed said “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the CyberCaliphate continues its CyberJihad,” after being hacked.
Screenshot courtesy of Reuters.

“The Twitter feed had several messages from hackers, including one telling American soldiers to “watch your back,” and the YouTube account had two videos that appeared to be linked to Islamic State.”

“The Twitter account published a list of generals and addresses associated with them, titled “Army General Officer Public Roster (by rank) 2 January 2014.”

“Central Command’s YouTube account featured videos posted by the U.S. military of air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq. It apparently was hacked to add two videos titled “Flames of War ISIS Video” and “O Soldiers of Truth Go Forth.”

But don’t you worry. These are just “digital activists.” Nothing to be concerned about.


  1. If we didn’t have a terrorist sympathizer in the white house there would be several thousand less is is goat f*ckers than there were six months ago. Until he is gone nothing will change.

    • He’s killed more terrorist but yet he us, a sympathizer? ?? You loons, are extremely funny

  2. The sooner the US starts to use drones to eradicate these FAH worldwide one by one until they are all dead the better off the world will be. WTF are you waiting for? Oh, I forgot you have a Muslim mole in the Whitehouse calling the shots. Excuse me. My bad.

    • I’m sorry but it appears that they are already using drones to kill them….oh ye of little knowledge!


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